Report: Nokia Normandy, low-end hardware with forked version of Android

Do you want a Nokia device running Android? According to The Verge, Nokia has been building it under the code name, Normandy. It runs a forked version of Android on some really low-end hardware similar to what Amazon does with the Kindle Fire.

The Verge’s sources say:

Normandy is designed as an Asha equivalent to push low-cost devices with access to more traditional smartphone apps — something the company has struggled to achieve for its Series 40-powered Asha line.

Infamous leaker, @evleaks, has mentioned Normandy before. He tweeted an image of a red device (pictured above) a couple of weeks ago with one capacitive button. No other details were shared.

What does "forked" Android mean? In essence, companies have two ways to use Android. There’s the official, Open Handset Alliance (OHA) method, which is how Samsung and LG go and then there’s the “forked” way, like Amazon. Amazon’s Kindle HD technically runs Android, but it has no access to Google Play, which are Google’s main services. The thing is, once you’re out of the OHA, you’re out of the OHA. (Read this article on Android Central and Ars Technica for more information).

Assuming Nokia goes through with this device, which let’s be honest is pretty slim, the device won’t be an Android phone as you folks know it. It’d be a custom job with restricted access to Google’s core services. That’s an interesting play, but obviously such a device, with low specs, is not exactly Android 4.4 Kit Kat running on a Lumia 1020—aka the dream device of Android fans. In fact, it’s very far from it.

The big question is whether Nokia will release Normandy before the Microsoft deal is finalized, or whether Microsoft will continue the plans for the device. Are you interested in this at all? Let us know in the comments!

Source: The Verge

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Quite interested i would say
  • HTC, fine but NOOK!! That must be some kind of hoax. If not, this is some bad sheeeeeieet coming from Nokia. Either way, I guess that isn't happening anytime soon.
  • Yuk no way WP8 All the way Nokia Lumia 1020 yellow :)
  • Russia may ban MPs from using iPhones over spying fears
  • Android with Microsoft services aimed at privacy and security and their own curated app store like Amazon. Sounds like a win, after all they are a device and services company (formally a software company) and why wouldn't they want people on their services if they are going to choose Android?
  • Yeah... I Iike that.
  • Ewww . . . just the thought makes me nauseous :/
  • Yeah sounds pretty forked to me...
  • That's forked up.
  • LMFAO!!!!
  • Laughing my FORKED a$$ off!
  • that's... FORKING. lol
  • So you laughed after anal sex? I don't get it
  • Ahahaha xD
  • You have to be forking kidding me!
  • ^ LOL!
  • Ya what he said:(
  • I won't ever own one but this I think is a good thing ultimately for the platform. I think Nokia has been able to get away with weak quality controls and putting too many faulty devices on the market. If this forked device proves to be better and more stable hardware wise, this hopefully will put the pressure on Microsoft/Nokia to do a better job with quality controls on the hardware they sell. Right now, far too many returns for hardware defects.
  • What? How the hell does a side project Android device that will be canceled by Microsoft in a month improve Quality Control?
  • I had 4. All were Nokia.  Two 900's and two 920's My wife had 3, 2 were 920's and one was a 900. All had to be returned for replacements. Not to mention when I got the 900's none could get to wifi and had to wait on a update from AT&T. Quality control doesn't mean it doesn't exist because you had no problems.
    I shouldn't have to explain this to you. WP has been taking heat for having hardware not up to their standards. Most sites like the Verge and ZDnet will compare WP and Android for its hardware offerings. If they can show a better hardware, WP takes an "L".
  • I've had my 920 for 4 months with zero problems. My fathers' 920 is almost one year with zero problems. My sister and brother in law both have the 820 for 6 months with zero problems. My brother (the geek) has 4 nokias (920, 1020, 625, 520) also with zero problems. At work, 3 co-workers have lumias 920 with one problem cause he dropped it. I'm thinking you must be the most unlucky guy in the world or maybe you need to take a course on phone handling.
  • I have had no issue with my 920 up until it was thrown out of my car at 60mph. The issues I have had have been related to signal strength, and I think it is fair to say that this was not related to quality control. My gf has had a 900 for 7 or 8 months now with zero problems, and I had that phone for a few months before that with zero issues as well. A coworker with a 520 has had no issues as well. I'm not saying that a few lemons are not going to slip by, but I find it hard to believe that you've had so many issues. You sir have terrible luck! Haha
  • I have six devices in use with my family (520, 2x820, 2x920, 1020) with zero quality control issues. I completely disagree.
  • There were some issues prior to the whole WP think, albeit not always physical. My Nokia N8 was full of bugs from the moment I unboxed it to the point when I abandoned it.
  • Yeah but the thing is that the forked android OS is not for the lumia gama. This is specifically targeted to the ASHA series which I guess they need an new OS?
  • I think I have u beat: 520x1, 900x2, 920x1, 1020x1 & 1520x1 and desperately waiting for the 929 for my sister. I plan on converting my entire family. Wife has an iPhone. That's not gonna change until google starts making apps for windows.
  • Man you have Lumias for days! Haha
  • I had 4. All were Nokia.  Two 900's and two 920's My wife had 3, 2 were 920's and one was a 900. All had to be returned for replacements. Not to mention when I got the 900's none could get to wifi and had to wait on a update from AT&T. Her current phone L920, can't run the flashlight app. She is living with that because she can't be without her phone and selfishly, I don't want her on Apple or android. Quality control doesn't mean it doesn't exist because you had no problems.
  • Jazmac, while I certainly agree with your statement, I also believe that unless you have truly comparative numbers for the competition the data is merely anecdotal. I also believe that there are many on this forum who consider certain things to be worthy of a return that are downright silly. I'm not saying that was the case with yours, but it is the case with many of the stories I have read from multiple returners. Until I start seeing qualitative data indicating a problem, I trust my experience much more than anecdotal evidence. And my experience has been flawless, at least from a hardware perspective.
  • Nokia QC has been a disaster... MS can only do better. My Nokia 800, 900, 920 had lots of problems. The 900 was the best of the bunch. (Made in S.Korea). Cheap Android based entry devices are a good idea. Even using a forked version of Android.
  • I have 2 900's, 1 822, 2 920's, 2 1020's and 1 1520. Never had a hardware issue and only one(refurb 900) had a software issue. Maybe its you and not Nokia's quality control.
  • I bought the 920 when it first came out and I had to ship it to Nokia because the flash stopped working. They replaced it quickly with no issue (had to use my old phone for a min) and my 2nd 920 had no issues at all. I have a 1020 now I haven't experienced any issues either. I don't think QC is a huge issue but I do see why people would be concerned
  • So forked Android replacing Asha entirely? Or just adding another confusing fringe OS?
  • Maybe it would be some sort of Ashdroid. Nokia using it to make they're ASHA more compatible with other things? Android may not have our, or Nokia's, support but they sure as hell have 3rd party support.
  • Their**
  • Uggh!
  • Why you cheat on us? :-(
  • No way would MS continue this device. Talk about a vote of no confidence in your os. This would be the equivalent of Google making a WP handset through Motorola.
  • Actually, it wouldn't be like that at all. Read about the forked thing above...
  • Microsoft should release something like wp mini or something..
  • Why? WP runs smoothly on low end hardware and holds on battery for long if you cut 3g like on Asha 501. Finally, wp7 ain't dead yet, go get Lumia 800, it's fast, filled with apps, beautiful, tough and "mini" enough comparing to that 4"+ we've got for sale now.
  • They r java level hardware man:):)
  • wp7 is not dead? are you joking. wp7.8 has bugs which MS no more cares to resolve, apps are limited and very few apps get updates now and dont expect any new apps,
  • It's works lot better than android devices of same cost and definitely not comparable to "promising" Ashas 5xx that are sooo promising so that they are still empty for apps. Being dead Lumia 800 is way more alive than many others including even N9 and Firefox devices.
  • try deleting some 50 photos at once and let me know how it goes.
  • Easily, thanks to Zune. R.I.P., nice software. Anything else?
  • dont get me started, anyways enjoy ur l800, mine is now just a wifi modem for me
  • I would've, but mine is brick now. Instead I know many people who do, 710s and 800s and don't feel deprived because they really need that "mini" edition of WP - not Asha, but not all the latest apps. You shouldn't think everyone is so ultimate as geeks here.
  • would agree if Lumia 800 costs less than l520 or if MS has continued to support WP7.8 but they are not doing that right, the devices are cheap now because they want to clear out the old inventory else they would still be pricey isnt it? and that brings us again to the need of a device/os to bridge gap between 520 & Asha isnt it?
  • I'm starting to lose the point. Asha 503 price announced $99 before tax (will be even higher), Lumia 520 price $150 without contract, (proof: amazon, eBay). $50 is a gap worth filling with another OS and device? I thought "WP mini" is mostly about size and simplicity for those who feel lack of functions on Asha but doesn't need a full-featured 5" shovel. Something like 610 maybe.
  • agree about wp mini, it is required but then MS doesnt seem to have bandwidth for that, let them perfect WP first, and this brings us back to the stop gap between 520 n asha, as for the prices youve mentioned I believe you stay in US but things are different in countries where market for Lowend devices is huge and the so called 50$gap has atleast 5-6 andorid devices from one manufacturer(samsung) itself, Asha devices also start from 50$ upto 80$ and L520 costs about 120$
  • Man, I'm Russian, I can hardly describe what we've got here with prices on imported goods after tax, people's income and interdependence between all of that. I assure you, you are talking to one who knows much about smart buying and money saving, that's why WP is strong here. Not much of us buy lo cost android phones because they are crap due to OS, so $50 gap filled with 5-6 lo-end models of android phones aren't a point here, frankly :)
  • And I still can't find where wp7 device is unusable, what support do they need. They do everything the have been doing out of the box, even more, so why those who enjoyed them for years can't go on further? Again, we are geeky here but I've got 60 yrs parents and 35+ friends who are happy with wp7 enough. There still IS market for wp7, there are buyers, and wp7 devices cost as much as they cost, there is no "would be pricey". As they are out of stock we'll have underpriced 520s and 620s on sale. For those who don't run for novelties.
  • While you are right Daniel, Fiann is sort of right as well.  There isn't much difference (if any, I am not a dev.) between equivalent apps for the Amazon App Store (or a store Nokia creates) and the Play Store.  This allows devs to build one app and easily place it in more places on more devices.  More devices to reach, more devs that will go that direction. 
  • Yes but Google controls this.
  • Google wouldn't control the fork version of Android or Nokia's store.
  • Either way, I am feeling cheated. Bad move, real bad move!
  • I did read it, Daniel. Forked or not, it is still Android. Microsoft shipping a competing operating system on their hardware. If you want a different way of looking at it, what if Microsoft were to ship a Surface tablet with a touch-optimized version of Linux instead of Windows 8? Would people take it as a vote of confidence or would they see that even Microsoft thinks that Linux is better than Windows 8. Or to take it out of the computer realm, what if Ford made a truck and shipped it with a Dodge-built Hemi engine? Put simply, there's is NO way to ship a product that uses a major competitor's component instead of your own and have people see it as a good thing for your product. Of all the things you could do that is probably the single WORST one.
  • Completely agreed it is the first step to kill wp
  • "what if Microsoft were to ship a Surface tablet with a touch-optimized version of Linux instead of Windows 8?"   Except this is NOTHING like that. Surface is the top of the line device with W8, with an equally top of the line price. Yes, if Microsoft were to do that, we should worry. But that's not what Nokia is doing. This is the equivalent of MS putting out a plastic little Celeron laptop and throwing an obscure version of Linux on it. Did you even read the articles?
  • And you don't think people would start observing that it suggests that Microsoft doesn't feel that their product is capable of running on lower-end hardware so maybe they should look at Linux too? No, it would still be bad all around. Microsoft has been known to make some boneheaded moves but I don't think they're THAT stupid. Besides, they could do the same thing with the Windows kernel. They have a version of XP and even CE that is designed to run on embedded systems with very limited resources. I think they could pare it down  enough to work on one of these and having access to a carefully curated selection of apps,
  • There is gap between WP & current Asha devices, Asha devices are too restricted to bridge the gap between low end smartphones and feature phones, Nokia bought 'smarterphone' and were working on meltemi for the same purpose but it was shut down by elop so they had no chocie but to pick up an android base.
  • What, you expect people to read and comprehend something before commenting? Crazy.
  • We'll, if MS ends up owning it at least they won't owe themselves a royalty :)
  • Dumb fanboys will say:
    Duh! WP8 is still better than anything else! Lagdroid sucks! Why don't they keep on Symbian!
  • Good. You've recognized that others have different opinions.
  • Fanboys's comments aren't opinions. They are like rules that must be accepted as what they say is the truth.
  • And thanks for keeping fresh in mind that there are Lagdroids too other than Spydroids...
  • The Ashas don't run Symbian, troll. 
  • If they release it, it will be before the deal. Microsoft intends to kill feature phones so I wouldn't expect them to continue the project. Let alone with software based on Android.
    Also, since they'll keep developing patents, they'll probably still be building phones for internal use as research devices. Doesn't mean they'll be out for sale. Or Nokia could just be testing things around in the prospect of 2016 when they can return to the smartphones market (either by building a new D&S division or by taking Jolla back to its rightful place inside Nokia).
  • oh so that's your new ray of hope? Nokia re creating a new D&S division? Slim Chances man.
  • Not really hope. Just logic based on the feeling I have that they won't be able to survive only on HERE and patents. It just isn't enough for them to stay afloat. And since they already spent money to finance companies like Jolla, it would be stupid to let that investment go to waste. If I were Nokia though, I would tell MS to shove the deal up their bottom and I would move into production of devices before 2016. Then again, if I were in charge of Nokia, Eflop would already have a criminal complaint against him for bad management.
  • Its not like Nokia only has HERE. Their most profitable area is NSN. Formerly Nokia Siemens networks now Nokia solutions and networks. They recently bought out the siemens part of the company. They will be just fine without the device division.
  • By the way, in 2015 Nokia as a company will be 150 year old. So I'm pretty sure, no matter what they do, they'll figure something out :D 
  • Make a law mandating that everyone should buy Nokia phones too. Seems about as feasible.
  • Microsoft has no intention to kill feature phones. They also bought the entire Asha Line...
  • Just you wait and see ;)
  • Ok everyone, DJCBS said "Just you wait and see ;)"
    Nothing can go wrong with his words...Everything happened as exactly what he said like
    "Microsoft cannot get Nokia's phone division",
    "Shareholders wont vote in favour of MS" ,
    "EU wont approve the MS-NOK deal"
    EVRYTHING happened as what he said.. hmm now you know/learn something MR. DJCBS, MS will bring low end handsets cheaper than 520 but they cant do that anytime soon in countries like india where low end phones=nokia phones. MS will make WP to work even more better in low end devices and they will slowly feed them to market later. Why cant u make some bets on your decisions? are you ready? U KNOW you cant win a single one, EVER!
    Please stop coming here.
  • LOL! He also said he was going to shift to Android as soon as the Xperia Z1 came out because it will beat the 1020's camera - both things didn't happen. He also said he would move over to the iPhone as soon as the 5S came out - and he's still here. LOL!
  • So by your logic, if I don't have a Windows devices I can't be here? Wow. There are some curious people too, you know, with open minds and stuff... I really don't get this stick to what you use/know thing. 
  • From what I saw so far, you aren't even allowed to be here if you DO own a Windows device.   Unless you suck Ballmer's and Elop's dick, you're not welcome here!  
  • Directly @Ezhik
    This is a WP site, not an android/iphone or blackberry site. I don't care and neither do most regarding your opinion but expect to be bashed if you do not like WP or MS. Its simple, if you don't like it get the fuck out.
  • I like WP, I just don't think that it is as great as everyone here thinks, and I also don't think that other competing systems are crap.
  • You like WP, but dont hate other os. Majority here LOVE WP TO THE CORE and they generally hate other os. Take the positive side and enjoy what you like. you should't feel bad about this if you dont troll. And nobody asked you about Ballmer's and Elop's dick!! you think replying like that is soo decent? u just broke your own rule.
  • English please.
  • That's english. read again. bye.
  • Learn to read please..
  • How would you like it if I come to your house and start talking about how ugly your carpet is or that I don't like the color you painted your walls?.. If you don't have a Windows Phone or aren't even interested in them. Then you have no business here. Especially when you come here just to troll. If you don't have a WP at least converse with constructive comments. This DJCBS guy is not helping at all. All he wants is to see Windows Phone fail after MS bought Nokia.
  • Anybody can come here! but u know he replied to a troll who always come here to troll about MS, NOT YOU! You shouldn't feel bad if nothing is wrong with you. :) Actually this is a site for windows phone lovers/MS lovers, so you cannot  hate/talk too much about other things here. Its simple. Can you go and talk about windows phone and hate android in a dedicated android site??
  • I perfectly get the no trolls and no haters thing :) However, I think anyone willing to discuss MS (or Android, iOS, BB for the other Mobile Nations sites) subjects should be allowed to (excluding haters and trolls of course), without having the fanboys 'assaulting' you whenever you don't think like they do. But I think I can keep dreaming XD. 
  • Its good to expect that, but in a dedicated community its hard to do that. Even in verge,engadget (general tech sites), fanboy fights are much big. So its hard to see calmness here.
  • LOL. Spot on.
  • I think they will do it the Apple way. Design and send it to China for build and then sell it and reap profits. No point in running their own maunfactoring.
  • Pls stay with WP.. Plssss... Never liked android and looks like never will.. Ugh..
  • Nokia was already testing Android devices. They were going to jump ship. That's why Microsoft attacked and got the D&S division. If Nokia jumped out, with them controlling 90% of the WP market, it would mean the immediate death of WP.
  • You must have some inside info because there is no evidence of Nokia planning to "jump ship". Making a REALLY low end device is more akin to them planning to "jump ship" from Asha.
  • I obviously won't confirm or deny anything regarding any sources I may or may not have. However, if you have been paying attention, what hasn't lacked this year was leaks about Nokia testing Android on Lumia devices. Google it and I'm sure you'll find plenty of stories on the matter. This is just another one. As we say here, "where there's smoke, there's fire"
  • I've seen a Sony WP prototype with a physical keyboard. They've been rumored to have multiple models of WP prototypes so....
  • when he thinks he sees smoke, most likely it doesn't come from fire but probably it's foul gas from his behind.
  • Why the fuck would one Google it when one can Bing it...
  • Good point
  • coz google is better...
  • Nokia always had android ready as a last resort kinda thing. They never really preferred it though. The directly quoted something on the lines of "we came late into the game for android and now samsung and such companies already hold the market in a majority. Hence we're looking at other innovative platforms to capture in the mobile segment. Windows phone does that for us." So that's why they're so dedicated to the WP environment.
  • That was Eflop's view on it. Not that of Nokia employees and many investors. Nokia had spent a lot of money in partnership with Intel to create MeeGo. Which means they would have very likely gone a similar path than Samsung did with Android (meaning putting Android on their devices while the OS matured and then gradually move from Android into what is now Tizen).
    What Nokia said was that they were late in answering to the iPhone. And they were. Nokia (and pretty much everyone else, really) also failed to see in 2007 the potential of Android.
    But that doesn't mean that, in 2009/2010, they hadn't seen it already and their only path was WP. The thing is, by then, they had got a Microsoft trojan horse inside the company that stirred the company into the iceberg.
    The reason Nokia is dedicated to WP is because that's the way Nokia operates. When they adopt something, they work their arses off to offer you the best experience you can get. Windows Phone without Nokia would be a nightmare to use and would still be on WP7 if it hadn't died already. No other OEM would ever put the effort Nokia puts into it (which you'll be able to confirm by yourself once Nokia's gone).
    Had Nokia gone with Android in 2009/2010, you would have seen exactly the same committment towards Android and you can bet that loads of people would now be saying that the only good Android experience would be on a Nokia.
  • OMG, you are so desperate sometimes I almost feel sorry for you. Of course Nokia was looking at Android as an option. But Elop was smart in realizing they had no chance with Android. Samsung is the only one making money using Android. Everyone else can't sell phones, and when they do they have to spend millions fighting patent lawsuits. If Elop didn't sway them away from Android, almost certainly they would have tanked. By the time he got involved, the ship had already sailed. So ride your Trojan horse to some other BS conspiracy.
  • if ppl adopted a nokia phone with an unknown OS (Read Lumia 800) why they would not buy an Nokia with Android, I dont agree when someone says Nokia couldnt compete with Samsung, Comparing Nokia with HTCs,SONYs, LGs is a mistake, there's a reason why ppl dont buy them and forced to but samsung due to lack of options.
  • Hypothetical. I also have a hypothetical scenario about Android on Nokia. Let's say it's 2011 and Nokia releases their first Android handset. Here's the thing, by this point talk was behind the Galaxy S2, and peope wouldn't have given a sh*t about anything else. Because if I recall, even the Galaxy Nexus was in the backburner of public mindshare, it was all Samsung and the GS2. Sure, some people cognizant of quality will be pick up Nokia Androids, but in the end they would have been -- at that time -- a limited audience. Fast forward to 2012 and we now see Nokia push really good high-end Android devices and some low-end ones. They see some growth, great, but the Android market is now even more saturated. The Nokia Android handset must compete with local OEMs in China and India, and an even bigger (and more eclipsing) Samsung, *as well as* Sony, Motorola, LG, etc. All us Nokia users will sit talking about how much better the Android experience on Nokia is better, but for one reason or another no one will give a crap. Smasung, Samsung, Samsung, LG, Sony, and Micromax (India). End result? Not much of a difference.
  • Just make the 520 cheaper???¿¿¿ no one needs another android throw-away. The 520 is near ready to replace the entire Asha lineup already.
  • You can buy the 520 for $50. How much lower do you need?
  • In the states you can. Not Every where else though
  • Yup. Here in Canada Rogers way wayyy overcharged for the 520. Felt like an idiot and too embarassed to say how much i payed. I'd bet the hudge markup is to make subsidized prices for high end models more attractive so they can lock you into contract.
  • AFAICT, you can get the unlocked model from from ebay, and thats real cheap!
  • All I have to say is... BARF!
  • It's an interesting play on Nokias part and not one that Google would like. They need to tie it into the Windows Phone app store though. Maybe this is where WinRT can make a play.
  • Surprised Nokia stayed with WP when all of their fans were screaming Android. WP is no doubt my favorite OS, but had this been successful I bet Nokia wouldn't have sold itself out.
  • No, they would have died out. Remember, MS paid them a lot of money to come to WP. I read somewhere that the biggest issue they had with Google was the maps. NOKIA wanted to use their own mapping software, but google had already invested too much on that front.
  • It funny how people try to hard to read into rumor news. I love you guys keeping entertained. Especially the fanboys
  • you got me! 8-)
  • My friends uncle is part of the Nokia d&s testing comity and he says it was a sort of blackmail/threat in order to push MS to cough up a deal*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    *this is all lies, but sounds quite nice don't you think? :P
  • That's forked up Nokia
  • I actually hope Nokia do get back to making phones with the Nokia name as soon as they can (2015?) It'd be sad to have a world without Nokia, and Android without Google could be brilliant for the OS as a whole, Google are locking it down far too much.
  • 2016.
    Keep an eye on Jolla ;)
  • Jolla? Pahahah good joke dude! Jolla is awful! Srsly that UI/UX => awful! Srsly this is almost 2014 OS feels like 2007
  • Rumo'meter, 2/10.
  • I think a forked version is mean not to be on Google side. Since Google is greedy enough to make Android only for them. Read this article and you know what I mean
  • Interesting reading. Thanks
  • Funny to hear this complaint from a Microsoft fanboy.
  • I like this... If they are going to fork Android so it runs Microsoft services and can team with Amazon or find a way to vApp Windows Phone apps on Android, it could be really cool.
  • But then Google will ban OEMS from using WP.
  • What do you think Google is? The government? wtf? Lool dont know what kind of logic you have there..
  • honestly a "forked" version of android like what amazon does would be good. anyone with an android knows how google forces you to use plus and hangouts.
  • Yikes!
  • I can see the hater comments and media headlines now...."Nokia to release Android phone due to WP OS failures"
  • Why not just keep working at making WP8 work on low-spec devices and phase-out Asha? If they can get WP into millions of Asha users hands over the next few years, that would be brilliant.
  • That's not Nokia's problem. Making WP8 work is Microsoft's problem.
    However, that's Microsoft's plan. They bought the Asha brand because they indeed intend to put an end to feature phones and, they hope, have the people who use Nokia feature phones migrating into Microsoft's smartphones.
  • Is it not possible they could be intending to make Asha the Windows Phone for beginners/hard up, and gradually introduce them to their premium Microsoft Lumia line? Live tiles on the Asha 503 would look nice
  • Ugh this just disgusts me. Forked or not. I do hope Microsoft cancels this mess. Its like an abomination lol
  • Maybe, I addition to trying to get visibility on a more popular platform, this is why Microsoft approached HTC with a proposal to include Windows Phone on its Android devices.
  • I would love to use Nokia devices running on Android  but saying  Lumia 1020—aka the dream device of Android fans. Nope it's not. To be honest L 1020(which is nothing more than a camera) is flop devices. If I have to call a dream device then it would be L 1520.(Good battery, Camera, display and processor means a dream phone)
  • I think the dream Android device would be more on the lines of the Lumia 929 running 4.4.2 KitKat.
  • Keep dreaming..:P
  • An android device should be waterproof, able to see my eyes, have a personalised skin keeping the speed of OS down slightly (i hate the nippiness of WP etc) and be made of premium, run of the mill, common, rare plastic, you know, the main things everyone is after.......... :| s/
  • The 1020 is the device android fans covet. It is an unmatched device. The 1520 is nothing new to android since they already have LG, HTC and Sammy among others making either equivalent or better devices. Btw, I own both and the screen contrast and camera are much better on the 1020. The 1520 is a good device but the camera sucks badly in comparison to the 1020 as well as the 920/925/928.
  • Fuck this? How about a forked version of Windows Phone?
  • This makes no sense at all? Windows Phone isn't open source... it can't be forked. That's like asking for a forked version of iOS O.o
  • I'm probably missing something, but I don't see why people find Android so appealing. Yes, there are more apps, but aside from that?
  • The dirty, almost criminal feel to it, the phone always feels dark and even stolen
  • It all depends on people's tastes I guess, but I do like Android for the personnalisation (running stock version of it, or the OEM skin, or a forked version of it, dual booting ROMs and linux OSes, etc..) I use W8 on my laptops and Android on phones and tablet, and take advantages of both worlds. I've never used WP, but I think I'm going to try it, just to take a look. I don't see why I should stick to one environment and ban everything else.
  • Android without Google? All I care is about Google apps. That's why I'm switching of WP.
  • Remember kiddies "If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold."
  • Heck no. Nokia needs to crush that plan like a stinky ass roach.
  • I have a theory. This was developed to show the regulators and oversight people that there was no conflict of interest and proof of that was that they were indeed looking at other options.
  • I am hugely disgusted.
  • I would be shocked if Nokia hadn't made at least a few Android prototypes. It would be dumb of them not to experiment with Android considering it is free and a competitor. I bet that Apple has Android prototypes hidden away in the depths of their R&D group. It is always important to know what your competitors are up to ( esp if their source is open). Additionally, building an Android phone will let the lawyers inspect the OS for potential IP infringement. Given the timing I would bet that these photos are from some Nokia employee who is mad about the sale. There really isn't anything to see here as far as I can tell.
  • I hope they'll get rid of the bezel at the bottom and it'll be a Lumia 725/530/630 available come January. A true budget device with decent specs that somehow still doesn't exist: 4-4.3" inches clearblack supersensitive display, 5MP camera with led flash, front facing camera, 512MB RAM, 4G LTE priced at $199.  720 costs too much (and is quite big for that screen size), the tiny 620 doesn't have LTE etc., 625 is too big and display quality is very poor, 520/525 is just a simple phone with apps (something released 3 years ago :))
  • Still like wp
  • I doubt highly that this phone will be released.
  • I'd rather eat glass....
  • Stick a fork in it, its done. There's no need for this with the 520 and other handsets selling like gangbusters. This thing will never see the light.
  • The horror!
  • Who cares what Nokia does in 2015. Microsoft, give us 6 inch UHD screen Surface Phone with Windows RT and a Intel processor or a Snapdragon 805.
  • Will it be RT or not? I know they are trying to unify across devices, but a sweet 5" with killer specs would be forkin' awesome!
  • Android sucks. Lag don't know when or if you getting a update no thank you
  • i think Asha OS is not appealing enough, no apps, no fun. MS should learn from Azure where now they provide not only  their own products but also all other competitors', and so far it's been a huge boost for them. Asha + android is interesting and playful to teens till WP is ready for such a low end hardware (small screen..). Still, i believe MS should allow at least a few low end devices to run Android, otherwise they're loosing all grounds to China/Indian phone makers.
  • I can see this happening, as this would get Nokia devices in more hands. I would get one, just to have access to Android stuff without having to give up Nokia or deal with Google.
  • While I wouldn't buy one I can see this being used as a trojan horse by Microsoft. Think about it, an AOSP fork of Android running Microsoft apps on entry level smartphone hardware. I do think this will replace the S40/S60 hybrid OS that powers the current ASHA range though rather than introducing a new range of phones.
  • just remember this will not be a Nokia device if it ever gets released, It would be a Microsoft device.
  • This has to be a hoax, if not, that's just forked up.
  • I wish nokia made the android less resource!
  • If Microsoft's strategy is in line with Nokia's it should be easier to hit the emerging and low costs markets. Currently even with their hands in each others pockets I bet Nokia still has to add $25-50 on top of each phone to pay Microsoft for software. Now that Microsoft has acquired Nokia's handsets this cost should go away. I would be very surpsied if there WASN'T a $50-75 drop in the next gen of lowcost devices. Its already proven that you can build a very decent device on 2 year old specs, what is stopping Nokia/Microsoft from keeping the 520 and lowering its price for another year or two?
  • WP costs 10$
  • Common Nokia we all know that LagDroid sucks so please stop wasting ur efforts on the shit platform.WP was the right choice from u so just keep putting the hard efforts there instead of wasting time.
  • Yes. But ppl buy it. "If you will buy it.., they will make it" name of the game.
  • Nah too low
  • Yes
  • To quote Scotty: "Why in God's name would you want that bucket of bolts?!"
  • First... Its business. Second... This sucks. But if you think about it... Its just what they said.. A simple POS phone thats main focus is allowing users to access the apps they love. Not even like full blown android. If they made a GS4 alternative than maybe we'd have something to worry about. But I do agree with all of you... Its mostly just offensive to the WP community. But u know what, if Nokia needs more cash flow to support WP better than I say do it. There not new to the game. They're doing what's needed to stay the business you all have come to trust. It doesn't just "happen". I'd just appreciate the continued support.
  • Yuk!!!!
  • I dont understand why people are sounding so paranoid. WP handles many things way better than android. Having said that, android's got all devs support. 2016 is way too long. Things change in tech with blink of an eye. Microsoft will surely protect wp platform for sure. They are the dark horse in cell phone business.
  • A forked version of Android that is integrated with Bing, SkyDrive, Skype, Office, HERE, Xbox Music-Video, and the Metro UI is a very interesting prospect. Very interesting. If that's what it'll take to get a hundred people to quickly sign up for and buy into Microsoft services, I am IN. This could be Microsoft's trojan horse into Google's world.
  • Maybe a good idea, but all depends that people CAN'T install a vanilla version of Android, maybe a crypto hardware fix to prevent this if possible. If people can run a normal android version in this phone it could be bad for MS, since people will get Google services instead of MS. If MS can launch this phone only as a forked version with no chance at all to install Google services, could be good... if not, they better throw this phone to the trash bin.
  • Its good..... But nokia should make an android phone also.....
  • Meh
  • LOL I get the reference!
    --------------------- NOOO, Nokia, don't do it!
  • Never
  • Nokia always one of a kind keep it that way
  • If they do this then its a massive slap in the face to the WP community and shows a lack of confidence in their own OS. Whilst it may have perks such as revenue, emerging markets etc it send out all the wrong messages,the average public will look at this and think why is Microsoft/Nokia making Android (albeit forked) devices. It would make me question their commitment to WP.
  • I don't think this phone is that bad, as long they keep that forked version of Asha in the low end segment could be good if MS can integrated their services and preventing people to use Google services. The high end phones will continue with WP, so those platforms can't compete each other because of the different price range and features.
  • No way this forked Android should come to high end Nokia phones, but it would be a good substitute for Asha Phones, because a lot of forked Android apps (outside the Playstore) will become accesible to these phones.
  • I dont want Adroid i want Windows Phone <3
  • Not interested at all really. I find windows phone more than functional on both low and high end phones. So there is no point of introducing a new operating system right now. Nokia and Microsoft should be working on uniting all of their phones instead of separating them
  • This is gonna be dual boot android and WP8 if you ask me , Microsoft were talking to htc about a dual boot android/windows 8 tablet a while ago why not a dual boot phone from Nokia , would get the android lovin crew a tast of what WP8 had to offer :-) 
  • Android. :P
  • Just release it with original android before Microsoft kills it. I need a new toy.
  • No no plzz noks no shitdroid
  • Finally Nokia surrender to Android they say for low end Asha phone but Asha Phone don't capability to run Android Because Android needs lost of haedware i.e. Ram and processors so Nokia Engineers think for Game changer for Nokia -Microsoft Deal as per look.Some rumer say Nokia's back team one factory made Android testing and selling device in Finland.if Android comes in Nokia then get bast product that we need.
  • Not with Android 4.4 KitKat, that could run extremely well on Lumia 520 hardware. My Galaxy Nexus, my daily driver is an ATIV S, which has CM 11 on it which based on AOSP Android 4.4 runs perfectly with no lag at all and the speed of the SOC in that is well below the speed of the SOC in the 520.
  • Never in my life !! Lumia 520 costs 75€ in Italy, there is NO NEED Nokia to get dirty with lagdroid !!!
  • 75€ really ? what a Greece the lumia 520 costs 130€'re lucky.
  • I'm interested but I don't think this is going to happen. The chances are already slim and I doubt Microsoft would be willing to drop Windows Phone and go for Android.
  • Still, it would solve many app problems...
  • This will be a mess. If they release this phone, forked or not, people at XDA will find a way to load fully featured Android in it. It will become the favorite toy of Android users that used to love Nokia.
  • Die
  • I'd like to see double-tap to unlock for this phone.
  • I imagine this is meant for emerging markets because a lot of asha phones used to be sold there until like last year when everyone started getting androids so this makes sense. People like the low cost and reliablitiy of Nokia so they will probably buy this over competitors, also this could sell well in europe and the US if its decent so that could make more money for Nokia... to splash out on windows phone! yeasssssighhhhhhhh
  • Virtually no interest.
  • Read Full Secrets BEHIND NOkia X aka Normandy