Nokia increasing advertising efforts in Chile

The above photo was captured at the Parque Arauco shopping mall in Chile, which displays Lumia 800 advertising banners being hung from the ceiling for maximum exposure on all floors. This may signal an imminent release of both the Lumia 710 and 800 into the country.

We'll keep a look out for launch parties and announcements for further detail. Good to see the manufacturer prepping the handset arrivals.

Source: @BLeavellB, Nokia

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Where is this type of advertising for the 710/900 in the US?
  • U see tmobile commercials with Nokia and at the tmobile store is Nokia big as hell
  • West Philidelphia. 
  • Y do u keep asking this? It's getting annoying
  • Someone has to ask. Cause clearly, MS isn't.
  • So the lack of marketing doesn't concern you? Well, I'm going to keep bringing it up here, and elsewhere, until this issue is resolved. Whenever you have the apps you need, the devices you want, the carrier support, the updates we deserve,, its because someone supported WP and fought for these things, and you will have people who did this to thank. If this annoys you then you either aren't concerned about the success of WP, or you don't understand how critical marketing is. That's Y!
  • I always see commercials for the 710, don't know where ur at when they air but it's quite frequently. U must be watching ur racism channels.
  • By coeus89 on Mon, 05 Mar 2012 8:10 pm EST Any word on the results of the photo contest? hey guys coeus89 is right any news concerning the contest?
    please give us at least an update.  
  • well in areas where the launch of the latest nokia?
  • They need to come up with multiple marketing solution as fast as Nokia can, so they can be par comparable to competing mobile devices. All strategies are way very important to them so consumer can get their attention about the devices they are launching. Not to mention internet marketing is the best way to reach their target market.
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