Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone officially announced

Nokia announces the Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia has officially revealed the Lumia 820 Windows Phone.  As rumored, the announcement came during this morning's Nokia/Microsoft event in New York City.  Specifications for the Lumia 820 include:

  • 4.3" AMOLED display with ClearBlack Tech
  • SnapDragon S4 processor
  • 8MP rear camera with Carl Zeiss Optics
  • VGA front facing camera
  • 1650mah Battery
  • 8GB of storage
  • 1GB of RAM.
  • MicroSD expansion

The Lumia 820 will have a similar polycarbonate, uni-body design as the Lumia 800 with removable backplates (different colors).  

Under the hood look for NFC, Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS connectivity. The micro-USB port has been moved to the bottom of the device for uniformity across the Windows Phone family. Along with the micro-USB port, the Lumia 820 is fitted with inductive charges (a.k.a. wireless charging) that will allow the Windows Phone to be charged with contact the optional Nokia wireless charging.

We're hoping to have some hands on time with the Lumia 820 and will have more to share later in the day.  In the meantime, head on over to Nokia's Lumia 820 site to catch all the specs.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Cyan finally come !!!!!
  • I don't care what color it comes in. Just don't come to T-Mobile or Nokia will be DOA if they put this 820 against ATIV. Give T-Mobile the 920 so I can have a legitimate option.
  • +10000
  • 8 GB!? What the hell...that shouldn't even be an option anymore. 16 GB should be the absolute MINIMUM these days.
  • And yes, I do realize that MicroSD is now supported, but still.
  • I hear you. Lame...lame..lame...and most likely this lemon will be dumped on those of us with TMobile.
  • The thing about it is; yes, expandable memory is great, but the only thing the average consumer will see is that it only has 8 GB of memory. Its going to do nothing but hurt sales.
  • Average consumer is not that retarded, anyone knows with a SD card you don't need much memory, no matter what Apple says, it's a scheme.
  • Of course you need more than 8GB. I have 9GB just for 'apps and reserved space'. 3.5 GB of music, 1 GB of pics & vids and I'm already nearly full (16 GB = 14.5 actual GB). 8 GB is paltry and shouldn't be offered at all. 16 GB bare minimum plus microSD!
  • I think if many high-end Android devices can do it, and the iPhone can do it (w/out expanded memory) I am sure as hell we can do it too.
  • Lots of people don't need 16gb and the smaller memory cuts costs
  • And lots of people do need 16 GB. Having to buy an external memory card does not cut costs for the consumer. Adding additional memory to a device costs less for a manufacturer than it does for a consumer.
  • Spend another 5-10$ and add 16GB micro-SD card. 
  • Actually if you look at pricing for phones which are offered with varying internal storage, the microSD card DOES cost the consumer less for more storage. iPhone 16GB to 32GB? Add $100. 32GB to 64GB? Add another $100. $200 to move from 16GB to 64GB on the iPhone. A 16GB device with a microSD slot? $65 for a 64GB microSD and you get 64GB+16GB=80GB in total for far less money.
  • Here you go, here's an extra 16 GB of memory since this phone fits Micro SD cards. For an extra $5 you now have 24 GB.

  • Lol!!! 1000 internet's for you my friend.
  • Yep...also remember when they told us we could add memory cards to the Focus...then the phone crashed 100x and erased ass.
  • Who told you that?
  • Well, for me, the rep at the AT&T store sold me a microSD card with my focus and even installed it for me saying it was completely supported...which it wasn't. On the main topic, the thing is, we shouldn't HAVE TO buy a memory card. I know they are cheap but I would much rather have quick integrated memory and not have to buy an SD card.
  • Are you serious? Installing an SD card is really damn easy. WP7 didn't officially support SD cards, I don't know how Microsoft let Samsung put a user accessible slot on the original Focus. It's a good thing they did, though. If you find a good card for it you can add a ton of storage. 
    Since it is now officially supported in WP8 there won't be any issues using SD cards. Take a look at how much more it costs to buy a phone with more storage, manufactures charge a crap ton for internal storage. I'd rather the microSD slot. Plus you can easily make backups and move it to new phones.
  • I got one SD card for my focus from AT&T and it's working a charm except that I am always low storage but it's my fault :P
  • 8gb?!?!? LMAO.... Dear lord...the 80's have come and gone....
  • Not everyone needs 16 GB. It'll be at a lower price point. Im more disappointed in it not having pure view as this device is likely to hit TMO :-/
  • And not everyone needs only 8. How hard is it to give us OPTIONS AND CHARGE IS FOR THEM?!?!?
  • I believe your option is currently the 920... That aside a 16/32 option should not be beyond the wit of man.
  • Really? So they are going to offer this on TMobile.... If that is not beyond wit of man?
  • Stop yelling. Your option is to use the expansion slot or get the 920. Jesus Mary fucking Christ.
  • +1
  • @missionsparta: expandable. You can have what you want, just buy an SD card.
  • I Thought the same thing. 8 gig I found out is actually Not enough! With all the music, games, and apps people are purchasing, no! It can take up space really fast. I had to delete many apps I'd like to have on my radar just to keep others.
  • No super amoled HD on 820? 8 gig storage? Only one high end phone and on ATT only? Smirk! They make it hard for many who'd love to have the 920.
  • Totally agree....if my options at T-Mo are the 820 and the Samsung....I'm going with Samsung.
  • ...and hoping HTC has something awesome for Tmo as well. No 820 for me.
  • It sounds like only the 820 had micro SD support (not the 920). Is that correct?
  • Good question. microSD is supported by WP8, but I'm not sure if OEMs are REQUIRED to include a microSD expansion slot on all hardware.
  • My next phone, and with a ssd card support I can have the amount of memory I want. And removable. Guess the 90s are over, soon Apple will be exposed by its infamous scheme of charging insane amounts for memory.
  • 8 GB?! Dammit, Nokia are you smoking the same crack the Apple lawyers are?
  • 8 GB internal, use MicroSD with space as much as you want how hard is that ? 
  • Memory slots are another point of failure. Once the slot dies, then what? I had that happen when I was on WinMo, and I never removed the memory card. 16 GB should really be considered the minimum for internal memory.
  • When was the last time a memory card slot died? I've never had a memory slot die and neither has anyone who didn't forcefully insert the card incorrectly. A 32GB microSD card costs you $20 on Amazon and a 64GB card costs you $65, that's far cheaper than what a manufacture would charge for it to be internal.
  • 8gb oh my let get right to t-mo not Samsung thank you
  • The 920 isn't an amoled display either. Kevin Shields said LCD. So, a Nokia version of Super LCD?
  • 820 and 920 Specs posted on Nokia Site say's..
    AMOLED for 820 800x400 4.3
    PURE MOTION HD for 920 1280x768 4.5
  • Expandable Expandable quit crying
  • +1 for having sense... As WP does the retardation.
  • Yes, because we all want to spend our time shuffling apps and files between onboard memory and microSD like Android users
  • How do you know that it'll work exactly like android? Stick a 32gb card in it, then forget it. Don't shuffle.
  • Jeez these WP fanboys are ridiculous. I guess I should expect it, I AM on a WP site. I like to see the news that other sites don't report but the people on here are just downright stupid and seem brainwashed by stupid PR.
  • Do you know how it's going to work ? For me SD support is a major plus, but I guess someone might not want to use it, there's always something.
  • Of course it's a major plus. I want 16 GB base storage for apps, and microSD (32 GB+) for music, pics & vids. 8 GB isn't enough, and I truly hope we don't have to manually shuffle things around... Although what happens to apps & saves on a SD if you upgrade it?
  • Eject? Sync with PC companion and restore..? Doesn't sound too far fetched considering how the WP user experience is supposed to be..
  • Only time will tell
  • Neither does it sound too far fetched that some of us travel often enough that having to sync-n-restore would be a pain.
  • You can't install apps on the SD card. Use your internal storage for apps only. Use the SD card for photos, videos, and music. If you want to upgrade the card plug both cards into the PC and copy your data over and stick it back into your phone. That's what I've done since my old Windows Mobile phones and with my Android phones. It's extremely simple. Hopefully Microsoft let it be this simple and didn't do something stupid with the memory cards. 
  • Yes, except 8 GB is simply not enough for your apps. I already have 9 GB and I always have to purge apps & games I don't use all the time. 16 GB internal should be •minimum•
  • So buy the damn Samsung and quit bitching. Some people have REAL problems.
  • +1
  • Well, I will not be buying the 820 (almost positive thats the one going to t-mobile) I really hope HTC can bring something good to the table.
    Otherwise im stuck with the samsung ativ.
  • Pardon my ignorance. Is the ATIV going to be on TMo?
  • I think he was implying that he's not on TMOB
  • Only for music, videos and pics not apps and is only 6gig + available and games r 100mb+ so that don't make any sense.
  • I guess you can only have 60 games on your phone.
  • Expandable Expandable Expandable Expandable Expandable Expandable Expandable Expandable
  • I want to know more about the screen. That's all that's left to know.
    I think it'll be 800x400.
  • I guess I'll wait to see what HTC comes out with. Neither of these are very appealing to me, and I really wanted a Nokia. I don't know why we can't have a high end phone with a 4" screen.
  • Um, the game-changing features (with some still yet to be announced) of the 920 were not appealing to you? Good luck with HTC, bro.
  • I don't want a 4.5" screen.
  • me either, really disappointed but hoping Nokia will introduce another model that is small (but still killer specs).
  • Those of you whining about 8GB, how do you explain the millions of people getting by just fine with 8GB iPhones?
    And btw, carriers haven't been announced so please hold off on guessing who will get the 920. Maybe Nokia will shut everyone up by making it available on T-Mo, Verizon and AT&T. You never know...
  • +1
  • We all know who our carriers are and I can bet on my last money that Tmobile USA will go for the 820 even if Nokia offers the 920 at the same price as the 820.
  • Hardly
  • I have an HD7 with pictures I've snapped and saved attachments and 400 offline Spotify tracks, and 4 mp3 albums, and I still have over 6gb free. Expansion slot if you need more or get a different phone. Likely, tmo will get all of the toy phones no matter which OEM.
  • Not to mention 25gb SkyDrive.
  • HD7 has 16GB though? Mine certainly does
  • Yeah. But even a geek like myself hasn't run out of space on it. Certainly a great market exists for this device. I just want the pure view!
  • I have 9 GB just for apps and I don't think I have an excessive amount. 3.5 GB in music, 1 GB in pics & vids and I'm almost full (actual storage is 14.5GB on 16 GB devices)
  • I agree with you there I have 9 gig left on my HD7 but I keep most everything on skydrive now.
  • Well I won't be getting either of those phones...I like the look and technology but to big.  4" screen is as big as I'll go.
  • You'd be surprised by how miniscule the difference between 4" and 4.3" is...
  • I know the difference:)  I went from a focus to the 900, I just find it to big in comparison.  So I may end up with another company, we'll see hopefully they have a 3rd phone coming down the pipe.
  • totally agree, we need a "high end" sub 4" phone. I don't see the logic in having 2 phones so close in size, 820 @4.3" and 920 @ 4.5". I know there are other differences but come on!!
    I may be sticking with my current phone for a while longer, hoping more options come around ):
  • Same here. I hate how it's made out like everyone wants a huge screen. Of course the big ones sell the best - it's because they only offer high end phones with big screens now.
  • Every phone should be expandable standard let us purchase what we want instead of sticking us with it saying pay for it regardless its there
  • Yup. This device + optional card will be cheaper per gig.
  • Damn...this is what my lumia 800 ought to have been in the first place :( feeling sad now.
  • Looks better than the 920 to me. I'll recommend it and buy myself a ATIV S :-)
  • In love with the 820! I'm relieved about the 1GB of RAM. Exchangeable covers! 8GB storage is no biggie to me, microsd slot.... Does it come with 25GB SkyDrive storage?
  • Depends what account you use it with... If you bind it to a 25 GB account, then yes... Otherwise 7
  • Can mobile plz get just one phone with Pureview? :(
  • Sammy support doesn't equal Nokia so go right ahead save the best for the ones that can appreciate it
  • Good good very good
  • The screen is just as big as the 900, yet the phone is smaller. I like it!
  • i'll buy this phone :)
  • Don't like either :( will wait for HTC
  • I know people can't understand why I'm not pleased with only 8GB. Maybe this will enlighten a few.
    My HD7's 16 GB of storage is nearly full. For the last couple months I've had to shuffle apps and content. I am gradually weaning myself off apps I use least often. But the big problem is where to put content. WP7 doesn't always reliably auto-store photos and video to SkyDrive--there are definite hiccups in that process when connectivity is spotty. When a photos/video is auto-deleted from the phone before a successful auto-sync with SkyDrive (scaled down version) or synced with Zune desktop (full-size version), then I've lost the photo/video forever. It happened to me more than once last week.
    "Oh, but you don't need all those photos on your phone." Uh, yeah. More than once I've wanted to post a particular photo that I took 2-3 weeks ago to my blog or FB, only to find it gone from my phone. Now I have to screw around trying to pull a copy from SkyDrive (that is, if a copy made it to SkyDrive). What should have been a 30-second process now takes up to 15 minutes of futzing around. What happened to the promise of letting me pull my face away from my phone and getting on with life on the go?
  • I can deal with 8 gigs and no pure view but why couldn't they make it HD display.
  • strangely, looking at the hardware specs, neither the 820 nor the 920 show a 1700MHz band for T-Mobile networks. Is this band not needed by Tmo's future phones?
  • I was really looking forward to making the 820/ nokia my first WP phone. Love the designs, colours etc. However Nokia has left the door open to other competitors sadly re the phone specs. Samsung has more storage options for the Atix than both the 920 and 820. Mainly the 920. Don't know why the 820 doesn't have a 16gb internal storage option also.
    One thing, does anyone know if WP8 have an embedded fm radio like WP7 did? My next phone must have one. I noticed that nokia's official page doesn't indicate that the phone has one. Neither does Ativ S' page. Hopefully they do.
    I'm be looking at what HTC has to offer before I make my decision.
  • Though I really like the Luma 800 I find those 820 pretty ugly.
  • I came here to see the specs on the 820. I'll be sticking with my 710 for a year then get the 920 from eBay for TMo. Memory card problem solved.