Nokia Windows Phone ad takes over Shopping Center

Nokia is continuing with the full court press to get the word out about Windows Phone. We've seen ads in the paper, video ads, demo apps to give Symbian owners a chance to try Windows Phone and now humungous display in a local shopping mall.

One of our Secret Agents ran across the display while visiting the Bluewater Shopping Center in Kent (over in the U.K.). Hard to miss the advertisement with all it's bright colors, huge flat screen display and convenient directional arrows to the various wireless carriers in the mall.  We have also been informed that there were Nokia ads displayed on the information kiosks located throughout the Shopping Center.

Curious, for those new to Windows Phone, is the latest ad campaign for the new Windows Phones strong enough to lure you over to the Windows Phone side?

Thanks goes out to Agent62 for taking great risks to capture these photos!

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Why can't you write a post on Samsung Focus v1.4 and Dell Venue Pro Mango update fiasco after assuring during NoDo it will not happen again? Hopefully MS takes a note of us then. Honestly, I like WP7 but there is no reason I need to put up with this. Also, I rarely see WPcentral complain anything about MSFT at all(unrelated to the Mango update). A good blog should see both side of the coin even if it's a niche to specific community.
  • As far as I know some Dell Venue Pro or Samsung Focus v1.4 git their Mango update or forced it. If someone left still left behind blame should go more ot Dell and Samsung.I agree you have to see both sides and I think it's fair to say time to time you see both side of story articles here. any maybe ebcause Microsoft recently in last 2 years they are doing great and improving in all areas and coming with fresh cool ideas so not much blame to post.But if you like to see negative articles about Microsft you are welcome to see bias websites like Engadget, Gizmodo, and many of those Android fanboys crappy blogs. I am sure you will be satisfy there and soon will get tired how lame they are those sites.Anyway I hope you get your updates soon and try to force update yourself.
  • WOWSERS!!!! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Microsoft is actually listening to their consumers how can you hate a company like that? Like the post above me, you can go to Engadget and if you really want IOS trolls go to BGR. I like WPCentral because no one really gives Microsoft their props it is always being bashed but i feel this time they are doing it right and should have a few more troll sites. Also the update is now for 100% of the phones so you update should be arriving within a week or so but you cannot blame Microsoft for carriers lagging with the update.
  • My Dell Venue Pro updated fine like when it was only available to 10% of customers.I did have the Mango RTM on it so don't if that changed it.
  • I got the Mango update on my Dell Venue Pro the same day Microsoft officially launched it. No problems here :)
  • All these ads for WP are great, think I like this one the best, now they just need to put it in more places :)
  • The phone's not immediately visible. They should use a white background instead of black. That way the phone and tiles stand out.
  • The point is for it not to stand out...
  • Nokia are also at Westfield (Stratford one) this weekend too aren't they?
  • This Reminds me so much of the Apple advertising, it brings a smile to your face when you hear the music in the WP add and see all the work that they do and the add are soo good ..they are also give all the sales reps free phones to have and to show protental coustomers Microsoft need to use Nokia to advertise for them, MS's advertising is really bad. come one building a computer store in a home ??they need to push this in the us as well..Don't forget Nokia sold 106 mill phones the quarter even with a "burning OS" they really know what they are doing. and don't think that they will start pushing phones right away if you know marketing it takes some time to burn this product in the brains of people ...Mark
  • There is a mispelled word shipping mall it suppose be spelled shopping mall not shipping mall. Proofread before posting.**** chance to try Windows Phone and now humungous display in a local (shipping mall.)****
  • You can leave now.
  • That looks very innovative. :)