The official Comedy Central app is exiting Windows

The official Comedy Central app is exiting the Windows platform, according to a message posted on its homepage. An explanation wasn't given for the exodus, with Comedy Central only stating that users can head to its website to watch content in the future:

This app is leaving Windows.But don't worry — you can watch your favorite shows on

We'll let you know once we have more details, but if you tune in to Comedy Central's programming via its Windows apps, know that you'll have to find an alternative soon.

Thanks for the tip Adam Weitzman!

  • Just when it seemed like developers were coming aboard... These a-holes had to jump ship. Well we don't need you CC!
  • Yes most of the shows are bs, except maybe impractical jokers.
  • ...Nathan For You.
  • Nathan for you is the funniest **** on tv right now. I would never watch on a phone anyway. CC was always slow at updating their content, especially for nightly runs (daily show, colbert back in the day etc...)
  • Ah yes, the usual comments about how we don't need the apps that are abandoning Windows. I think at some point Windows Phone fans will be saying we don't need apps at all, all we need Windows Phone for is to make phone calls and send texts.
  • F-That. I need my apps. Why the heck else would I buy a smartphone? so i can only use it like an overpriced dumbphone? No thanks. 
  • *shrug* I mostly used the web browser. I probably have a hundred apps installed, and the only one I regularly use is Tapatalk. I mostly use the web browser otherwise. Even when I had an iPhone, this is mostly how I operated (even for banking). The web site is usually more fully featured than the app in my experience, and I have a phablet so size isn't a problem with web sites in most cases.
  • Why talk or text on a phone when you can just walk to anywhere and communicate face to face? I used to use a car, but I always had to buy gas and get the oil changed. When I walk, I just get there.
  • That's on TruTV bro...
  • Wel soon we will see WhatsApp to leave windows phone support. & it will also say, head to WhatsApp web.
  • I don't think so, WhatsApp is still on blackberry.
  • The Blackberry argument doesn't necessarily work. I still see companies make new apps for Android, iOS, and Blackberry but not one for Windows.
  • cite some? These days, most adverts show iOS and Android, and occasionally Windows. Blackberry is a very super rare sighting. Whatsapp is smart at making their service cross platform, for the obvious sensible business reason given the nature of the service.
  • WhatsApp has been there since WP7.8. And they also frequently update WP7.8 app. ;P
  • really? sounds good
  • He was been Sarcastic... Should have added /S at the end
  • Whatsapp still support Nokia s60, so i dont think so
  • whatsapp = facebook, so probably won't happen. also, their web client actually requires having a phone app installed, so again, it's unlikely...
  • While I agree their stuff is mostly "meh", we still need the app. This is bad news for the platform, as are all the others leaving. Windows Phone is already dead. I doubt 10 on PC and tablet will go the same way, but if they can't keep developer support up, it'll be bad news.
  • Man shut up with all this negativity!
  • Why, is it a crime to speak the truth?
  • The idiots scaremongering don't realise they're the ones doing the damage.
  • Gosh, how old are u? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just as old as the one saying "gosh"
  • Yes! That why I'm pulling my App. If WP users aren't going to support my poor crappy, featureless, crashing App I'm just gonna pull it from the store. Please don't tell the writers I don't think I can handle the negativity I'll get from doing such an atrocious thing. Thank you CC for giving me the courage I'll need every bit.
  • The problem with apps on the pc windows 10 is that they just repeat functionality you can get in chrome...just most of the apps are less functional than the web browser. Like seriously, why even use the amazon app when you can go to your web browser and do more?
  • As a developer myself, I don't understand why companies put forth to develop an entire app, then not even put it to use.. Ridiculous.
  • I don't mean this in a mean way, but there's a difference between an entire company that has to look at the bottom line, and a kid that just has to worry about getting homework done. You can afford the spare time, not every company can. You need to widen your view a little bit.
  • Microsoft should release an Android OS Lumia phone with Windows 10 heavily skin on it (Tiles and everything) so we can use Google Play Store. Windows 10 WILL NOT resolve the Gap-app. Steve Ballmer is right! Go Android or go home or vegan;)
  • And where will this Microsoft-branded Android phone fit into Microsoft's One Windows vision that they've spent billions of dollars on? All that would do is benefit you. So, a more sensible option would be for you to go and buy an Android phone and skin it to look like Windows Mobile. It won't have a unified store between phone, desktop, tablet, Xbox, and Hololens but you'll get all the apps you "need" for your one device.
  • Windows 10 Mobile has been officially out (even saying "officially" is a bit off as the 950 series still says Windows 10 Mobile Preview) for just under 2 months and because the app gap hasn't closed immediately, its dead. Do you know how long it took for Android to close the app gap? Years. Microsoft kept fumbling for awhile, yes. However, this is their first move that really looks like it can make a difference. Developers will not ignore Windows 10. And now, all they have to do is design an interface for various size screens, but don't need to recode anything. So, why not release an app that optimizes itself across different size screens. The biggest help will be apps that work well on tablets and therefore easily translate to mobile. They're already optimized for touch to begin with. The reason these will be relatively popular is because Microsoft is making a tablet that is fairly popular (ie: Surface line). The Windows tablet *will* have a big enough market to target. It will be really easy to reach into the Windows mobile market at this point, which the developer will be incentivized to do because "hey, easy visibility right now, come in at the ground floor."  At this point, you'll start to see some brand names releasing apps because the audience is there. Then, because more brand name apps are available, you'll start to pick up users converting to windows phone because the app gap will be smaller than it ever has. Once that audience slowly picks up steam, you'll see hand-in-hand more apps being developed for mobile and more users signing on, a little feedback loop pretty much. At least, that is how I think it will play out and how I interpret the moves Microsoft is making. You're already starting to see some big names jump into the UWA game recently, some of which never really had a strong play to begin with (I'm looking at American Express right now... jumped from a web wrapper to a fully fledged UWA, also at Audible... ignored the app for so long and released an awesome UWA update). Netflix is jumping in. Bank of America is jumping in. BofA is a big one as they have a large audience that will soon not have to worry about being able to bank with a Windows Phone.
  • You forget when Microsoft claimed Windows 8 would close the app gap because it unified the experience between phone and pc. Universal Windows Apps are just a strategy to let Windows Phone die. It is like an escape hatch for developers who worked on the platform to jump to Xbox or PC markets.
  • @cracgor: that makes little to no sense. if you wanted to leave the platform, why would you write *another* app? just write an app for whatever platform you want at that point. moreover, windows 8 was ballmer. that was the fumbling i was referring to. windows 8 couldn't close the app gap because it didn't make it easy enough. its like, here write your app twice so you can be on both platforms. maybe it shared some code between the two, but they were vastly different and you couldn't write once, publish twice. its so ridiculously easy to make an app for each screen now. all you do is write the UI. that's it. all your code is the same. i could see games maybe being a little more difficult maybe, but basic apps? 5-10 minutes to do it. On Windows 8? Not so much. So Windows 8 did *not* unify th eexperience. And its not an escape hatch, because that makes no sense.
  • God I hate you. I would rather use a blunt rusted spoon to scrape my testicles off and then use that same thing to gouge my eyeballs out than ever use android. >=\
  • Ballmer didn't say that MS should release android phones with MS skins. He said they needed to run android apps. Huge difference.
  • And the problem is, they already tried that and it tanked the performance of Windows Mobile. The insider builds took a massive leap in quality the moment they took out the Android subsystem. Personally, I don't think it's Microsoft's job to fix the inherent problems with Android.
  • We need everyone, even an app to control one power tool. I had comedy central but didn't use it. I didn't like anything on it but maybe they will come back who knows. Right now their app is for windows phone 8.1 I believe. They may make a windows 10 one. Anyways its for a specific audience and given iOS and android numbers they are more likely to have that audience.
  • At least it's not Windows Central
  • Which is not updated in a while...
  • But it is gonna be a brand new one when it comes
  • In the coming months.
  • Soon ™
  • Soon
  • "Soon" it seems they are competing with Microsoft.
    When win10 mobile for older Lumia will come, we will see an update for WC.
  • Q2 2016 I garante it.
  • Coming soon
  • Boycott CC. Not that it'll do anything but meh.
  • Yes and tell all friends that Comedy Central does not want Windows users as customers/viewer. If you have a Windows machine at home please go somewhere else. CC had made it cler they dont want us watching their shows!
  • Yes, because boycotting them will make them think twice about entering the Windows ecosystem again. >_<
    Rather go out and tell them that you wish they would reconsider their short sightedness and come back with a proper UWP App to reach the potential huge user base using Windows 10 across a large device variety (PC, Tablet, Phones, XBOne, IoT). They need to know of their monetization options and the more windows users bug Viacom to develop on Win10' UWP the better the chance they will come back.
  • I just have to nitpick *one* thing. Do you think Comedy Central will *really* jump into the IoT game? I mean, yes, UWP enables an easy way to do so... but what would they do?
  • They'll be back!
  • Agreed, they will come along with a UWP app next year like the rest of the world
  • Windows 8 was a half-baked vision from Ballmer. Create two copies of Windows that looked alike but shared very little in common, so much so that you still had a lot of work even to release a Universal app. Nadella's is much better. It's one copy of Windows... OneCore. Runs on OneCore, you're golden. I don't think anyone was envisioning a whole lot of UWP apps this year as a mobile device to even run it wasn't available until the end of November. So, you can create a strawman argument as you like, but no one expected the app gap to close in a month. Android took years to close it. Yes, you can say Windows has been around longer than Android, but they fumbled a *lot* under Ballmer. Nadella is a whole new Microsoft.
  • The only thing im waiting for is xbox video on my Samsung smart TV and amazon instant video on my windows 10 PC. For me everything else is already on Windows 10. UWP is new, user base is still growing, it will take at least a year for companies like comedy central to take notice. Smart companies are already taking notice which is why we have a bunch of new UWP apps even if some of them are "mobile coming soon"
  • Windows 10 devices just hit the shelves a couple months ago. Its not going to happen over night. Have you not see the steady stream of apps already coming back. Not suprised at all if that is what CC is doing.
  • Don't they already have a universal app? I used to have it on my tablet.
  • Read the article, it seems to describe the fact that Comedy Central is pulling the app from the store...
  • Don't care!
  • The only reason I didn't use the app, is because it ran like crap. More people would have used it if it actually worked.
  • This^
  • Same here. I was looking forward to a Windows 10 update for this one. Oh well.
  • Yeah it was an awful app. It's almost good to get rid of it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Everyone needs to hit them on twitter and let them know. Already did it.
  • Too bad. I like sp.
  • Who cares. Lol
  • lol funny for them.
  • Never knew they had one?
  • I didn't even know we had this app.
  • Does this apply to their Xbox One app? I use that often. I have their mobile app too because their website WILL NOT play on IE Mobile. It says "you must have Android 4.3 or higher" where the video should go. I love CC's shows. This kind of sucks. At least they're still on Hulu.
  • still waiting for Hulu to announce a UWP app. They need to update. ****, the current branding on the app isn't even correct anymore.
  • Idiots
  • I don't care
  • If anyone cares the MTV and VH1 apps are doing the same
  • That makes sense, they are all owned by Viacom. I wonder if Nickelodeon has an app that is going to be pulled as well.
  • I read an article that Viacom is bleeding money, suffering mismanagement and might fall apart...after this I might try to expedite the process =\
  • What's the point of this app when we have Hulu?
  • Does HULU make good money on the Windows Phone platform? Do Windows Phone users subscribe to HULU and use the app on the phone? I do. If we don't, there is no economical reason for HULU, or any app, for that matter, to participate in Windows phone.
    To say it another way, no app that is profitable / making money, would ever leave.
    Just economics.
  • I subscribe to Hulu and use the app everyday. I'm positive millions of people do. The app is actually faster and smoother than the website on a PC. A lot of commenters think Windows only means the phone when actually a company who removes their app from PCs are dismissing the largest ecosystem of billions of users. Windows tablets are selling well and those users are not going to go to a website.
  • I really hope Hulu makes a UWA soon. That app sorely needs an update (tablet and phone alike). I too subscribe to Hulu and phone/tablet is my main access to it, followed by my Xbox One. It'd be awesome to see a UWA that is across pc, tablet, phone, and xbox.
  • We?? Yeah Hulu is available in all countries.
  • The fact that Bank of America is on board the Windows 10 ship, is encouraging enough for me to ignore this news
  • That's arrogant and not in a good way they could remove the app again then what ms got universal magic poof gone ***** XD
  • Well, CC, you just lost a viewer. The only reason I watched your shows was because it was so simple to just open the CC app and play it from there. Oh well.
  • NOOOOO! This is an app that I use frequently on my phone and Xbox to catch stand ups that I miss live. I hate that this is happening.
  • So I wonder if that includes my Xbox as well ?
  • I honestly stopped watching comedy central when John Stewart left
  • It's probably cause nobody used it. Who watches TV via apps anyway?
  • I use the CBS All Access app to watch some of the free stuff. The app could use some work, but I like it better than navigating a website on a tablet. Some sites just aren't conducive to touch. And sometimes, you're forced to use a mobile version of the site on a 13in tablet which is annoying as ****, just so you don't have to deal with hover menus.
  • I do. Who would comment on an internet article? heh =\
  • And I was just starting to use it to watch the daily show :(
  • I would have used the app if they allowed Comcast customers to watch... No support for Comcast
  • The joke's gonna be on them.
  • Can you just watch CC on Xbox browser? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Fair enough. I downloaded it, but maybe used it twice in more than a year. Probably worth way less to them than deals with Netflix and Hulu.
  • Why not just make a universal app.
  • Because this would requirier money to pay a Developer.
  • Losers gonna leave.. Winners create universal app..
  • This right here is 1000% accurate.
  • Sad it was the only way for users outside the US to wacht The daily show or the late show without a vpn.
  • No it's not. But still apps shouldn't be leaving.
  • Another one bites the dust. This app developers exodus needs arrest along with convincing more developers to come on board. Microsoft has made it effortless for app developers. It is such a vicious cycle; developers don't come because of no users and users don't come because of no apps. Plus I feel Google is playing foul. Microsoft has nearly 30 apps for Android and iOS and would severely hamper the productivity of their phones if the remove app support for those platforms, notwithstanding their repeated insistence on being a software manufacturer. Whilst the fans such as myself would remain with the platform for as long as it stays, when I meet people who are even using Windows Phone, they are willing to throw their WP in a heartbeat, primarily due to the significant app gap. 
  • Once again you are assuming this only affects WP users when there are billions of PC users. WP ecosystem is small. Windows ecosystem is the largest there is, surpassing iOS and Android.
  • we're starting to see more of a pickup in brand names joining the UWP in the past week or so that this news doesn't have the same impact it might have once had.
  • ...or maybe they need to be put out of their "misery" =\
  • Strange
  • The joke's on them!
  • 3 step forward one step back, I guess it is acceptable if this is the trend :)
  • Fanboys counterattack launching in 3, 2, 1,...
  • The app has been broken for a year. I want, and regularly have tried, to use it on a regular basis (along with other networks similar apps). So if they say it's about our platform not having a user base, it's because they left the app unattended and broken and we simply couldn't use it.
    This is infuriating as we can't use what doesn't work and broken apps won't be downloaded and people who consider using Windows Phone/Mobile won't when they have experiences with apps like this. Best hope... It returns sooner than later as a UWP app like Bank of America and other recent "universalized" apps.
  • one app in one app out 
  • Their app has alot of horrible one star reviews and seems not to work well at all. Maybe they just gave up. Oh well. Hope they come back again later.
  • Well the app wasn't of great quality. They can't blame it on low numbers. They should have revamped it.