Opera Mobile goes Turbo

If you didn't realize that the 2009 Mobile World Congress was just a few days away, you'd swear there was something in the air. Between new phones to updated software, news from the Windows Mobile industry isn't letting up. It's also turning out to be the week of the browser, with Mozilla and Skyfire already coming to the table.

Not to be left out in all this excitement, Opera Mobile has announced it is going Turbo. Opera Turbo (pdf link) is boasting an 80 perecent traffic compression by using the trick of rendering Web sites on their servers then sending the compressed version to the mobile browser. What's that mean to you? Faster load times. Opera Turbo is reported to support Flash and AJAX. This is all in the same vein of what Skyfire's been doing for a while now, but it's good to see other browsers throw their hat into that ring.

Opera plans to show off Turbo in Barcelona next week, and we'll add this to Dieter's "To Do" list.

Via IntoMobile.com

George Ponder

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