Opera Mobile Hits 8.65

While we all wait with bated breath for Opera Mobile to gather up some of the cool zoom features of Java-based Opera Mini, there's an update for the current version to 8.65. New Features? Yep:

Support for Macromedia Flash Player 7 for Pocket PCFlashLite 2.1Text Wrap in Desktop ModeGrab and Scroll (only applicable to Pocket PC)Web search in address barSave imageCopy textSend link as e-mail, SMS, and MMSImport bookmarks from Pocket Internet ExplorerDesktop Mode as default viewing mode

Read: Opera Mobile™ 8.65 for Windows Mobile

I'll cop to usually defaulting back to Pocket IE, if only because the rest of the OS seems to want it as the standard browser no matter what I do and it seems like it has less overhead. But the new flash support and the Save Image support are enough for me to give this 30 day trial a shot. Tabbed browsing is, of course, still in there. It's $24 after that.

WC Staff