Podcast recommendation — Let's Listen: Videogame Music plays the hits

Lets Listen Video Game Music Podcast
Lets Listen Video Game Music Podcast (Image credit: Shady Pines Radio)

Video game music is as critical in a lot of ways to the legacy of video games as story and gameplay can be. However, often it falls behind in favor of talking about some of the more flashier elements.

Shady Pines Radio, a homegrown radio station from Portland that started during the pandemic, has a new show on its network called Let's Listen: Videogame Music (don't agree with that spelling of video game but that's a topic for another article), and it's a great way to appreciate video game music, whether you're in it for the nostalgia factor or just want to enjoy some good tunes.

Its format is slightly different than other podcasts. It's part music radio show and part discussion podcast. The host, DJ-J-RAD, plays a song and then him and a guest talk about why it works and how it worked in the context of the game. In one episode all about Zelda games, they talked about Nintendo nostalgia, the evolution of Zelda music, and much more.

So if you want to listen to video game music and listen to people discuss the games themselves, this is a fun way to do that.

You can listesn to Let's Listen: Videogame Music on the Shady Pines Radio station website. The show airs live on Sundays from 3-4 p.m. PST or you can listen to the show archive.

Carli Velocci
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