Prototype Sony Ericsson "Julie" Windows Phone [Video]

A new video of the Sony Ericsson "Julie" (branded "Jolie" in the video) Windows Phone has been published to the Internet. Unfortunately, the company, now Sony Mobile, has continuously stated that they have no immediate plans for Windows Phone. Which is a shame as the handset itself doesn't look half-bad. Slap Windows Phone "Apollo" 8 on there and you could have a winning next-gen slider.

It's interesting to note that this version gives us the impression there's more than one variant of "Julie", as it's an all-black design unlike the earlier prototype we saw pictured. With "Apollo" itself, the next major Windows Phone upgrade, expected to be released later this year, we could see support from Sony Mobile should the platform maintain this steady increase with regards to market share and positive feedback from carriers.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Daniel, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Looks like it could be nice, but very hard to tell what you are looking at in those pics.
  • After Sony's "no one cares about WP" official statemant they can go to h*ll. I lost all respect for them because of that single statement. I couldn't care less if they make a WP phone or not.
  • I agree.. Don't come jump on the bandwagon now.. Lets be honest its Sony's phones that no one cares about
  • They are partially right, it has been almost 2 years and 90% of the market don't care about windows phone ( 7, 7.5 )
    Hopefully it will change with w8 and wp8, but a lot of carriers and manufacturers are just going to wait. There is nothing wrong with more players jumping on the bandwagon when wp starts doing better, if there is more options, the customer wins.
  • What you talking about dummy. People do care about wp 7 or 7.5 have you not seen the stats past months shows wp gaining momentum and wp is the one who killed the useless blackberry rim off market. Look at all people who switch to wp or who have purchased nokia lumia 900 in millions. So yes it selling great and who cares of Sony phones I never liked any of there stupid phones. They should just stick to there TV set and there crappy playstation which Xbox 360 is way better has it more sales than playstation
  • Talk about someone who has no clue what they're talking about
  • Lol I said that form the beginning about Sony phones. They should just stick making TVs and PlayStations.
  • They also said that people wouldn't want ICS
  • After Sony's CD rootkit debacle, they made it painfully clear that they don't care about their customers. So it's really moot what their opinion is about anything else, IMO. It will be a very cold day in hell before they ever see a single penny of my money, regardless of which platforms they support.
  • The rootkit fiasco, combined with them not making the Clie line into phones, because of their deal with Ericsson to stay Symbian only are the two reasons I haven't bought a Sony product since those days.
    As much as I wanted a PS3 at one point, I'm still not spending a penny with the company.
  • We can't forget the beauty of the Vaio z here guys, they can make good hardware. Maybe when the smartphone industry stabilizes they'll make a decent phone for us too. Tbh my waterproof cybershot is wicked, but they were way last to build decent shockproof / waterproof cameras. Different attitude to risk I'd say. I was hoping for a waterproof Sony wp8 phone like the acro HD... Alas alas
  • Nothing to see here.. Move along.
  • I like Sony hardware I hope this pans out. Sony would make a good adition to the Windows Phone hardware lineup.
  • Seriously...and those of us with aging quantum's need new viable option. Was just in Sweden and saw the. New xperias and hardware looks good even if they are running the messiest os ever made. Btw, didn't see a single WP when there...all IPhones and galaxies and sonys (makes sense because of former Ericsson connection.
  • Fugly
  • Chunker
  • while I would love a Sony WP, I just don't see it happening anytime soon. I mean, from their prospective, having the Xbox branding on a Sony phone would be just plain wrong. But imagine a Sony WP with the Xbox Hub + PSN Hub (with exclusive games), that would be awesome!
  • Now you're talking!
  • Yes that would be awesome....we can only dream tho
  • I could definitely see myself having a tough decision if Sony makes a non-slider Windows Phone 8 in the future.
    Especially if they add integration between the phone, tablet, Playstation 3, and the Playstation Vita. I prefer the Playstation over Xbox, so it would be nice to have choices. That doesn't mean I don't like the Xbox. Just that I like having choices.
  • I just do not see that happening. Hard to imagine Sony wanting PS titles and X-Box Live titles on the same device.
  • This may sound weired, but MS & Sony should combine there gaming divisions to form one unit. Lets face it, Sony has lost ground in its speaker/stereo division, television to the likes of Samsung, gaming division to Xbox and even the wee at one point. They were the first to the mp3 race, but they let the iPod eat that up by getting to comfortable, and finally, they load there PC's up with too much bloatware; the vaio's are supposed to be high-end, but I repair too many of these to classify them as high-end
  • Windows phone needs all the manufacturers it can get! Just not Samsung, HTC and Nokia. I say the more the better. It can only help push the os. I use both android and windows and I love windows phone. I see this as a positive thing for windows phone users.
  • If Asus makes a wp8 I might have to buy it and an
    Alien ware phone would be badass to but I'm really want a red Nokia 808 pureview wp8 style phone id give my lumia 900 for it lol
  • Agreed on the alienware phone. I looked at prototypes on the web but they never came to fruition. This I believe would have pushed wp7 over the top (people are visual creatures and buy most of the time for looks, not the os, the will learn how to use it later, all that matters is that some one will notice them).
  • Wow have you even seen the video??? It clearly said fanmade video and doesn't belong to dell. So no wasn't even a prototype in a plain English.
  • I agree with PLH!
  • I thought Sony he doesn't make team with Ericsson. Probably just a chinese bluff....
  • This was made before they separated.
  • Sony is a Japanese company...
  • Stop with the racism
  • Racism? Where...saying Sony is a Japanese company? It is...sheesh, lighten up.
  • There is no racism in what he said. It's clear his English isn't the best, but I understood him to mean that he thought the phone is a fake Chinese version of a Sony phone.
  • Not a big slider fan, but the keyboard looks nice.. To small for my taste though
  • In the words of mcdees " I'm lovin it "!
  • It looks too bulky...
  • lol you people are too emotional. These are just electronic devices really. Nothing more.
  • Then why are you wasting your time posting on this site?
  • I am not wasting my time. I am here because I want to see what's new for the OS that's running on my phone. I think people are just pushing it. The level of attachement is too much. I've learnt that fanboys can be very sensitive, that's why I will end this conversation here. But remember, these are just phones. They were made by us (humans) and we can discontinue them anytime we feel like it.
  • Another troll and I took the bait sigh.
  • LMAO!
  • What a tool.. Lol
  • We come on here to express what we like and dislike about Windows Phone and then we get dumb fucks like this posting stupid shit to get a reaction.
  • Idk what you don't get what Lx23 was trying to say. What he or she was trying to say that you can buy or not buy the product you desire/or the opposite. By using those foul languages are gonna make you and us bad. Expressing our like/dislike is one thing, being a fanboy is another matter.
  • what i realy wait and for soo long is when sony turn to be hammerd by MS lawyers
  • Looks faked to me. That phone looks like the old BlackBerry Storm, which is too big and bulky anyway. Sony has always been known for aesthetics and just like Nokia, I would hope they would design an appealing product
  • That is very recent as that Bing background was only the other day; I remember it well as I live not far from Crosby, where those figures are located...
  • Looks disgustingly thick
  • Everyone how would feel of a Facebook phone instead hahahhaha not a chance will I want a Facebook phone if it ever happens hahaahhaha
  • More cell company's and manufacturing company's will jump on board with WP8 hopefully.That's why i left Verizon no choices .
  • Typical 2010 Sony Ericsson hardware. Fucking ugly.
  • Did they just turn the screen on using the windows button? Also Sony Ericson. Probably is an old prototype rather than something that is aiming to be released.
    the new experias are really nice and I would be interested in a WP version.
  • Really. I'd like a windows phone with the new xperia hardware. It would be the Zune phone in the most litteral sense.
  • Windows has not killed off blackberry. Your just as dumb as the person that said that no cares about windows.
  • Man. . . Imagine a WP with Xperia Play hardware. . . . It almost makes me said that I'd only be able to use those controls in my dreams
  • Windows Phone has Xbox Live app with Xbox Live games that compete against their own Playstation brand. I don't think they will ever go with WP.
  • The vita ain't doing so well why not get another handheld out there?
  • Yawn. Text me when there's another vertical slider out there.
  • Well I think it's nice because it has a keyboard
  • I do think Sony could give give Nokia a run for the money in the design aspect, if they brought out some Windows phones with the same designs as their Xperia P phone. I don't like Android, but I do like the design of that phone.
  • It's not gonna happen. Sony likes to do things their own way. They're gonna stick to Android so they can skin it to their heart's content.
  • Looks good to me (since I don't give a shit how my phone looks). I would have considered getting it because of WP and the keyboard.
  • I am all for having options. Eventually I think Sony will participate in using a WP OS. Although I am not a big fan of the slider. Regardless there needs to be flavor and options so a slider, from a marketing point of view, is good. I started off with the HTC Arrive which is a slider but after getting the HTC Titan I now prefer the keypad on a big screen. 
  • let's face it. Right now there are only two companies that truly care about WP. Microsoft and Nokia. Look at Samsung, they don't even offer a tv app for there own products!