The Raspberry Pi is low cost, mini computer that lets you plug in a number of accessories to do various things. The uses for a Raspberry Pi are endless, as we have seen people use them for an actual mini-computer, a gaming arcade, in robotics, to power home automation and much more. The best part of it all? When talking low cost, it means only $35 to get you started.

The original Raspberry Pi hardware was released more than three years ago, and in February 2015, the company introduced the second-gen hardware. Included with the Raspberry Pi 2 is a quad-core CPU, 1GB of RAM and four USB ports. Additionally, the second-gen hardware comes with an HDMI port, a microSD slot, 100 Mbit Ethernet port, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Since the Raspberry Pi 2 has increased the architecture from an ARMv6 to an ARMv7, it can now run a full-fledge operating system, like Windows 10. In fact, Microsoft has even embraced the little computer, and released a Windows 10 Internet of Things Core Insider Preview. With this, developers were able to get started with the operating system and develop apps.

There are also a number of cases and accessories designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 2, from docking stations to mini keyboards, LCD screens and much more.

Purchase a Raspberry Pi 2 for $35

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