Readit for Windows Phone goes free and scores a ton of tweaks and features in version 2.1

Readit, a popular Reddit app for Windows Phone, has been updated today to version 2.1, bringing along a ton of tweaks, features, and bug fixes. Perhaps the biggest news, however, is that along with the addition of full light theme support, post-search filtering, and other various tweaks, the app is now free and supported by ads. Users who had previously bought Readit can simply click an ad's 'X' and they will remove them from the app; new users can opt for an in-app purchase to remove the ads.

Here's the full breakdown of what's new in Readit 2.1:

  • Post entry animation is 3 times faster now when going directly to comments and doesn't open then play the comment animation, it opens immediately to comments now.
  • App is now free and ad-supported. No more trial limitations.
  • All fonts are now of the Segoe family and all of the UI has been updated to fit this font.
  • Post template has changed, smaller thumbnails are now used with a more compact view for both people with and without preview images.
  • Preview Images for GIFs
  • Default subreddits are now loaded based on the new API call by reddit when you are not logged in (instead of the top 50 subs)
  • Removed the old expander button for image previews. Press and hold on the thumbnail to preview it now.
  • Full light theme support (minus the subreddits list until we can figure out how to keep contrast there). All dialogs, etc are optimized back to light theme when it is selected as the app's theme
  • Preview images are now enabled by default for low memory devices
  • Default youtube video quality is set to 720p on new installs/settings resets
  • Post search filtering added - sort by relevance, comment count, hot, new, top, etc. Filter by time as well as sort, such as year, hour, month, day, etc. Restrict to current subreddit checkbox as well.
  • A New Post entry/exit parallax effect has been added.

In addition to the above changes, today's update also brings a boatload of bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where appbar glitches out under subreddits list when you aren't logged in (showing text when unopened, etc.)
  • Fixed a bug where hitting the back button before a post animates in completely would cause the UI to blank out.
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe option fixed in application bar when viewing a subreddit that you aren't subscribed to.
  • Settings should never reset again. We are 99.9% sure that we have Identified and fixed the issue with random resets. The background task could collide with the app running and write at the same time as the app, causing the settings file to zero out. It doesn't happen to accounts because the accounts file is not written to in the background task.
  • Sub of the Day will no longer be cutoff and will measure to the space provided regardless of length of name
  • Rising sort fixed
  • Fixed hitbox of comment count and vote indicator so that it is easier to vote and visit comments directly
  • Fixed bug with external links being misidentified as profiles
  • Fixed the reddit status indicator (red exclamation point) location
  • Fixed critical crash bug that has had a major impact on our crash statistics
  • Fixed a few link identification issues such as with youtube videos
  • Fixed bug with markdown links not processing correctly when it is an improperly formatted Url
  • Fixed double-byte character processing in the markdown renderer (such as Chinese, etc.)
  • Improved performance of post list in terms of jittery scrolling and memory usage Other general bug fixes/performance improvements

If you're an avid Redditor and haven't yet checked out Readit, there's really no excuse not to now that it's free. If you'd like to give the app a go, or simply grab today's rather hefty update, you can hit up the store links below to get started.

Download Readit 2.1 for Windows Phone

QR: readit

Source: Reddit

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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