Readit for Windows Phone goes free and scores a ton of tweaks and features in version 2.1

Readit, a popular Reddit app for Windows Phone, has been updated today to version 2.1, bringing along a ton of tweaks, features, and bug fixes. Perhaps the biggest news, however, is that along with the addition of full light theme support, post-search filtering, and other various tweaks, the app is now free and supported by ads. Users who had previously bought Readit can simply click an ad's 'X' and they will remove them from the app; new users can opt for an in-app purchase to remove the ads.

Here's the full breakdown of what's new in Readit 2.1:

  • Post entry animation is 3 times faster now when going directly to comments and doesn't open then play the comment animation, it opens immediately to comments now.
  • App is now free and ad-supported. No more trial limitations.
  • All fonts are now of the Segoe family and all of the UI has been updated to fit this font.
  • Post template has changed, smaller thumbnails are now used with a more compact view for both people with and without preview images.
  • Preview Images for GIFs
  • Default subreddits are now loaded based on the new API call by reddit when you are not logged in (instead of the top 50 subs)
  • Removed the old expander button for image previews. Press and hold on the thumbnail to preview it now.
  • Full light theme support (minus the subreddits list until we can figure out how to keep contrast there). All dialogs, etc are optimized back to light theme when it is selected as the app's theme
  • Preview images are now enabled by default for low memory devices
  • Default youtube video quality is set to 720p on new installs/settings resets
  • Post search filtering added - sort by relevance, comment count, hot, new, top, etc. Filter by time as well as sort, such as year, hour, month, day, etc. Restrict to current subreddit checkbox as well.
  • A New Post entry/exit parallax effect has been added.

In addition to the above changes, today's update also brings a boatload of bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where appbar glitches out under subreddits list when you aren't logged in (showing text when unopened, etc.)
  • Fixed a bug where hitting the back button before a post animates in completely would cause the UI to blank out.
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe option fixed in application bar when viewing a subreddit that you aren't subscribed to.
  • Settings should never reset again. We are 99.9% sure that we have Identified and fixed the issue with random resets. The background task could collide with the app running and write at the same time as the app, causing the settings file to zero out. It doesn't happen to accounts because the accounts file is not written to in the background task.
  • Sub of the Day will no longer be cutoff and will measure to the space provided regardless of length of name
  • Rising sort fixed
  • Fixed hitbox of comment count and vote indicator so that it is easier to vote and visit comments directly
  • Fixed bug with external links being misidentified as profiles
  • Fixed the reddit status indicator (red exclamation point) location
  • Fixed critical crash bug that has had a major impact on our crash statistics
  • Fixed a few link identification issues such as with youtube videos
  • Fixed bug with markdown links not processing correctly when it is an improperly formatted Url
  • Fixed double-byte character processing in the markdown renderer (such as Chinese, etc.)
  • Improved performance of post list in terms of jittery scrolling and memory usage Other general bug fixes/performance improvements

If you're an avid Redditor and haven't yet checked out Readit, there's really no excuse not to now that it's free. If you'd like to give the app a go, or simply grab today's rather hefty update, you can hit up the store links below to get started.

Download Readit 2.1 for Windows Phone

QR: readit

Source: Reddit

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Ads. No thanks, ad infested = not interested.
  • We only show one ad at the top of the screen for every 10 posts you view. It is barely noticeable, doesn't disrupt the UI or cover anything.
  • Don't care much about UX, ads are insecure and most important consume battery and data. Apps with Ads have a nasty habit of running background processes to prefetch them as well. Paid offering is always worth the $2 in the long run. Bad move, Readit. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm not sure where you are getting your information from. Our background task does not prefetch anything related to ads. Only messages and lock screen images. Just pay for ad removal if it is that much of a problem, but the ads in our app are not insecure.
  • Absolutely. Will buy.
  • Some people just don't like ads at all and don't want to pay for a dev's work. Don't have to argue too much, you have to get profit somehow, and the free, ad-supported version allows more users to use your app. And the app is definitely worth $2 for those who use Reddit a lot. Thanks for making this great app!
  • I'm a paid Readit app owner. That my paid app now uses ads is a problem for me. I don't believe that the IAP will automatically recognize that fact. And I don't believe that the IAP truly disables all ad related tracking and data use.
  • From using different WP forums and a very active user on reddit, most WP users have no problem paying for a quality app, and most don't have a problem for paying for ad removal.  Just because WP users have an unhealthy obsession with Android doesn't mean they're dirty cheap pirates like Android users.  The vast majority are much closer to iOS users from my interactions, as far as spend rates are concerned.
  • I'm an android user and I take offence to bring called a dirty cheap pirate. I pay for my apps on Google Store. Posted via the WC App for Galaxy S6
  • To note, I've been a paid readit user for several years. On Android, I can see that apps where I have paid for ad removal are still running the ad service.  It isn't a stretch to think that developers on WP are doing the same thing: silently serving ads that just don't show to the user. It is nice that you've cleared this up, but it isn't unreasonable to question it.
  • So then just pay. Before there was only one option: pay. Now there are 2 options. I don't see how the additional option makes anything worse.
  • If I paid for a prior version, are the ads disabled?
  • Yes, they are disabled for me. As soon as I launched it, it had me download a free IAP that disabled them. Literally took less than a second.
  • There's still an option to take out ads through an in-app purchase. People who bought Readit before 2.1 will get that IAP for free. This is a great model. I don't see the problem.
  • Came here looking for this, thank you.  i just purchased it a week ago but probably would have waited for the ad version if I would have known - but at least I won't have to deal with ads now so I guess I won't go ask for a refund :)
  • There's no option to remove it? Edit: Yes. you can remove it. Stop thinking that Devs need to work for free to you.
  • You can click the "X" next to an advertisement to remove them. If you previously purchased the app, you will be provided a "Free Upgrade" IAP that will remove ads.
  • Thanks Dev. I already bought Readit sometime in the past (I totally forgot). It's ok around here, no ads.
  • Possibly something to do with Windows 10, but that IAP is stuck on an endless loop. Tapping purchase closes it, after which it reopens again, and again, and I can no longer use the app at all any more. I don't understand why you need an IAP for people who have already purchased? You can already tell if I've bought the app, so just hide the ads. No need to muck around with a free IAP.
  • By doing it via IAP the Windows Store keeps up with it and it's handled automatically in the future. The app still detects that you've purchaesd it and takes the ads out.
  • Are you one of the devs? I don't see why a free IAP is necessary when you can already now detect that the app has been purchased to launch the IAP.
  • It's a Store bug.
  • The IAP failure is a Store bug. The infinite loop is not.
  • Is the paid version no longer an option?
  • Yes, the option exist in order to remove ads.
  • Not everyone can pay for every app in the store. If you don't want to see ads then support the devs.
  • Adds not interested
  • *ads. I guess you're not interested in basic spelling either
  • I'm going out of my way to log in, just to downvote you. If you don't like ads, then buy the full version for about a cup of coffee. It is entirely worth it; it's one of the best apps on the WP platform.
  • What took you so long..
  • What took them so long? I imagine this move could be because some Android reddit app devs have expressed interest in porting their apps over to Windows 10, so the Readit team maybe wants to get more and more users before that.
  • Is there any Android reddit app that doesn't sux? I think readit is way better!
  • Readit IS better than anything on Android. Reddit Is Fun is decent but still not as good as Readit. Honestly, the only app that comes close is Alien Blue on iOS and I'd take Readit over it, honestly.
  • Now for Reddit is an incredibly well designed, functional and fast app.
  • That is EXACTLY the reason the dev expressed for doing it when he announced it. They're anticipating Android Reddit apps being ported over and many will be ad supported. A paid only app would be at a competitive disadvantage when they hit. Doing it now is a sort of preemptive strike and helps bring more users on board before then.
  • I meant to report the news. I was waiting to read the detailed change log
  • The least you can reply to this comment section is "Thank you".
  • Change Log master.
  • Change logs are always great. I always give great detail for fixes and additions for my apps
  • I hate that people use that alternative AppBar. It looks good, but is laggy the majority of the time. That's why I don't use it my applications. The new AppBar in Windows 10 looks and functions very well though.
  • Question, please. How can we use that new AppBar? I've been looking everywhere without result.
  • Well, it works universally. Press the 3 dots. The icons are the AppBar buttons and when you press the 3 buttons, it displays the name of those buttons. If there are secondary AppBar buttons (like on project Spartan), it will display the text of those buttons above the primary ones, whereas the current ones show up below.
  • Err... I mean... Use it as developer, put it into our apps. Which library we should use? Is there any tutorial regarding this new app bar?
    Sorry for not being clear. :3
  • Oh its all good. I am not exactly aware of that yet, must not be. I haven't had much time to mess with it as I am now rewriting all my apps into universal runtime to make it easier to port to Windows 10
  • Is there no option to remove ads? I bough it previously just to get rid of ads!
  • People who bought it in the past will be upgraded to the ad-less version.
  • Press the "x" on the top left of the ad, and they will be removed for free.
  • If you have bought it already.. Yoi wont get any ads.. Relax
  • I bought it and I have ads
  • Tap the X on an ad then the store will prompt to buy and recognize you already did.  At least that's how it's supposed to work.
  • I would switch if it had the ability to subscribe to a subreddit locally like in Baconit instead of only being able to subscribe when logged in.
  • /r/gonewild user, eh? ;)
  • LOL! No, just a lurker with no desire to post or up/down vote. I like to follow the Windows Phone subreddit and one for my city,
  • You can use Multireddits to get a similar function.
  • Thanks but ads give me hives.
  • Then pay for it.
  • 98 percent of the apps on my 1520 are PAID apps.
  • So why the problem now?
  • People asking stupid questions is my only problem.
  • Hell no. Ads... Bye bye battery and data. I'll pass. Back to Baconit. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As noted above, an IAP gets rid of the ads.
  • Don't see that in the article anywhere. Maybe I'm just dumb. Still, the ad infrastructure is usually still there consuming resources with IAP. Still leery. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The ad is not part of the UI, we manually ad it to the UI when the post loads after checking your IAP purchase history. Hook a proxy up to our app if you want to see, but it does not use resources when not in use or on screen.
  • I see it now. Wonder if there was a late edit after publishing and the app cached it.
  • this or baconit?
  • Readit.
  • This 100%
  • I like this app devs need to earn too. I'm ok with adds
  • "failed to download links".. cool.. after 2 months and the bug is persisting and it doesn't go way even if i reinstall it :/ and yes, i paid for this app.. even tried to contact the developer on twitter.. does anyone knows the dev email?
  • Remove and re-add your account. Our email is if you ever need to contact us.
  • Finally :D it worked :) tanks :)
    Hum, does it have anything to do with the version 2.0 an the permissions on reddit? Because it stopped working since 2.0 :)
    Never thought to remove the account.. I have tried so many things :)
  • Glad it's working, it was an OAuth issue between the version apparently. You should be fine now :)
  • More bugs since it got revamped (to be expected I guess). I hope they patch it some more soon!
  • There is loop when the app is started, keeps on taking me to remove app verification no matter if i tap purchase or cancel on win 10 tech preview.
  • The IAP won't work on W10
  • So this app is now completely broken on W10. Great. I don't see why a free IAP is needed anyway if they can already tell you've bought the app.
  • Many apps are completely broken on W10 , What's your point?
  • Like what? All the apps I use are fine. Sure, slightly buggy, but not completely unusable due to a weird issue like this. I don't see why I should be forced by the app to install an IAP, especially when the purpose of the IAP is to indicate that I've bought the app, but the IAP is auto-launched because the app already knows I've bought it. See the unecessary logic loop there?
  • In order to ensure that whenever you reinstall the app (new device, or W10 if they go that route) the ads are removed, the IAP confirms that you've been grandfathered in. Otherwise they only know that the app has been installed.
  • Sure, but the infinite loop indicates lack of testing. It should stop if it can't fulfil the purchase and let you use the app anyway (even in add-supported mode).
  • Like Cortana at least for me ,and many apps can't updated through the syore, and an app not working or broken on W10 is not the developer's fault
    But yeah I can understand your point about an IAP ,even I'm not agree with you.
  • I have no issues with apps updating in the store. Cortana is a known bug. In this case it's an issue with the OS but could just as easily be an issue with my internet connection and the developer is not handling an IAP failure state very well.
  • I bought the app long time ago, (also participated in the 2.0 beta) and the IAP to remove the ads is still 1.99 bucks. :( By the way I miss the old font, an option would be great to choose between that and segoe wp. edit2: the app is constantly crashing after swiping tru few posts. lumia630 8.1 U1. edit2: reinstalling and readding the account is helped in the last issue, but I still can't get rid of the ads.
  • Contact the dev: 
  • I purchsed the app long time back when it was released. Now asking me to pay $1.99 to remove apps. something is wrong. Please fix it!
  • same here
  • Hey c41 did you contact the developer? I am not sure if he is reading all the comments here :(
  • Hey c41, I opened the app again some time later and it took me straight to free upgrade. Thanks Dev!
  • Why does it fail to fetch any data? :/
    Its like it is not working at all...says check my connection, but my connection is just fine.
  • Remove and re-add your account.
  • For all of you complaining about ads, here is a simple solution; buy the app.  The purchase is a couple of dollars and for heavy reddit users, it factors out to hundredths of cents/day.  Good developers take a huge chunk of time to designing, writing and testing and refining code.  Purchasing the app is not only a great way to support those who develop and distribute their app, but a way to stop this profileration of ad supported applications. 
  • Seriously. All the comments are from people who didn't bother reading past the word "ads".
  • The instructions in the article for folks who already paid aren't correct. I went through the process and ended up getting charged.
    Edit - just to clarify, this isn't a complaint about ads/charging - the devs should be paid for their work.
  • That's a lot fixes and new stuff
  • Any plan for making it universal? I would love use the app in my Windows Tablet.
  • That is what we are already working on and focusing on next :)
  • I was a trial user and I too got the app for free.
  • Hide nsfw previews is off, still hides them...
  • We actually have this fixed and ready for the next update.
  • It seems to be working much better on my phone now than when it was in beta.
  • i've been using this app since i bought this. and i love it! howevr i see issues at times like resetting color theme back to accent color. smh.