Is a Samsung Georgio Armani phone with WinMo 6.5 like putting a pig on lipstick?

While many tech manufacturers seem to be in a race to the bottom (see netbooks), Samsung (and world leader Nokia) are looking to the top.

In a piece from the Taipei Times [via Unwired View], Sammy says it expects to ship 200 million units this year, up about 4.4 million from last year. And we're not talking basic phones here.

Samsung’s handset focus this year will be on improving user-interface, promoting high-definition (HD) quality visual and sound, and introducing touch screen technology across different feature phones, (electronics division president Smile) Kim said.

As a mere footnote in the story is mention of "a Giorgio Armani phone with Windows Mobile." Presumably it would launch later with Windows Mobile 6.5. And if you haven't yet listened to Dieter's full rundown of Mobile World Congress, putting Windows Mobile 6.5 on an Armani phone may indeed be the definition of putting a pig on lipstick.

(Note: The above pic is a mashup from Unwired View putting Windows Mobile 6.5 on the Armani P520.)

Phil Nickinson

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