Samsung GT-6620 Pokes Head Out

Amongst the flood of new Windows Mobile Pro devices being released, Windows Mobile Standard devices seemed to have been left in the dust. Or have they?

Windows Mobile Italy is reporting that Samsung is working on a new Windows Mobile Standard device with a product id of GT-C6620. The GT-C6620 (BlackJack III maybe?) will feature Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, have a inbuilt QWERTY thumb keyboard and a similar form factor to the BlackJack line of phones. The new phone will feature UMTS, HSDPA and Bluetooth but no Wifi. Speculation has this phone being released in Italy by the end of 2008 and other destinations shortly thereafter.

Apparently we're also looking at yet another new interface on top of Widows Mobile, too. Given that the Euro-Only Samsung i620 is needing a refresh and given that the BJII is still down pretty well here in the States, we're not quite expecting a US release yet -- FCC documents not withstanding.

WC Staff