Samsung has released a rare exclusive app for their scant Windows Phone 8 offerings today simply called “Beauty”. The app features Windows Phone 8 Lens support and promises to “…remove all the imperfections on your subject's face such as wrinkles, blemishes and moles”, presumably through some nifty photo manipulation algorithms.

The thing is, we can’t figure out how it even works and neither can our tipster. The app launches just fine, allowing you to switch cameras (front vs. back) and even snap photos. And that’s it. Tapping the image does nothing, there are no settings and outside of sharing the image, there’s nothing you can do to it or with it.

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We’d like to think that our lack of coffee is the issue here and not Samsung forgetting something (or just bad UI design), so we’ll toss it off to you folks to explain in comments. In the meantime, you can grab Beauty here in the Samsung Collection. Thanks, Chris H., for the tip!

QR: Beauty