Samsung reserves 'Omnia' name for Windows Mobile

So we're still holding a bit of a grudge after it came to light that the Samsung Omnia HD would be running Symbian's S60 operating system and not Windows Mobile, as the original Omnia does. But lo and behold, Samsung has stripped the new phone of its Omnia name, reverting back to the old number scheme that we loathe with every fiber of our being have all gotten used to. Thus, the Omnia HD (which just cruised past the FCC) is now the i8910.

The reason for the change, you ask? Blame Windows Mobile, which is what Sammy told Mobile Crunch.

To avoid confusion between the original Omnia, which is Windows Mobile, and Omnia HD, which is Symbian, Samsung is deferring to the model number.

And Mobile Crunch posits that this news means we should expect more Windows Mobile Omnias in the future, which makes sense to us. Good news, indeed!

Phil Nickinson

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