It has been a while since WPCentral has given anything away and with the help of Seidio, you are going to have a chance at winning a Seidio Case for your Windows Phone. All you have to do is tell us what’s on your mind.

We’ve started a discussion over in the Forums asking which accessory you would like to see become available for Windows Phone 7 devices. Is there an accessory that was available for the Windows Mobile phones that you’d like to see transition to Windows Phone 7? It could be a case, extended battery, docking station, Bluetooth accessory, or keyboard. Here’s your chance to bend the ear of Seidio and any other accessory manufacturers who might drop by.

Give us your thoughts in this discussion and on March 20, 2011 (around 5:00pm CST) we’ll randomly draw five winners from the comments. The prize, the Innocase Surface Combo Case (here's our review with the Focus) for your Windows Phone (your choice from what is currently available). You will need to register to participate and it’s a painless process that starts here.

Good luck and WPCentral would like to thank Seidio Inc. for sponsoring this contest.