Should you buy the ASUS ZenBook UX305?

The UX305 has earned high marks for its build quality, slim profile, and its reasonable pricetag. Let's dig into some reviews and see if it's worth your personal investment. On top of pro reviews, we'll also be hearing from the Windows Central community in the comments about their first-hand experiences with this laptop.

The ASUS ZenBook UX305 is a light and portable laptop that goes easy on the wallet. It's just a hair under half an inch thick and weighs in at 2.6 pounds. You can get a generous 3200 x 1800 13.3-inch display, but the base model starts at 1080p. 512 GB SSD, 8 GB of RAM, and three USB 3.0 ports (one of which will keep charging devices even when the PC is shut down). The ASUS ZenBook features a mid-range Core M processor. The whole affair is fanless, so there's little worry about noise or heat.

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Critic Reviews

Our take

The ASUS ZenBook UX305 is incredible bang for buck. It should be a top contender if you're remotely concerned about price.

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Simon Sage
  • Add in a backlit keyboard and a touchscreen, cut the RAM and storage in half, keep the price and I'll be sold. $699 is a great price for this laptop but the lack of a backlit keyboard and touchscreen are deal breakers for me. 256GB of storage and 4GB of RAM are plenty for most users.  
  • 4Gb of RAM? Seriously? Let me ask you, do you use google Chrome?
    Yes {Then, 4Gb ram won't fit}
    No {Then it may be} 
  • Why anyone would use a browser that requires a system to have 4GB of RAM to run smoothly is beyond me. People think they need more RAM than they actually do so they can brag about how powerful their machines are to their friends. I only have 8GB of RAM on my desktop which I frequently run multiple virtual machines on and it runs along just fine. My laptop only has 4GB of RAM because thats all it needs.  
  • Pc makers stick with 4GB as a measure standar, that's why at the month you see the same PC or laptop with improved hardware.
    I mentioned Chrome with 4GB of RAM, beacuse everyone knows that Chrome is a Ram consumer, even with 16GB. So sorry if I insulted you, i didn't mean that  
  • No offense taken. I just don't understand why people use a browser that is such a resource hog.  
  • The needing bro! Or the simple irony of not trying Firefox or even Opera
  • Some have to understand that regular users don't care how much ram the app takes. As long as the computers keeps running smoothly with light programs, chrome is still pretty good. For example my surface pro 2 can easily run smoothly with Spotify on, chrome, and metro apps. This is good enough for the regular consumer, just like the iPhone camera is good enough for most people.
  • Good lord, if you need 4GB to run Chrome then you need a new browser
  • You actually do! Firefox for #rescue
  • Tried Firefox, wasn't too impressed. (rather laggy for me.)  Holding on to Chrome till Spartan comes along. 
  • Why use google at all on a Windows platform.
    Just get a chrome book and don't mention those products here.
  • You can't type without looking at the keys?
  • Depends on the computer and how I am sitting. Regardless, I, and many others, prefer a backlit keyboard.
  • I worry that a 512 GB SSD at that price point might be similarly cut rate.
  • That is one nice looking device...I may have to try one out myself...
  • when I go to the link provided it takes me to the MS site which lists the screen only with a resolution of 1920x1080.  I guess this is the correct link. that looks different too (metal finish). it's still under $1000 (by one dollar). 
  • Yeah I am not sure where they are getting the specs from, definitely not the link provided.  Link has the wrong resolution and wrong SSD size.
  • They do have a 3200*1800 Module
  • thanks, you have a link? all I found under the 305 version is this: higher resolution will take me to the 303 version...
  • Your link directs to the UX303 model. The article is about the UX305.
  • sure, I know. but the specs of the linked 305 do not match the ones listed on the MS site or the Asus site.  From the Asus site I added to cart and have no option to modify it and it lists it with a mere HD screen. The front page for the 305 on the Asus site shows off the 3200x1800 screen, but if you click specs it's HD, even in the shopping basket.  something is not right somewhere. And I personally do not believe you can get an ultrabook with a 3200x1800 screen for $700. 
  • The MS site doesn't but the Asus site clearly has the availabe specs. The only thing not stated is the price. Either way, there are some screw ups somewhere.
  • thank you. not sure why it would take me to the 305fa version when I clicked through asus site.   
  • No problem. The Asus site is unbearable. I love their motherboards but the site navigation (and sometimes speed) is atrocious.
  • Sorry about the wrong link. Was comparing the two at some point. Fixed!
  • Tech radar didn't know what they were reviewing, 1080p screen.
  • Well, as they said Mid-range processor.
    People should buy it, if they don't work under demanding tasks! But still, great design and price so...
  • Great budget ultrabook. The design is truly amazing.
  • looks ok but from me I think not usable.
  • This is a great looking device, I think its the one to beat so far in 2015. If you consider a haswell core i5 midrange then yes the Core M in the Zenbook is mid range.
  • The dell XPS 13(2015) is the winner in my opinion....
  • In short what can go wrong with an Asus NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING
  • Since when is $700 considered a "budget" ultrabook?
  • When you put the word "Ultrabook" with it. They usually retail for upwards of 1K.
  • This is a very reasonable price! For $700 it has what most people would need. It's especially well priced when comparing it to other laptops with the Core M. ($1299 Macbook)...
  • Or compared to a surface 3 64Gb with type cover and pen...
  • The Core M in this is clocked at 0.8GHz btw. Still, very nice for the price for light duty use.
  • Really enjoying the series of articles on top laptops. I'm looking for a new machine for my daughter and this is one of the candidates (along with Yoga 14", HP Spectre, and Dell XPS 13). They're all good machines ... so it basically comes down to actually handling them to see which one "feels" best.
  • Hey what's the price of this ultra book?? I can't see it anywhere?
  • How does the processor compare to an i5-XXXU? What sort of tasks could be reasonably done in this machine? I'm in the market for a laptop and need something future-proof-ish. Love the design on this thing.