If you like ChatGPT, then you're going to love Spotify's upcoming feature

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What you need to know

  • Spotify already has an AI DJ tool built in to create a customized stream of music, but it doesn't look like that's the end of it. 
  • A ChatGPT-like AI chatbot has been discovered and subsequently confirmed to be in the works. 
  • The tool will allow you to use AI to create playlists by entering a text prompt into the Spotify app. 

Ever since the emergence of AI tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot, I've thought that music streaming services would be a perfect use of the tech. Spotify is proving that to be correct, as beyond its current AI DJ, it looks like a 'SpotifyGPT' chatbot is on the way. 

The feature was discovered and shown off in a TikTok video by user @robdad_ and subsequently confirmed to be real by Spotify to the team at TechCrunch.  


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It's certainly not widespread right now, I don't have access no matter how many times I look. The feature appears to be called "AI Playlists" and is accessed through the Your Library tab in the mobile app. 

Once accessed, it looks to be like most other AI chatbots, you simply enter a text prompt (or use one of Spotify's suggestions if you're short on ideas). It'll then generate you a playlist. 

Spotify didn't say anything else to TechCrunch regarding widespread availability, but hopefully it comes along pretty soon. 

The perfect addition to generating Spotify playlists

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I recently went back to Spotify from Apple Music, and I've been enjoying the AI DJ a lot. I love music, but I don't follow the scene as closely as I used to, and discovery is a real problem for me. Spotify has, so far, been doing a much better job, and I'm happy with the switch. 

In that vein, I feel like adding more AI to the process is a smart move. Spotify already does an OK job with its auto-generated playlists, but I've never found them particularly great at surfacing new music. 

I have a wide taste, but being able to enter a simple text prompt based on the sort of music I'm in the mood for at any point and just have it spit out some tunes in seconds sounds incredible. I've integrated AI into my daily workflow, I can't wait to integrate it into my music. 

But generally it just makes total sense. Spotify does a good job learning from your listening history already, but AI can juice that up. I've been playing with a ChatGPT plugin recently to achieve a similar goal, and while it's been decent, it has wobbled a few times. Spotify's own version should be a killer addition. 

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