This AI-powered laundry sorting robot is what I need in my life

A robot sorting laundry
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What you need to know

  • A video has surfaced highlighting a way more life changing use of LLMs than chatbots like ChatGPT or Bing Chat. 
  • This robot uses LLMs to be able to sort laundry. 
  • It can also sort trash and even put things away where you want it to. 

While much focus on AI developments is currently directed towards tools like ChatGPT and Bing Chat, what I'm even more excited by is the prospect of life changing improvements it can bring. 

And I've found just one of those things right here. 

As shown in this video posted by AI Breakfast, this is an AI-powered robot that can sort all your laundry for you. And I want one now. 

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Tidybot is a project collaboration between representatives of Princeton, Stanford, even Google, and the team has open-sourced the code on GitHub for anyone to have a poke around in. The official write up details it as: 

"We show that robots can combine language-based planning and perception with the few-shot summarization capabilities of large language models (LLMs) to infer generalized user preferences that are broadly applicable to future interactions. This approach enables fast adaptation and achieves 91.2% accuracy on unseen objects in our benchmark dataset. We also demonstrate our approach on a real-world mobile manipulator called TidyBot, which successfully puts away 85.0% of objects in real-world test scenarios."

In addition to sorting laundry into colors and putting it in the basket, the blog post shows TidyBot sorting recycling, throwing away trash and picking up kid's toys. There's also a full paper to enjoy if you wish. 

It's awesome to see something like this come from the same models behind the popular chatbots of our time, and truly shows how this type of technology has applications almost anywhere we can think of. 

I think I also speak for parents everywhere when I say that TidyBot should enter production as soon as humanly possible. 

Richard Devine
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