Sprint MVNO Ting to support GSM starting in February 2015

Ting, the MVNO that currently runs on Sprint's network, made a curious little announcement today. In a rather epic video on YouTube (as epic as SIM cards can get, anyway), Ting announced that it will support GSM phones starting in February 2015.

WIth its SIM, users are free to switch to the Ting and bring their unlock GSM devices with them. It isn't clear which carrier network Ting will be piggybacking for support, but its projected GSM coverage map can be found here.

In a blog post, Ting's Andrew Moore-Crispin describes how he service will work:

On Ting, your CDMA and GSM devices will be able to coexist under a single account and will share a single pool of minutes, messages and megabytes. At the end of the billing cycle, they will appear on a single monthly bill. As far as we can tell, this is a North American first and we're pretty sure it's a worldwide first too.

Are you any more likely to consider using Ting when it supports GSM phones in 2015?

Source: Ting

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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