Still Nogo on the Nodo Update

Microsoft has released its latest update on the Windows Phone 7 update. Briefly put, there are no changes since the last update.

Eric Hautala is taking it on the chin this week by saying that AT&T is expected to finish update testing in early April. Apparently nobody pointed out to Eric that today was April 13th, a date many consider well past early April.

We're eager to share progress. But these tests are important, and they're just not quite done. I expect to have more to say soon—so please stay tuned.

Blah, blah, blah. Microsoft needs to stop making excuses for delays that carriers are creating and light a fire to get these updates to consumers. We know the tests are important but why is everyone else making progress while others aren't? Are AT&T engineers that much slower than others?

The only saving grace is that the current version of Windows Phone 7 is running great.  Sure, copy/paste would be nice but it'll get here one day. Thankfully this isn't a critical update needed to correct major problems with system stability.

What concerns me is how Microsoft seems to be surrendering the update process to the carriers. Wasn't Windows Phone 7 supposed to be a more controlled environment?  If Microsoft can place requirements on Windows Phone 7 manufacturers and developers why can't they put requirement on carriers with respect to update?  A requirement stating testing must be concluded 45 days after the update is released to the carriers?

This is the first update for Windows Phone 7 and maybe we should cut Microsoft some slack.  However, if Microsoft can't get a handle on the update process, it will only create more problems down the road with future updates.  Problems that will only hurt Windows Phone 7's chances for success.

Just as a reminder, you can check the current status of the Nodo update through Microsoft's Update Page (opens in new tab) or from your Windows Phone by using the "Dude, Where is my update" app.

source: Windowsteamblog

George Ponder

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  • Still no Omnia7 NoDo update for us T-Mobilers in the UK either! They even tweeted me with basically a "sorry no idea" on a date, too! Sucks.
  • by a number of accounts, AT&T claims they've been waiting on MS to release the update for a while. Nobody knows at this point just who is keeping this update from being sent, or why.
  • Hi, a Samsung Focus owner here. I have a confirmed date for my upgrade to NoDo and an upgrade to 16GB. On May 1st I go to my Sprint store and upgrade my Blackberry to a HTC Arrive, then I head over to my AT&T store and cancel my Focus. Presto I have NoDo and 16Gb and as an additional bonus I never have to put up with AT&T again.Jim
  • I don't have the app so I'm not sure what the app says, but it looks like MS hasn't updated the webpage yet. much as I hate carriers having a say so in update releases, it would be a bad decision if carriers didn't have a chance to properly check updates for stability issues on their network. Nobody wants an update that would brick their phones. However, that DOES NOT mean carriers get a free pass in dragging their feet - AND YES I'M LOOKING AT YOU AT&T. Check the International Update Page. It's staggering how far behind ATT is compared to the rest of the world. You'd think with ATT's size and wealth it'd have the fiances to quickly test THREE phones, but they're getting smoked by the smaller carriers. Even the recently (almost) purchased T-Mobile have the updates ready. Sure it was fun to blame Samsung - nearly a month and a half ago! But other carriers have updated their Focus to NoDo. Hell, they're even prepping for an additional firmware update. All the while ATT is asleep at the wheel. As much as I love my Focus, the aggravation associated with being an ATT customer is beyond frustrating. Every day I'm glad I'm month-to-month and can ditch ATT whenever I want.And once the Dell Venue Pro gets that promised firmware update...
  • I don't know why everyone is running this article prematurely,The "Where's my phone Update" is still from last week, and I got NoDo yesterday on my branded ATT Focus. No timing hacks or anything were required. Plugged into Zune and there it was.
  • This makes you the only person on the face of the planet to have received NoDo on a branded AT&T device through Zune. Pardon my skepticism, friend...
  • So I unbranded to get the Pre-NoDo update and re-branded afterwards. Yesterday just for fun I unbranded again (000-88) and plugged into Zune. It informed me there was an update available. I was really surprised to see this. So I re-branded it to ATT-US and restarted the phone and Zune. Update was still there. Its possible that it still went through because of my previous Unbranding but regardless, I got it go on Zune with no ChevronTool or European VPN or Timing glitches.
  • Microsoft is no stranger to the update process. They need to get control of this now. I love Microsoft but feel that in general, not just Windows Phone 7, that they develop great ideas and never fully deliver.(i.e. Zune) They developed wp7, a great device, and have already fallen back into their usual routine. I'm totally not an Apple fan, however, the thing that sets them apart is that they develop and idea and see it through to the end. Microsoft needs to regain control of their product or lose again.
  • Is it too early to be a conspiracy theorist about AT&T's update process in regards to WP7 and Android phones.... Does anyone think its funny that AT&T always seems to be behind with WP7/Android phones but not with apple phones? Granted, Apple has one 'type' of phone, though they are at 3 different versions or so that are getting upgraded...Would we be surprised if somewhere in their contract with Apple AT&T is required to 'delay' updates to other phones to make the iPhone look even better?I don't believe it, I'm just speculating, because its the only thing I can do...
  • This is so clear as to what AT&T is doing. They're waiting for the release of the HTC HD7S before releasing the test update. Why, because they can sell the HD7S at a higher price than the Focus or other WP7 devices. Why update the old WP7 devices right away when you have something better coming that will attract new users. Its a business profit move, **** the current consumer and only Focus on new ones. AT&T is big enough to the point it really does not matter if they give good consumer support or not.
  • I think devGODs point is a good one. Regardless of ATTs reason, Microsoft really needs to be the bully it can be and take care of business for goodness' sake.
  • I don't mind the wait since the base OS is good, and I definitely don't want a repeat of Samsung bricking when it does come out. I'm reasonably content for now. That being said, Mango needs to come out a lot more smoothly than this.
  • In the meantime, iOS 4.3.2 and 4.2.7 just came out. See I clicked Check for Update in iTunes and it was there (for my iPhone 4).I've downloaded it but am waiting a few days before updating. One can compare the pace of iOS updates vs. WP7 at and
  • This will be of little consolation to AT&T WP7 owners, considering I do have NoDo, but I am also rather displeased with AT&T. How can I possibly promote WP7 with a straight face?I can hear it now, "Oh, yeah, sure... Why would I want a Windows Phone when the update process is broken? I like it better, but I'm going for an iPhone instead. They just got a new update."Criminy, AT&T, get off your AS&S already.