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SwiftKey gets built-in search juice powered by Bing

SwiftKey for Android today added a handy new search feature for sharing content from the web without leaving your conversations. Powered by Bing, the feature lets you quickly perform a web search from SwiftKey's toolbar, then either crop a screenshot of the results or share the link directly with your contacts.

The search function lives in the SwiftKey toolbar and can be accessed by tapping the "+" symbol on its upper-left portion. From there, you can type what you want to search for into the toolbar, and Bing will serve up the results. If you want to share a quick screenshot, you can either send off a picture of the full page or crop it to get exactly what you want.

Search is available with the latest update to SwiftKey for Android in the following countries: U.S., UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, India, Italy, and Spain.

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  • Another genius move by Nadella. Bing is by far the best search platform. A nice play to pull in billions of Android users.
  • Nice sarcastic joke
  • I'm a SwiftKey beta user, and I find that this is a bone-headed move. I've only activated the Bing search feature BY ACCIDENT, which is entirely too easy to do. It's incredibly annoying when you're trying to type something and you suddenly find that what you've been typing has gone into a stupid Bing search. And Bing is, by far, NOT the best search platform (as the bot/marketing drone "Ferris Bueller" asserts). I was ready to use Bing to do all my searching when my job required me to understand the inner workings of the Microsoft SQL Server installation process. However, in repeated side by side searches, Google returned more relevant results, EVEN WHEN I WAS SEARCHING MICROSOFT'S OWN TECHNICAL SUPPORT WEBSITES. In summary, I would embrace this new feature if there was a way in the settings to TURN IT OFF, like you can most of the other features of SwiftKey that aren't universally needed. The fact that it cannot be disabled in the settings means that this is just a ploy on Microsoft's part to use the popularity of SwiftKey to drive traffic to its search engine. I can understand Microsoft's desire to do that, especially since SwiftKey is now a free product, but it doesn't improve SwiftKey in any way. I'd be willing to pay money for SwiftKey (again, since I bought the product before it became free) if it allowed me to turn off this Bing search feature.
  • "Bot or marketing drone"… Don't you think, that someone just genuinely likes Bing? You are soooo close-minded...
  • Someone who just genuinely likes Bing and uses the entire post to praise this misfeature as a "genius move" by Microsoft's CEO? Yeah, that's not a real person. That's someone getting paid to pump the content.