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Smart Challenge is a brain twisting puzzle game for your Windows Phone that tests you deductive powers, reflexes, and powers of observation. 

You are presented with a series of brain twister styled questions and tasks where the answer may not be as obvious as it appears.  For example, on the main menu there is an arrow labeled “star” and you are directed to “press start to continue”.  Your reflex is to tap the arrow but to continue you need tap the word “start”.

Smart Challenges has three levels of play that are progressively unlocked and you might be surprised how challenging the simplest of tasks can be.

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Slowly but surely, the upcoming Windows Phone 8 games we previewed from Casual Connect a few months ago have started to appear on the Store. First came Babel Rising 3D, then Yeti on Furry (awful name!) and Nightmares from the Deep: the Siren’s Call. Now Puzzle Retreat, the first game we covered from the show, has finally become available on Windows Phone 8.

Puzzle Retreat (from Australian developer Voxel Agents) is quite clearly a puzzle game. Windows Phone owners can enjoy the first 60 levels for free, and then opt to purchase additional level packs if they like. The developers took great pains to ensure Puzzle Retreat runs on devices with 512 MB of RAM, so everyone rocking a Windows Phone 8 device can play it.

We’ve got impressions, hands on video, and new behind the scenes info from the developer – all after the break!

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Catch, a fun touch puzzle game for Windows Phone 8

Catch is a casual game for Windows Phone 8 that calls upon you to connect like symbols together without getting your lines crossed.  The game is simply drawn-up but challenging enough to keep you interested.

The game has forty levels of game play with the free version with additional levels available through in-app purchase.  Catch also has a colorblind mode that adds a letter to the colored stars to make them distinguishable.

If you are looking for a challenging game to help you pass a few minutes with, Catch is worth a try.

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FlowDoku is a Sudoku styled Windows Phone 8 puzzle game. Instead of lining up numbers in a particular sequence, FlowDoku presents you with a series of colored squares, triangles, diamonds and circles that you'll need to sort out.

The game has over two hundred puzzles to solve that span five difficulty levels and four puzzle sizes.

FlowDoku has a simple design, easy user interface, and challenging puzzles. Even the easy puzzles can be on the challenging side. FlowDoku makes a nice first impression and is an appealing Windows Phone puzzle game.

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Wordgo is a word game for Windows Phone 8 that calls upon you to guess the correct word through the process of elimination. The fewer tries it takes for you to solve the puzzle, the better your score.

As you get warmer with your guesses, correct letters will be revealed and if you get stuck, hints are available that will push you in the right direction.

Wordgo isn't a complicated game for your Windows Phone but that doesn't mean it's without challenge. If you're looking to build upon your Windows Phone word game library, Wordgo isn't a bad choice to consider.

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An Alien with a Magnet is a new Windows Phone 8 game that is being touted as a new gaming genre, the AAPARP. Which is short for Action/Arcade/Puzzle/Adventure/Rotating-Platformer.

I'm not too sure about the new genre but An Alien with a Magnet is a fun, challenging, graphically appealing game for your Windows Phone 8 device. You are tasked with guiding your alien through a maze of planets, collecting prizes and avoiding dangers such as black holes and asteroids.

With over forty-five gaming levels, An Alien with a Magnet has plenty of gaming and a welcome addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

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Cartoon Ball is an simple game for your Windows Phone 8 device that has you tossing (or should I say blasting) a ball into a basket. Sounds easy, right?

To make the gaming concept challenging you have obstacles to navigate around and little clusters of what appears to be confetti that you'll need to collect as you steer your ball towards the basket. Oh... and there's that pesky thing called gravity that will try to mess things up as well.

The doodle graphics give the game a casual feel, game play challenge but the mechanics of moving your ball can be a little frustrating.  While I think Cartoon Ball has potential the lack of a trial version may be the game's undoing.

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Cronus is an interesting puzzle game for your Windows Phone that is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices.  The game puts you in a time travel machine and shoots you back in time to prevent some of history's most notable disasters such as Chernobyl or the Exxon Valdez oil spill.  You are tasked with establishing a safe flow of hazardous materials to prevent the calamity from happening. And you have to do it all under the clock.

Add a multiplayer mode, upgradable skills, a knowledge data base on the disasters you are trying to prevent, challenging game play and Cronus isn't too shabby of a Windows Phone game.  It can get a little busy with the story panels but you do have the option to skip the dialog and jump right into game play but overall, if you like puzzle games Cronus is worth a try.

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Hexzul is a fairly new Windows Phone 8 puzzle game that may kick you to the curb. The game has a Tetris feel to it with a little bit of a Tempest appearance.

Hexzul is a matching game that has thousands of levels to tackle and puzzles to solve. The game pace quickens as you advance, increasing the challenge to the point of almost being frustrating.

If you are looking for a fast pace game that will test your skills of logic, observation and speed Hexzul may just fit the bill.

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Cosmorphosis Free is one of those Windows Phone games that is hard to put your finger on. It is a fast paced game that calls on you to tap targeted aliens that are bouncing about in space.

You've got to reach a target goal before time runs out and to help slow you down, a pesky UFO skitters about the screen dropping bombs. I'd call it a puzzle game but some may see it as more of an action game. Regardless of the genre, Cosmorphosis Free isn't a bad game to pass the time with on your Windows Phone.

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Windmill is a puzzle game for your Windows 8 computer that doesn't have many bells and whistles but doesn't lack challenge.

The gaming screen is presented in straight forward fashion with a windmill styled grid of flour sacks hanging on a hook. There are 32 sacks with one empty hook. You're goal, jump the sacks to remove them and end up with one remaining sack hung on the center hook.

The game reminds me of those peg styled games that you find at Cracker Barrel restaurants. Just a little more difficult to solve.

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The new Windows Phone 8 game Robo & Bobo hit the shelves today over in the Windows Phone Store. We shared a sneak peek yesterday on the new puzzle game and found it to be an entertaining addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

You are tasked with programming moves that will guide Robo through a series of mazes so he can be re-united with his teddy bear Bobo.

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Robo & Bobo is a new Windows Phone 8 game that is just about clearing certification and should be live in the Windows Phone Store in the next few days. We've been playing with a beta version of the game and found Robo & Bobo to be a challenging, richly animated puzzle game for our Windows Phone 8 devices.

The story line has you playing the role of Robo, who is having his love for his teddy bear (that would be Bobo) tested by scientists. You have to program Robo's movements through series of mazes so he can be re-united with Bobo.  One wrong turn or one move too short and Robo will find himself in a bind.

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Splice is a trying little game for our Windows Phones. Splice is a rubik cube styled puzzle game (just in 2D) that has you maneuvering puzzle pieces around to connect two arrows of the same color with the puzzle piece segments.

There are over ninety-five levels of play with three degrees of difficulty. Splice starts out almost too easy but after the first few levels, the game begins to really test your concentration.

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Doors is a challenging puzzle game for your Windows Phone were you are presented with a wide range of puzzles. You have to solve the puzzle to open the door and advance to the next level.

Doors has sixty-five levels of play, all that can be re-played. The puzzles range from mathematical puzzles, matching games, and hidden keys type mysteries.  The game doesn't have a lot of flair but the puzzles can be challenging. All totaled, Doors isn't a bad option if you're looking for a game to pass short bits of time with.

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Marblie: Marbles Reinvented is fairly simple, yet challenging Windows Phone puzzle game. Marblie has you moving marbles around the game board to match six marbles of the same color in adjacent tiles.

Marblie is a nice puzzle game with a casual pace. While it may lack a lot of bells and whistles, the game is challenging enough to keep things interesting.  Overall, Marblie: Marbles Reinvented isn't a bad way to pass the time.

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FlipSomeTiles is a simple, yet challenging puzzle game for your Windows Phone 7.x or 8 device. The goal is simple, trace a path from the Start Tile to the End Tile, turning the tiles gold in the process.

The challenge is that once you turn a tile gold, you can't retrace back over it. So you'll need to choose your path carefully.  FlipSomeTiles is a fun game for your Windows Phone to pass short bits of time with and it does have a slight addictive quality to it.

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Flipit & Guessit is an interesting picture puzzle game for your Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You are presented with a blacked out picture that is divided into an 8x8 grid. Tap on a grid to reveal part of the picture and guess what the picture is when you have revealed enough of the picture.

The main pages for Flipit & Guessit shows your player progress and high scores. There are currently 150 levels of play that starts out slow but gradually picks up in difficulty.

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