From the Forums: The Lumia 900 and an 8-month backpacking tour across Europe

The Lumia 900 was a popular Windows Phone and still proves to be a thorn in the back Windows Phone 8 when we're looking at the usage margin between version 7.x and 8. The Nokia device has been taken on a backpacking tour around Europe. Windows Phone Central reader Matthew Cosentino is originally from Melbourne, Australia but has uprooted his life by quiting his job, selling his business and decided to move beyond the border. The past 8 months has seen the Windows Phone owner travel across Europe, focusing more on the Eastern side.

Before leaving in August last year, Cosentino replaced his HTC Mozart with the Lumia 900 and left on his travels. He's created a thread on the Windows Phone Central forum and it's an interesting read. We'll not quote the entire post, but you'll be required to take 15 minutes out to read through the details. While we're talking about an older device, it's still worth reading through someone's experience with Windows Phone. Here's a quick snippet:

"In Estonia I met a fellow who worked in the University in Tartu. He was really curious about the phone saying how he loved Nokia, but really had no use for a smart phone. Fair enough. His argument was that 'could the battery last a week?'. Well who bloody knows mate. I said sure – if all I did was look at the time once a day – maybe. In Lithuania I rode my way across the Cruonian Spit, made my way back through Kaunus (university town that I HIGHLY recommend) and ended up in Vilnius late Sept. The WP8 marketing waves were starting to hit. A saw a few phone stores with the Nokia logo and a 'coming soon'. Nobody cared."

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Lumia 900

Lumia 900

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