Fan favorites falling in the LCS, singing on stage

This week has been a rather quiet one in the world of professional gaming. No real controversies to report on, which is a welcomed change. What has occurred is the continued downfall of big teams in the League of Legends NA championship, namely TSM and CLG. Cloud9 dominates the league with Echo Fox close in second but things continue to look dire for other squads.

Shaking things up in the LCS

League of Legends

It's the final week of matches in the NA and EU LCS and things are looking rather interesting for American fans of the game. Cloud9 and Echo Fox remain on top with Clutch Gaming and 100 Thieves on their tails. Things aren't looking too bright for TSM and CLG. With but two games left for all participating squads to play, we can't see them bringing it back. Still, things could change and we have the potential for a turnaround but don't hold your breath.

Go big or go home


Arlington is a city in Texas that houses the AT&T Stadium, Six Flags, College Park Center, and the Globe Life Park. This makes it a destination for entertainment but the local authorities plan to entice even more people to visit by not only opening up a $1.1 billion Globe Life Field in 2020 but also a newly announced esports arena. Set to be the largest venue for electronic sports in the U.S., the city is teaming up with Esports Venues to open a 1,000 seat arena at the Arlington Convention Center.

Thanks to the explosive growth of esports, the center will host local, national and international games. The cost for renovating the existing center is expected to be recuperated through licensing, sponsorship, and tickets. Should you live in the local area, be sure to keep tabs on this development.

Chilling performances

Two Korean professional Overwatch players — part of Foxes — introduced themselves this week by singing Love is an Open Door from Disney Frozen on stage. The karaoke sessions took place at the start of the new minor Contenders league, showing some class and a sense of humor that gave the audience a break from the same old introductions.

While we certainly give the pair kudos for going through with it, we wouldn't recommend esports players hit up their Spotify playlist for their next match on the big stage.

Upcoming live events

  • League of Legends LCS - March 17 (EU), March 18 (EU and NA), March 19 (NA), watch on Twitch
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