Cortana User Voice

Microsoft is very interested in what you think of their products, and they want your feedback. We’ve seen them take action on this by launching various ‘User Voice’ forums where users can submit feedback and suggestions. But the real cool feature is the ability to ‘vote’ for suggestions. In short, the more votes something gets the more likely Microsoft will take action.

Today, Microsoft has announced a new User Voice built specifically for Cortana, and it can be found at

Here’s what it’s all about:

“Welcome to the Cortana Suggestion Box! Please vote for a feature suggestion or submit your own!

We’ve created this site as a tool to help Microsoft understand how customers use Cortana, and we welcome your feedback.”

It’s that simple. Suggest something, and if people like your idea, they’ll vote with their mouse. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore even cited User Voice suggestions as being used to settle debates about enabling a feature or not, so this isn’t some PR tool but a valid feedback system. Make use of it!

Do you want some other User Voice forums for Microsoft? Glad you asked, here you are:

Official Microsoft User Voice forums

So make your voice heard and use these sites!