Toshiba G810: Hands-on

Don't laugh at the specs on the Toshiba Portege G810:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro.
  • Quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900).
  • 3MP auto focus camera.
  • 256MB ROM/128MB RAM, plus micro SD.
  • WiFi b/g, Bluetooth, and AGPS
  • A 520MHz Qualcomm processor.
  • 500MaH battery.

You may laugh, guffaw even, at the 'buttons' at the bottom of the device, however. They are all touch, no tactility at all, and given the inevitable tiny delays that you see with Windows Mobile they don't inspire much confidence at all. Stil, it's not a bad try for Toshiba, they get bonus points for including SPB Mobile Shell on deck as well as an FM Radio for those who are afraid of internet radio.

We gotta ask, though: given how freaking sweet the Toshiba G900 is, who was in charge of the G810?

More images after the break!

WC Staff
  • Is the battery size for real or is it a typo? 500MaH is tiny. Or maybe I read that wrong, not miliAmpereHour but MegaAmpereHour. If it's the latter yea.. go fusion... because I would hate to lug the generator on the backpack.
  • :hmm: ;) :D :eek:
  • @jpr Ha!
    Probably meant 1500 MaH.
  • @jpr Ha!
    Probably meant 1500 MaH.
  • plz. somebody guide me for my toshiba g900.
    the phone is blocked for first SIM. also I want to upgrade the firmware can you mail the link or the new software for this mobile phone, if you have. thanks
    have a Good Day
    Mayur Savla
  • I had used this link,
    but it is not working there is no file to download.
    i want the file itself. bye