Upcoming hospital in Norway will use 1,300 Windows Phones and Kinect sensor

The Østfold Hospital in Norway is still under construction, but a new report claims that when it opens sometime in 2015, it will have a lot of high end technology, including the use of 1,300 Windows Phones by its staff members and Kinect sensors to help monitor patients.

The report, from Norway-based Tek.no, says that Østfold Hospital will use custom Windows Phone apps to help with jobs such as recording when a blood sample was taken from a patient or when they are scheduled to get medication and in the right amounts. The article didn't state which model phone would be used by the hospital.

In addition, the Kinect sensors will be placed in patient's rooms and will help detect if one falls about of bed, among other things. It definitely sounds like Østfold Hospital will be relying heavily on technology and software provided by Microsoft.

Source: Tek.no, Via Windows Phone-optimisten Thanks to Christian for the tip!

John Callaham