Video First Look: T-Mobile Shadow

My, what a week! First the Pantech Duo arrived and we shot a video of it, then we did the same with the Motorola Q9h on AT&T. Now we have the T-Mobile Shadow. As I say in the video, the build quality is stupendous and it's a very nice-feeling device in the hand. Very light, very nice.

Be sure to watch through to the Today Screen interface, which may be what those weird “Windows Mobile 6.1” rumors were all about. If we are going to see Windows Mobile 6.1, I think it's going to feel a lot like this vertical carousel.

Verdict: The Shadow gets it right in nearly every spot where the Pantech Duo gets it wrong. Once we get past this Round Robin I'll be able to put it through its paces for real; for now, I think it is probably the best Windows Mobile Smartphone available on T-Mobile.

WC Staff