Vivino ceases all app development on Windows platform

Vivino is a must-have app for any wine connoisseur that allows you to take a photo of a bottle to receive pricing, ratings and even food pairing recommendations. The app itself has been around for some time, but unfortunately it seems as though the Vivino development team has opted to halt work on the Windows platform.

The following message was received by a reader when inquiring about the status of development:

"Unfortunately, we have ceased development and support for the app on the Windows platform. The version located on the Microsoft Store is outdated. It turns out, that the traction we have seen from the platform does not justify the development effort. In essence, we feel that a native app would not be able to deliver the best experience to our users. We know it's not much help, but at least an explanation from our side. Your wines and other data is not lost since you can access these through our website"

It's a shame that Vivino has decided not to continue development efforts due to slow traction on the platform. While the official app remains available for Windows Phone, we would recommend against using an outdated app. There is, however, always the official website.

Thanks DCPaul for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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