Vivino ceases all app development on Windows platform

Vivino is a must-have app for any wine connoisseur that allows you to take a photo of a bottle to receive pricing, ratings and even food pairing recommendations. The app itself has been around for some time, but unfortunately it seems as though the Vivino development team has opted to halt work on the Windows platform.

The following message was received by a reader when inquiring about the status of development:

"Unfortunately, we have ceased development and support for the app on the Windows platform. The version located on the Microsoft Store is outdated. It turns out, that the traction we have seen from the platform does not justify the development effort. In essence, we feel that a native app would not be able to deliver the best experience to our users. We know it's not much help, but at least an explanation from our side. Your wines and other data is not lost since you can access these through our website"

It's a shame that Vivino has decided not to continue development efforts due to slow traction on the platform. While the official app remains available for Windows Phone, we would recommend against using an outdated app. There is, however, always the official website (opens in new tab).

Thanks DCPaul for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • We still have untappd!
  • Vivino? Looks like nothing of value was lost... course that won't stop the doom and gloomers from saying this is a monumental loss for the platform.
  • doom and gloomers are not commenting much, spoiled kids that do not understand that if an app is useful to someone and has no replacement then it is a lost value, we have plenty of them!
  • It's actually one of the few apps I use on my phone.
  • Yeah, cause we have nothing. Windows blew everything by giving up the platform bridges. They will lose every single user. We are laughing matter of everyone else. They totally missed the oportunity of having an amazing product but ******* blew it.
  • Where are all of the doom and gloomers, with their expert analysis?
    * dead platform
    * just business
    * marketshare
  • Here you are sir. "It's just business. You can't turn any profit developing for a dead platform with no marketshare"
  • All in one answer. Here you have it.
  • I really like using the shame it won't be around any longer.
  • It will be around, but you won't get new features (if any). The main app usege is to query the database with a photo, see reviews and prices and add your own, all things you can still do.
  • You can get that app..........on other
  • Yup, at least they're not entirely removing the app from the Store, it will be just be abandoned (I hope for a while). This these are expected when we have very low marketshare for these niche apps doesn't get enough users. We'll just hope W10M will try to do something around next year to fix their consumer mindshare on mobile. At least they're kind not to remove the app or blocking API's. As long as the app functions well on future release of W10M, it should be at least okay for now.
  • They just removed it, i can't download on 635, 640 and 1520
  • Whoa those bast*rds. Try with a direct link. The app is still fully functioning on my phone so there was no reason to remove it.
  • Even with the link... :(
  • I just downloaded it from my library
  • I can't even find the app searching the Store anymore. Lame.
  • It seems all theese companies say this due to few users, but the real reason is they take money to remove the app from ms store
  • I don't think anybody paid for a fairly niche app that most people probably haven't heard of to be removed....
  • Damn... Wish I had known about this before.
  • It still works, they are just saying it won't be updated.
  • I.e if you have it installed, it works. If you reset your phone or get a new one, you loose it.
  • I just got a replacement phone, it reinstalled from my backed up list of apps.
  • I am disappointed in this, I remember when this site highlighted this app as one that was on I think Daniel Rubinos windows phone. I took a look and loved what was provided. I grabbed the app and paid for membership to manage my wine library.
  • In other exciting news Facebook beta did have an update today.
  • I don't drink wine anyway. Alcohol's bad for health.
  • Red wine does have health benefits with moderation.
  • You get the same benefits with grape juice without the alcohol.
  • But you dont get the same taste with grape juice :)
  • Nor the fun!!!
  • And I get the same rash. I'm allergic to grapes. :( I guess I'll be one that won't miss the app. Still, I can see where "some" would find it usefull. However, considering an app like this is going to be used by a very small percentage of the population, and that Windows Phone is an even smaller percentage of that small percentage, I'll assume the company is right that there isn't going to be much traction for it. In my part of the world, people are more worried about the beer. Most don't drink wine except at a wedding, and then it's usually out of a box, not a bottle. LOL
  • @jonnob, that is not correct. While there is overlap in the specific antioxidant chemical from grapes in both grape juice and wine, the main health effects appear to be related to the alcohol, not the antioxidants. There are comparable health benefits to drinking 1-2 beers, 1-2 shots, or 1-2 glasses of wine (red or white) per day. Red wine may have a slight advantage over the others, and that difference may also be gained from grape juice, but the statistical difference to health benefits observed between drinking red wine and beer is small compared with the difference between either of those and grape juice.
  • Don't kid yourself
  • @jonnob, I'm not sure where you got those list of sources, but some are of old studies (where newer larger studies show different results) or are actually dead links, like the Mayo Clinic reference you provided. The WebMD link was from 2000, which predates most of the valid research on this subject. One of the best studies on the subject (though others have corrobrated this) was conducted by Harvard Medical School. The effects appear to be less based on the chemical effect on the body and more due to the stress-reduction or relaxation benefits conferred by a small amount of alcohol. There is no dispute that at high levels (as little as 3+ drinks per day), the negative health effects of alcohol outweigh the positives. Here are a few more current lay-sources for you:
  • Like
  • I moderately drink a bottle in one sitting. Posted via the Windows Central App on my 286
  • ***** sake. It's not actually, in moderation. Fact. Not opinion.
  • Not sure what you are saying.
  • Add breathing is bad too because of pollution.
  • Breathing is actually good for you in moderation. Get too much of it and you'll pass out, though. Ever hear of hyperventilating? Proof that even too much of a good thing can be bad for you. ;)
  • If I was the original commenter I would try and stop  altogether
  • Alcohol's bad for health? Well so is having a tight sphincter, makes you full of shi✝ .
  • This is one app that I enjoyed immensly.
    Sad to see the end of support for this :(
  • Will be come after success of windows 10...
  • Camera integration is why this app is so good to compare prices and review (you take a photo and it finds the wine), so the website is completely useless in this case. Anyway it is still working so no problem for now.
  • At least they had the decency to offer an explanation unlike several others. They get credit for that at least from me.
  • Explaining the obvious doesn't get any credit :P And actually they got money from users, being many or a few doesn't really matter if you start something PAID you should at least keep the app functional with bugfixing and the like (low effort but decent toward their "customers"), I am a developer and I know how little effort they have to put in the app to at least keep bugfixing active, really unprofessional from them.
  • Paolo, I was simply making the point that they offered an explanation. So many don't, that's all I'm stating. Personally I know nothing about them and I'm not defending them other than my original point.
  • I wasn't against your comment, just took your comment as a good starting point to point out that they are not treating their paying customers right. I know they can since it is allowed by the user agreement but this doesn't grant them a free pass :)
  • Fair enough Paolo, until you mentioned it I had no idea it was a paid app. I agree, they need to look after their loyal customers and their announcement doesn't give them a free pass.
  • The app is free but you can upgrade to a monthly subrscription of 5€ or 50€ a year. Now immagine someone with the 50€ subscription that has a windows mobile and they tell him: oooops buy a new phone because we don't support the phone through which you paid 50€.
  • You might know to code, but you clearly have no idea about the business. No pun intended. Possibly their test phone is dead and they don't want to buy another as they have no revenue. A company developer hour can hardly be below 100$, and even if you just put 1 hour a month you probably can't cover the costs on Windows Phone.
  • Just another reason why I've put my 950XL into its box and on the top shelf. So sad really. I love Win10 Mobile. But at the end of the day, apps maketh the platform.
  • Noooo, the app use the fotocamera as label scanner, impossible to use such features from a website. :-(
    Thanks ms retrenching
  • It's nothing to do with MS retrenching. The lack of traction for the app was because of the usage from windows phone users, which will be all from 8.1 and 10 users combined. Considering only a small amount of people will use this anyway, it makes sense as to why they feel it isn't worth the development. A Development team costs and they aren't earning a (decent?) profit from it. So the fact they aren't developing would be also based on usage *before* and after MS's retrenchment :)
  • I can understand and respect MS' tactical decision to support their long-term growth strategy, but max-ecs is correct that Microsoft's own plan involves pretty much going silent on Windows Phone for 2016, during which we can expect market share and usage to drop. I don't think that's going to affect the long term success of Windows Phone, just like Windows Mobile dominance a few years ago didn't stop the iPhone's success, but it's definitely causally linked to developers dropping Windows Phone support, exactly like we see here. On the other hand, and to be more positive, we are seeing net growth in apps for Windows Phone thanks to UWP and Windows 10 for PC. Unfortunately, this particular app is very mobile focused (using the built-in camera), so it doesn't benefit from the general upswing. But the upswing is real, and is evidence that Microsoft's longer-term strategy is working.
  • Don't worry, tomorrow Jason Ward will put out a 10,000 word article telling you why this is actually a good thing. ( ; Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Posted via the Windows Central App for Android". Too funny :-)
  • Yeah, poor Android guy ☹
  • Nice how the Android app still has signatures. It was never a problem until childish Windows phone users got ahold of the feature and started abusing it that it needed to be taken away.
  • The title of the next article: Windows phone isnt dead part XI: Making you healthier and non alcoholic  
  • Have been on Android for 2 months now, and I miss my 1520 almost every day. However, whenever I read articles such as this one I know that I took the right decision.
  • Meanwhile, the rest of us love our phones every day.
  • Because losing a small app that only a small percentage of users actually use means that its going downhill for win10m ;) much more big-usage apps are joining win10m compared to the low-usage apps leaving. :)
  • It might be outdated but it still works and I use it pretty regularly and am happy enough using it
  • Bots are the new apps. Nobody uses apps anymore.
  • I usually talk to people about wine/beer.
  • So sad to see it go!! I was actually really hoping for a universal app, but I guess not..
    Oh well I will cope with no vivino and still stay on this awesome platform ;)
    I tried creating a universal app 6 months ago (not a developer), and my god it is easy to create the ui.. I managed within 1 day to create the ui as i wanted it, without the working functions of the app. I know it is probably the easy part, but I have to stress the "not a developer" part.
    Really dont get why alot of companys doesn't just do it and have lost a little respect for vivino as they have been on the platform since the beginning.. Edit: Would really be cool to have my wine library on both my surfaces and on the phone..
  • One no one likes using the Web browser this isn't 2007. And WP won't gain traction if you typical lazy ********* developers do nothing, duh wtf u think was gonna happen. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Mate, give it up. The ship has sailed. The horse has bolted. Windows phone market share is embarrasing for Microsoft and they appear to not be bothered by it. Just accept the facts and move on.
  • Ship may have passed, still doesn't give people a pass to act the way they do. And if your telling people to move on why the hell are u even in a windows phone article????? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Putting five question marks makes you look silly, just saying. To answer your question, I happen to be a Windows user. Not on phone or tablet but on desktop. I'm simply saying that for your own mental stability you should accept the neglect that Microsoft has shown their mobile division and move on. Their actions are obvious for you all to see. Continue using Windows as I do but accept that Windows 10 Mobile is comotised.
  • Still doesn't say why your here if u think WP is dead. And who said I'm a blind sleep? (I know not the exact words u said just a state of mind) I'm stating a fact about lazy developers, as with many other people we are just venting frustration. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, I said Windows Mobile is comotised and not dead as you claim. Your reading comprehension leaves a lot to be desired. BTW, your and you're actually have different meanings. This can be settled quite easily, if English isn't your first language then that's fine. Just let me know as we may simply have a language misunderstanding.
  • It's 6 in the morning, Mr grammar police. I'm not Otherwise worried about perfect spelling or punctuation or the fact that I'm using other words not quoting u verbatim. On top of that I don't get what your problem is your':** being rude for no reason, acting like your better or smarter than other people. I'm going to bed don't have time for this non-sense.^-^ Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • While I disagree with your overall position and defend my unbiased view of Microsoft I certainly do accept my grammer comments were uncalled for. We are a global community and I was out of line to raise that point, in fact it smacked of arrogance. For that I apologise and have a good night.
  • He is right Windows mobile is on life support. I do like the UI better then all the rest. But Windows mobile was 3 years too late and getting into the cell phone market. Unfortunately it's the Chicken and the Egg. Without apps people will not gravitate to the Windows mobile. And without people gravitating to Windows mobile the developers won't develop apps. Because a lot of Developers do not make apps out of the kindness of their hearts. Some do but a lot make apps to try to get a little ROI from their apps. And without market share there's really no ROI... Because Microsoft isn't stupid they see the writing on the wall they're thinking ahead 10 15 20 years. Why do you think they ported Cortana to Android devices and Apple and almost all their other apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is there anyone who could provide us a direct link to the app?
  • 3...2...1...GO! Now you can start commenting that you are now a wine drinker.
  • *deletes Vivinio account*
  • Development effort to maintain a wp app is quite 0. Vicino must be near to bankrupt, I d not trust in them too much...
  • Vivino must me near to dead too.
  • That's a darn shame.
  • Nice they are doing this for the second time. I remember when the application was created in WP7 times :(
  • Never used it and don't drink.. Sorry for you guys that do use it.
  • Someone told them that Web Apps are the future
  • Nah, its bots, bots are future  
  • Yeah and smartphones are dead. No wonder they're stopping development. These guys are just way ahead of the curve.
  • Sometimes I don't understand. They don't want to support Windows (not only Vivino) or some companies can't support three apps on three platforms? For example What's app, Viber, Flipboard, Candy crush, EBay etc are apps that exists on all three platforms. Some of them are good, some of them not due to not have updates for long time. Some companies said they not update apps due to limitations of the hardware of the platform but I can't believe that. Looks like universal platforming is good and bad together. Good because apps have new layout and new apps arrive and they update older apps in some cases, and bad because many companies said "you can browsing" and they forgot the app thing. Many mistakes all these years by Microsoft on phone business. A company that has almost 90% of the Computer world its not good for their prestige the Windows phone on 3%... Hope with Chromecast and plans for universal android Windows won't lose their computer empire
  • Agree with you... I mostly use apps on my tablet and phone also, not that much on my laptop (mostly games) it may cost money as you mention but I don't think with the tools that port the apps from iOS to Windows cost that much. I mean the tools are free and the companies can win money with these. It comes second the market share I think. They just don't want. Maybe they are afraid of Windows Phone if they have all the apps they will reach same market as the computers :P but to be serious here I think microsoft has a new plan under the table cause they said some months ago that they will concentrate on phones next year.
  • You agree with yourself? That's interesting :).
  • Hahaha sometimes yes :P but here used to be an answer so don't know what is going on...
  • You're really bad at sockpuppeting.
  • Well, again it's a wonderful opportunity to abandon the Windows Mobile platform for those who rely heavily on a certain single niche app.
  • I do not need opportunities to change. But just in case, is it you who'd like us to abandon the Windows Mobile platform? What is your interest?
  • UWP - I'd love to have this updated and on my Surface.  I might reach out to them for a business deal.  I need a good wine app for my company. My sales reps would like to be able to have just our wines on it though. and  We want to have all our product information, store locations, etc. 
  • Never heard of it and don't drink wine, so I should be unharmed by this.
  • I am disappointed. I paid for the app, used it a lot. The app is OK, so why remove from the store. Disappointed from the Vivino team, very disappointed.
  • Sad news. Paid for the app and have used it over the past few years. It was always a bright spot that one of the top wine apps was available on WP, too. Hopefully it continues to be available from your app library in the future so I can continute to install it. Hopefully other useful food/drink apps like Untappd don't go the same route.   I plan to contact the developers - not likely to get the app back, but perhaps with enough WP fan response they'll consider the option again in the future. Or maybe allow third party app..."6wine", anyone?
  • Another nail in the Windows Phone/Mobile coffin. Why not dev a universal app though which would address an undeniably huge market?
  • Yeah, such a huge market that are going to take a photo of a wine bottle with their desktop PC to use this app with...  
  • They would have it installed on both phone and PC/tablet.  That's the point.  That makes it even more usable.  
  • This is an app for mobile users. There's no "undeniably huge market" of mobile users running Windows 10.
  • But there is a huge userbase for Windows 10.  That's the point of UWP.   More than just mobile.  I use all my Universal apps more on my pc than I ever did on my windows phone or any other phone.   Do you not understand the basic concept of the UWP?
  • You don't get it. This is a mobile-specific app. On a desktop or laptop its practically useless. That "huge userbase" on Windows 10 is not on mobile. In fact, of the ~1.8% of smartphones that run Windows, only 11% of those are on Windows 10. Thats insignificant.
  • Obviously, I get it.   I explained that this app as well as every other UWP app is used on both PC and Mobile. That's the entire point of Windows 10.   Why wouldn't you use this app on your tablet like the Surface 3/4?   You totally would and could use this and extend it's benefits on a tablet. Snap a pic on your phone.  Go to the app on your surface and upload it etc.  I do it all the time with apps like Instagram and FB.  Why not this?
  • Ah well shucks. Another app has said no development for Windows. So be it. The real shame is that Microsoft gave up on the "Food and Drink" app that had the exact same features minus the "bar-scanning" feature
  • Aside from absolutely not caring about their customers, are they also completely declaring themselves an enemy of Microsoft?
  • No, it means "the traction we have seen from the platform does not justify the development effort" Its the same reason Best Buy doesn't have a store in the Antarctica. They aren't 'declaring war' on anyone. They are just making the smart business decision not to waste money on efforts that provide little to no customers.
  • I'm sorry to hear this. I've been using the app for over a year and love it.
  • Folks this is what the developer posted "It turns out, that the traction we have seen from the platform does not justify the development effort." My translation is that folks are simply not using it, I don't think it is because there are not enough WP. I never knew about this app when I had android and definitely not since I have been using WP, I am not a connoisseur. It will not be far fetched based on data that shows that iPhone users spend more money on apps than android and WP folks (I am not insinuating that the app in question is for sale, but rather this app is for rich people that dabble in wines and the said data says most rich folks use iPhone, we have also seen many times where apps are first developed for iPhone which has 18% world market, then Android with more that 70% world marketsahre), It might lend hand in speculating that this app for connoisseurs is more used by iPhone folks than any other platform. If they have similar app for beer, I can bet you android and wp folks will use it. I know I would, I do beer than wine (ratio 100 : 1)