What's on your Windows Phone Start screen?

A lot of people have asked us about how the Start screens on our Windows Phone devices look like. Daniel started a Start screen layouts series here, and other Windows Phone Central authors followed him. There’s also this popular thread on the Windows Phone Central forums where everybody is sharing their Windows Phone Start screens, and some of them are also sharing the images they are using so you could replicate their creativity.

While previously, the only 'wallpaper' image you could have was on your lock screen, Windows Phone 8.1 has introduced the ability to set an image as Start screen background. Now, the transparent Live Tiles give a peek into that image and the scrolling brings a nice parallax effect.

It’s not just about the image you set as the background. The creative layouts of Live Tiles is are interesting to observe as well. Also, sometimes an app choice has to be made depending on how good, and functional, the Live Tile is. Moreover, now you’d also have to consider if the app provides a transparent Live Tile.

How does your Start screen look like? Do you have any app suggestions that help make a nice-looking Start screen? Head to this thread, and share it with the community.

Abhishek Baxi