Will you preorder Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Halo Infinite is nearly upon us. Or, at least, half of it is. On December 8, 2021, gamers will finally get to play the new Halo's campaign and multiplayer. However, the co-op campaign, a longtime staple of the series, will not be included in the game at launch. Nor will Forge mode.

That's right: Two massive elements of Halo Infinite won't be in the game until months after it releases. Couple that with the fact that Microsoft's been very cagey about showing off the campaign, resulting in our senior editor Matt Brown advising that you don't preorder Halo Infinite, and questions abound. Only one-quarter of the game has received consistently confident attention heading into its December 8 launch (the multiplayer).

With all that in mind, are you preordering the game?

Many fans are nervous about campaign quality not only because of how little has been shown off thus far, but also because of the narrative decisions in Halo 5 and Halo 4. Taking into account the mixed reception to those games' stories, some are wondering if Halo Infinite will continue down the same divisive path.

Given that the campaign is the sole reason to preorder since the multiplayer portion will be free to play, the above red flags have a lot of gamers hesitant to throw their money at Microsoft before seeing the actual condition of the finished product. However, there is a large audience that loved Halo 4 and 5 and is more than willing to overlook Craig the Brute in favor of taking an optimistic, preorder-friendly approach to Infinite. Which camp do you fall in?

Whichever path you're set on, let us know in the poll above and comments below. And if you're preordering, let us know why. Considering the lack of Microsoft-bundled incentives to preorder, the game's inclusion alongside the best Xbox Game Pass games, and the fact a good chunk of Infinite can be enjoyed for free, what has you keen to plop down cash before consumer reviews are in?

Robert Carnevale

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  • I'm pre-ordering for the limited SteelBook. I've always bought the limited edition since Halo 2. It's a shame that this time it's only a SteelBook but what a beautiful edition!
    If there was just a standard edition, I would have waited for the price to drop (playing on GP in the meantime).
  • Where are you seeing that edition? I also collect the limited editions, but I didn't see one for Infinite yet....
  • Target sells it in the US
  • I don't want to but I want the limited edition Xbox so I had to...
  • No. No reason to anymore. I don't have the XSX and it'd be nice to have, but I'm just now and more disappointed with the universe
  • No, but it's exactly what Game Pass is for.
  • Nope, I have Game Pass.
  • I’ll definitely preorder if it works on Shadow PC - the test a few weeks back apparently just led to a black screen on Shadow. I’ll have to consider Gamepass if it doesn’t, or just won’t bother with the game.
  • Ummm, Game Pass running away with this!
  • "Buying games"? Is that a relic from the "Play Station" era, back in the early 2010s? Man, those kids surely loved the plastic discs and boxes for their single player games.
  • no I might be it on day one, if not a few days after
  • Not a chance in hell Pre-ordering is the problem with gaming these days.
    Sure it was great back when there were a limited number of disks available at launch.
    But now that everything is a digital download or Stream why pay them before they finish.
    99% of the time the bonuses are consumerist junk anyway.
  • Nope, I was going to until they announced no coop at launch. So I'll be playing it sometime next year. At this point, it feels overpriced for what you get.