Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23022 on video

We've already seen the screenshots of Build 23022 of Windows Mobile 6.5, and the ROM is available at XDA Developers. Now Pocketnow takes us inside this mysterious build that brings more finger-friendly buttons to the user interface. Peep the video after the break.

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  • magnifier? lets just rip off Apple instead of trying to be innovative MS. The rest look like good improvements to WM, but still needs a complete overhaul than little tweaks like bigger buttons. It wont change how the device operates or the OS issues themselves.
  • Doesn't Windows XP and Vista have magnifiers? I think it's just them porting stuff from their desktop os to the phone.
  • I would say it shows promise, but it definitely is too little. I won't say "too late," because if Microsoft could come up with something innovative they would be fine, but ripping off the iPhone is just using 3-year-old technology and playing catch up to the real contenders.
  • Then again apple played catchup with the iPod... And, by all means, the iPhone was not the first touchscreen smartphone... Even then, I wouldn't call it a smartphone...
  • first of all, i don't think they're taking any iphone customers away with a resistive touch screen. it doesn't matter what the phone is able to do, a resistive screen feels sluggish and un-intuitive, which is an immediate turn off. i also don't get how the iphone is not considered a smart phone. is it because of the lack of multi tasking? it seems to do everything else better than most of the competition, just not simultaniously.
  • heheheh I feel sorry for you who use WinMo.
    What would you call the iPhone then?
    The SuperSmartPhone??
    You better stick with your Windows
  • LMAO!!!
  • My iPhone sucks
  • Does anyone else thing the graphic unity of this build leaves a lot to be desired? The buttons on the bottom of the screen are so fugly. I like the idea of moving the controls down to that bar and making them bigger, but MS needs to hire some icon designers.
  • FYI this build is pretty unstable so it may just be for them to test a few things out. We'll have to wait for the next build to see where things are headed.
  • looks good
  • Oh come now about dissing winmo. I love my iPhone 3gs but is used winmo for many years prior and I have to tell you iPhone is much much less functional for the business user because of Apple's draconian policies. The iPhone just got cut and paste and even now won't cut and paste into the dialer. No multitasking, can't even sync outlook tasks from the server, and frankly most business type apps that were ported over from winmo to iPhone have many many less features. And to think you guys are going ga ga because Apple is finally going to let you have nav Programs with text to speech features. LOL! winmo has had that for many years. Honestly I hate to break it to you but the iPhone is not better than winmo just different. And when winmo has a capacitive touch screen Steve Jobs will probably still not be letting us multitask.
  • Well...
    You have to take this build with a grain of salt..... This is one of the early "finger friendly" builds. I remember the first 6.5 build and it was way different than what we have now. I think MS is on the right track, but capactive touch screen is the way to go. Also...dont forget...Apple makes 1 phone, iPhone, WinMo is on MANY MANY MANY phones. I would gather that it's hard to make software for so many variables.
  • One thing Apple got right is the UI. Love it or hate it it is slick as all get out. To M$ credit they are getting much better. They have been at for how long 10+ years. Now you have Palm with the Pre and with all its problems it still smokes WinMo. Lets not get started with Google and Android. Problem is when you think of Innovation. M$ is not even on the list. Short or otherwise.
  • yall could not say winmo sucks if it had a capacitive screen. it would rule ALL!
  • I hope these finger-friendly features get folded into Windows 6.5, but remain optional, so that if we like it, we can continue using the older interface. And, it seems like it's just a theme/skinning issue to rearrange buttons.
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