Windows Mobile Phones Running on GSM and CDMA

Looks like a little company named HKC (sounds familiar) is upping the anti when it comes to designing new Windows Mobile devices. I just caught wind that they are launching new Windows Mobile Pro handsets that work on the trusty GSM as well as the beloved CDMA. That would be the W1000, which covers GSM on 900 / 1800 / 1900 as well as CDMA. Note: that means no US GSM support. Or sales, likely.

They even whipped up what they claim is the first dual-SIM GSM handset. To me it sounds like a good investment if you

WC Staff
  • I know CDMA carriers already have world phones so its not really and issue but it is nice that there is a Windows Mobile Pro option coming.
  • now if HKC (or HKC for that matter) REALLY wanted to make some $$ they'd spec out one of these with all the functions and memory of a TYTN II and the screen of the new Xperia X1... Then put in Dual SIM/RUIM capability...
    Did you catch that? I said Dual SIM/RUIM. RUIM (Removable User Identity Module) for those that don't know is the SIM card equivalent for CDMA based networks. Most CDMA Nokia phones have a RUIM slot in them but here in the states, its turned off, and programming is hard-coded into the phone. But with Verizon and Sprint having a more open policy on their networks, I really want manufacturers to start including the slot in more of their designs for CDMA nets... Which shouldn't be hard since RUIMs have the same design as SIMs, and most phones physical designs are the same on both types of networks (look at all the different versions of the RAZR and Q from Moto for example)
    What I propose is a killer smartphone that would incorporate the ability to work on ALL networks and have 2 SIM/RUIM slots. This way one could for example keep a cheap Sprint SERO plan via an RUIM but also use the other slot for Verizon (my old job had a large account with them) or AT&T (my new job...) Or have a MetroPCS RUIM for unlimited calling, but stick in a T-Mobile SIM for cheap data. You get the idea. Can it be done? I'm sure if it can, you'll see it in China first, since their CDMA based networks all use RUIMs and they also have GSM networks too. The hard part is convincing the 2 major CDMA networks here to go to issuing and using RUIMs here. It should have been done ages ago, but because of our Orwellian mobile phone selling model here, what with the subsidizing of handsets and the formerly closed access of the CDMA networks in the States, there was no reason to do so. Now I think is the time to demand this standard be put in place...
  • Very well written JamesPaulritter. A Dual SIM/RUIM smartphone would change the way we use mobile service(s)in a great way. I believe we will see this happen in the States but not for a very long time.