Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits 5,000 apps - shows no signs of slowing

Once again, another week another milestone. Today, the Marketplace hit the big ol' 5,000 for available apps. What's funny about this number is on December 25th, WebOS also hit 5,000 official apps (unofficially, it's over 6,000). As we mentioned last time, WebOS has been out for 18+ months, whereas Windows Phone, just two.

And although things have slowed down a teeny bit due to the holidays, they're looking to pick up speed again this week. Of interest is the average price got bumped last week from about $1.41 to $1.52 (it's now down to $1.51). The reason for such a sharp spike? That "I Am Rich" app fetching for $500 skewed the average overall price by $0.10 in a day.

Also of interest, there are over 1,100 games available, which is nearly a fifth of all apps--so gaming is huge. Tools are next at 751 and the rest of the stats can be found at WP7AppList, of course. Here's the rest of the Marketplace history, as refresher:

  • October 4th: Invite-only early submissions
  • October 25th: 1,000
  • November 4th: Marketplace open for all submissions
  • November 8th: 2,000
  • December 1st: 3,000
  • December 15th: 4,000

Source: MarketplaceBrowser & WP7AppList

Daniel Rubino

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  • I've been saying for a while that it'll probably hit 5k before the end of the year. Now that that is out of the way it's time to see if it can hit 6k by CES or not, this is a bit of a tighter window but if it keeps up with it's daily average then it very well might. After this, if MS gives devs access to some more API's then we're in for a even bigger explosion of apps.
  • If the rate holds, we should see 6000 a couple days before CES. A nice way to end the show would be to hit 7000. Entirely possible, if the rate of new apps per day increases according to the December trend.
  • I agree!
  • I plotted this on a graph, and it is surprisingly linear, although it is starting to bend upwards.
  • Probably the best image you've could have used for this. F7U12 ftw. :3
  • lol, I've been dying to use it for awhile now--it'll be our regular "marketplace numbers" image ;-)
  • Haha, awesome. :p
  • Great, now where are the few apps that are useful and usable? ;)