Windows Phone Game Review: BlastCannon

BlastCannon for Windows Phone

Here's a fun Windows Phone game to pass the with. BlastCannon is a simple, yet challenging game that has you defending your base from falling asteroids.  

BlastCannon has a simple, minimalistic design and game play but as you progress through the various gaming levels, the pace of the game picks up. It may not have flashy graphics or complex controls but BlastCannon is a challenging, entertaining game for your Windows Phone.

The game is simply designed with the main menu offering options to start/resume games, access your playing stats, tweak the settings and view the credits. Settings cover your color theme, audio options, and clearing your stats.

BlastCannon's game play is equally as simple. You have your cannon turret which represents your base and to the right you have two bar level indicators for your bonus items and overall life. As you earn bonus items or take hits from asteroids, these bars will slowly deplete. In the lower left corner is your score and current level.

As the asteroids fall towards your base, you shoot at them to deflect their course away from hitting your base. Just tap the screen in the direction you wish to fire and as you strike the asteroid, the course slowly changes. Keep in mind you don't have to shoot the asteroid off the top of the screen. You simply need to divert it's path away from your base.

In addition to the asteroids, bonus items will fall from the sky. Shoot them off the screen and you'll earn that bonus. Bonuses include items that increase your fire power or shields your base for a limited time.

As you progress through the levels, the asteroids begin to fall in greater numbers. The game has a nice physics engine where the asteroids will bounce off one another. So you may think one is clear of hitting the base until it is hit by another asteroid. BlastCannon is definitely a "fire and forget" type game and one that will keep you on your toes.

While I liked BlastCannon, there are two things missing that would help with the games appeal. An online leaderboard and a help section. While you can view a nice range of gaming stats, it's always nice to see how you compare with other players via an online leaderboard. And while the game isn't difficult to pick up, it would be nice to have a brief help section detailing the bonuses and game play. For the longest I thought I had to shoot the asteroids back off the top of the screen. That's a lot of tapping.

Even though there is room for improvement, I found BlastCannon to be a very good game for my Windows Phone gaming library. If you're looking for an entertaining game to pass the time with, BlastCannon is definitely worth a try.

BlastCannon is a free, ad free game that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

George Ponder

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