Windows Phone Game Review: Blow up the Frog

Every now and again you run across a Windows Phone app that just leaves you scratching your head. Blow up the frog is one of those apps.

Billed as being the first every hyper realistic frog-blowing simulator, Blow up the frog calls for you to catch bullfrogs from the local pond and stick a straw in its nether region and blow them up. Rumor has it this is a mythical activity that everybody has heard of.

To play the game you are given a frog in hand and you tap to hold the frog in place. You then blow on your Windows Phone microphone to inflate your frog. Once you get a little volume to your frog you have two choices. One to release your hold on the frog where he will jump back into the pond and slowly deflate. You'll be judged by other frogs to see how well you inflated the frog based on the bubbles generated by the deflation.

The other option isn't as frog friendly. You can choose to continue to inflate the frog until he explodes or floats off like a balloon. Either isn't too good for the frog.  I will say the frog's fate as a balloon was somewhat surprising.

Animations are nice, game play odd, and surprisingly the game was challenging.  It's kinda tough to blow up these little toads.  The key to success is a strong, continuous effort to inflate the frog. If you take small puffs, the frog will deflate on its own.

Blow up the frog is a decent novelty game for your Windows Phone and might surprise you. It is a free game for your Windows Phone and you can download Blow up the frog here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Blow up the frog is a mango app so you'll need to running Windows Phone 7.5.

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George Ponder

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