Windows Phone Game Review: Rummycomb

Rummycomb is a Bejeweled inspired game for your Windows Phone that was recently updated to version 1.2. The update brings a Christmas theme to the game and resolved a few issues the game was experiencing.

You face a hexagonal grid of various objects and your job is to find matching suits of these objects based on suit or color. You build connections of three or more objects to earn points.  Rummycomb has three game modes and a handful of themes to keep things interesting.

The main screen of Rummycomb gives you options to play the game, access options, and rate/review the game over at the Marketplace.  Options cover sound and music plus whether or not you want to add your scores to the online leaderboard.  There isn't a help section so you'll need to rely on the Marketplace description to give you a little direction on game play.

Your instinct is to play the game like you would Bejeweled; swapping objects around to create the connections.  But that will get you no where.  To play Rummycomb you tap and hold on an object and drag your finger to build the connection. Connections can be in a straight line or you can change directions to build larger connections of objects or tokens. To collect the points, simply lift your finger.

There are three game modes available with Rummycomb.

  • Challenge: You start the game with a full board and 1 minute on the clock.  The goal is to see how high of a score you can build in that minute.
  • Endurance: You start the game with a partial board, and new tokens drop into play - slowly at first, but progressively faster. Drag tokens into empty columns to help match them up.  When the board fills up, game over.
  • Survival: You start the game with a full board and 30 seconds on the clock. As you clear tokens, the timer extends.

Along with the Christmas theme you have playing cards, farm, flowers, space, zoo, and shape themes. Additional game options include muting the sound, enabling automatic score uploads, and accessing the leaderboards.

Game play was interesting.  You will be inclined to create connections based on the same object suit but remember you can combine suits based on color. For example, I can create a connection with a green snowman, gift box and snowflake just as I can create a connection with three snowmen of any color.  I found myself overlooking combinations based on color, missing out on points along the way.

Rummycomb is an enjoyable, somewhat addictive game for your Windows Phone. There aren't any bonus items but you can earn bonus points by building a connection of the same suit and color or building a connection with a suit of every color.

Rummycomb is a free, ad-support mango game for your Windows Phones. If you like Bejeweled styled puzzle games, it's worth checking out. You can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Rummycomb at the Windows Phone Marketplace

George Ponder

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