Windows Phone Game Review: Running Dude

Running Dude

Here's a challenging run, jump and shoot type game that will keep you on your toes. Running Dude is a retro styled game that has you running across a series of platforms to see how far you can make it before falling to your fate.

Running Dude is controlled by two buttons at the bottom sides of the screen. The right button controls your jump, the left controls your weapon. No need to worry about your running speed. It's automatic and set to fast.

Along the way you have to avoid all sorts of creatures and what appears to be a locomotive (either that or it's a runaway space ship) that races across the screen. You do have a few bonus items to help give you an edge that includes an armored walker and jet pack. You also have a "superdude" mode where you can fly across the screen.

If the speed of the game and dangers weren't enough to make Running Dude a challenging game, periodically (either that or one of the mystery boxes triggers this) the screen will flip. What's up will be down, what's down will be up. Gives the game a neat topsy-turvey twist.

Your score is based on the distance traveled and you have three lives. Get hit by the locomotive, alien, or other enemy you lose a life. Fall off the platforms and you lose all three. Luckily, there are bonus lifes you can collect as you progress through the game.

Running Dude has an online leaderboard and you can customize your player name for the leaderboard. The down side to things is that there isn't a help/how-to section to explain what each little object does. The game is so fast paced that it's hard to figure some things out on as you play. I don't necessarily think a help section is a must but it would be nice to know what you're shooting up, running through and avoiding.

Overall, I found Running Dude to be a fast paced, challenging, somewhat addictive Windows Phone game. The graphics reminds me of the old grayscale GameBoy units and fits the game play really well.

There is a trial version available for Running Dude to let you try it before shelling out the $1.29 $0.99 for the full version (it seems to be on sale now). You can find Running Dude here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Running Dude

George Ponder

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