Windows Phone Game Review: Touch War

Remember the board game Risk? If so, you've got a pretty good idea of what the Windows Phone game Touch War is all about. Touch War is a strategy game where you try to march your Orange Army across the globe in an attempt to achieve global domination.

Touch War has three game levels and if you like the game of Risk, you'll like this Windows Phone game.

The Touch War main menu has options to play the game, view your statistics, access the game's settings (game level choice) and view the help page.

The game is fairly simple with the world map being your game screen with player statistics in the lower left corner. Game play is identical to the game of Risk.

At the beginning of each turn you have an allotment of armies you can place in your countries (you can see the number of available armies mid-way down the right side of the screen). Your countries are highlighted in orange and you place your armies by tapping on the country needing fortification. Once you've placed all your armies, you tap on the country in which you want to invade from and the countries you can invade are highlighted in gray. Tap the country in which you want to do battle with and continue to tap until you've lost all but one army or defeated your opponent's armies.

Once conquered, you will then have to move at least two armies into your newly acquired country (done automatically) and you can add more by tapping on the country. Continue battling countries as you see fit and when you're ready to end your turn, tap the green "X" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Touch War also has the bonus armies you can collect as you earn victory cards. For each turn you conquer a country, you get a victory card and when you've collected five cards you get bonus armies. You also get bonus armies for holding continents (just like the game of Risk).

Game play is entertaining and if you are a Risk fan, you'll like Touch War. The game is good for about twenty minutes of play and one of the down sides to the game is that your game progress can not be saved.  Oh... here's a tip for placing, moving or battling with large numbers of armies. Instead of repeatedly tapping the screen, just tap and hold. This will add armies and do battle as long as you hold the screen.

Asides from the inability to save a game in progress, Touch Wars also needs a multi-player option. This game is just screaming for a good pass and play mode.  While there is room for improvement, Touch War is a very good game for your Windows Phone. Touch War is challenging enough to keep you interested and has an addictive quality.

There is a free trial version available for Touch War and the full version will cost you $.99. You can find Touch War here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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George Ponder

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