Windows Phone market share surpasses BlackBerry in the U.S.

In case you still didn’t agree that Windows Phone is the third ecosystem in the smartphone industry, the latest validation comes from comScore’s report of the U.S. smartphone subscriber market share ending January 2014.

While Blackberry's market share is on the decline, Microsoft held steady and found themselves holding the third spot in the latest survey behind Android and Apple.


According to the report, Microsoft’s platform share (which might include a tiny bit of Windows Mobile maybe), surpassed BlackBerry in the last quarter of 2013. While Microsoft’s share at 3.2% remained steady, BlackBerry lost 0.5% share along with Android in favor of Apple which gained a 1% share. Although, it is a small fluctuation, but Windows Phone’s slow, but consistent, growth and BlackBerry’s spiral decline would expectedly widen the gap in 2014.

What is disappointing for Windows Phone fans is that Nokia is missing in the honors list of smartphone OEM market share that is led by Apple, and followed by Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC.

Source: comScoreThanks Southgarden116 for the tip!

  • Go Go Windows Phone !!!
  • We're #3! We're #3! We're #3!
  • Seems faster.         ... to #1 Market share of course.
  • 2017-2018, we'll do it
  • The CEO? that's the spirit!
  • Even CEO reads wpcentral...!!!! ;P
  • GTFO, really?  My guess is someone just using his name.  If this is the real Satya Nadella, send me a code to get a free Lumia 1020, Surface Pro 2 and an Xbox One.  Then I'll believe it, lol. I am glad to see they're beating Blackberry, but a bit disappointed that they haven't gained on Apple this quarter.  I think Android dropping is market saturation, and I was surprised to see Apple up. I feel that if MS pushed Xbox Live gaming on WP a little better, they could gain some more ground.  I know a guy that has a Windows tablet and Xbox One, but still uses iPhones.  If he could add to his gamer score, he might just switch, lol.  Also, most apps aren't a huge issue since there are a lot of mobile sites that are pretty good.  The YouTube thing is bad, but that's more Google's doing, IMO.  But most consumers don't care who's fault it is.  All they know is that they can't post videos directly from their windows phone, unless that's changed...
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  • I can't hear that without thinking of "Super Why" on PBS.  My son is obsessed....
  • Yeah, but did it rise, or BB just went down...
  • Yes, this just looks like Blackberry is passing WP on the way down, not WP moving up. Apple looks like the winner in that table.
  • Lol!!!❕❕❕...... Marketing, Marketing, Marketing...
    Marketing has always been WP's weak link..
  • They never show the phones in real world use. I blame Microsoft. Microsoft should be running 30 second adds, showing the ease of use, office support, social integration, and speed of everyday functions compared to other phones. Advertising the cameras has gotten them as far as it can.
  • Agreed. The focus on cameras (pun intended) is getting ridiculous. Show that the phone can be used for something else too.
  • I agree.. Especially since everyone else is doing that now.. Microkia should take advantage of this time to differentiate themselves in a positive way..
  • Exactly❕ perfectly said!!!
  • They keep popping up in tv shows
  • And in movies too. But that's just product placement that showcases no special features. In "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" Jack Ryan used a Lumia - and all he did was text.
  • I hate to say this but, Apple did a very good job of showing people what an iPad could do. They did it 1 feature at a time, 1 commercial at a time. It worked very well. The newest Nokia ad about the Apps is PERFECT but I've never seen it anywhere but on Windows websites.
  • Don't hate to say it because it is true.. Apple, and Samsung do a tremendous job of advertising.. And MS does not..
  • Best add campaign they did for me was at wp8 launch. The one with the jonsi theme. We didn't create a phone for everybody. We created one for each of us. Liked that.
  • Yes. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Yeah, that was good... They should've kept that up, and been more consistent.. They don't sustain their good advertising.. It needs to be permanent!
  • Do you remember "Seriously?" ads?
  • Very TRUE, I'm super fast at at stuff with wp
  • Marketing Windows Phone is their MISSING link...
  • Hey you peeps in USA. Do you all have a problem with getting a WP on your chosen network? Here in UK you get one or two WP on each carrier, which is ridiculous. Every network had the full range of iPhones and Samsungs, which I see as a major complication in helping WP sales increase. However much marketing they do, you have to have the product available! So would say make all WP models available on all networks first, then market.......
  • Germany is the same. And then Nokia runs these damn exclusive deals, they don't help
  • But in Germany we have the big advantage the we can get every Lumia carrier-free and use it on every network we want to choose. I bought my Lumia 920 at Mobilcom and used it with o2 and now on UnityMedia. I guess that is why market share in Germany is higher the USA.
  • needless to say, germans are way smarter (but it's the same for every other european country)
  • False... The iPhone was only on at&t here in the US... It did very well... Droid devices were only on Verizon...
    Like I said, it's all about Marketing!!!.... Nevertheless, more devices on more carriers would help a lot, and we hate carrier exclusives..
  • Yep, it's funny how people don't seem to remember that iPhone was an AT&T exclusive for many years.
  • Too busy scroogling. No time to show what WP is all about. Get rid of mark Penn! The guy is sick.
  • Right.. All of that money should've been spent on more TV commercials, and highway billboards!!❕❕
  • WP is in a holding pattern until the Nokia purchase goes through. Then, all marketing hell globally will be unleashed. You don't spend 7B US for 3 percent market share; also, WP 8.1 should be ready.
  • If they really want to gain market share they should hire Samsung's advertising unit.
  • Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
  • That's what I'm talking about‼‼‼❕❕❕❕❕❕❗❗❗❗
  • lol at their retarder commercials, but they work for the weakest minds, so I agree
  • Yep. Don't be afraid to invent useless features that nobody will have a need for but that look cool in ads (provided you lie, like pretend an NFC transfer of a video takes 1 second and no kepresses or anything else is needed). It worked for Samsung.
  • Very well said tonymus!!!
  • The market as a whole grew. WP unit sales had to grow just to keep the same share
  • Right you are! I don't know why other people around here don't realize that very simple fact - everybody knows that the total smartphone user base is growing every quarter, therefore everybody should also realize that that 3.2% every quarter is actually not stagnant in terms of user base but actually growing!
  • Does it make a difference? It still puts WP in third place in the US.
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  • If he knows what's best for him.
  • Actually, I see this as a bigger win that that. WP market share is now staying consistent. Previously, WP would lose market share to ios and android because it wasn't selling as many units comparatively. I read it that windows phone is at least holding even to these others.
  • I'm shocked. I see a lot more WPs now than before. ALOT more
  • I have yet to see one
  • Open your eyes...... I just saw a lady with a red 920.. As a matter of fact she's sitting here right by me.. Of course I work at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and I see WP devices everyday.. And, I can't tell you how many younger employees have 520/521's here... I will admit that the 520, and 920, have been the phones I've seen the most.. After that it would be in this order... 900, 8x, 800... But, there's even more than I see because I hear the custom WP sounds, and alerts all the time.. So I know they're around... I even have people ask me about my 920, and 1520... I tell you,,, although not much the best thing that Microkia has ever done towards advertising is make a 6" phone... Of course, I'm in a huge urban/suburban area so you're gonna see some WP devices... It's really interesting to see the people that come to the Microsoft store, here at the Parks in Arlington, with WP devices, checking out new ones... And, our store is a large open area kiosk in the middle of the mall, which is really good for awareness.. They need more these. If I get up and stalk a few passengers right now I'll see one... Lol!
    Where are you located❔
  • Me too. Several coworkers have Lumias now and an aquiantance just switched from Android to a HTC 8X. There's definitely some momentum.
  • +1 Surpass is not the word I would use.
  • Not sure exactly whether it's Microsoft, manufacturers or carriers that provides marketing materials to the retailers, but what I've noticed is that in the advertising circulars for the chains (Best Buy, WalMart, Target, etc.) there are loads of Android phones along with the iPhone getting top billing with a low-cost Lumia getting thrown in with the bargain phones occasionally. You rarely see the top-tier WPs getting any kind of prime placement in these ads. They also don't have them in prominent places in-store. This, to me, is where Microsoft and/or the manufacturers need to focus some attention.
  • Where I work at, we sell more Lumia phones than Motorola. Same thing at the previous location. I guess Verizon is carrying Motorola big time still.
  • Where's that❔❔❔
  • Probably AT&T
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  • It would be awesome if this was the real deal. Hahahahaha ⬆⬆⬆⬆
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  • Maybe because Motorola doesn't make Lumia's, excuse me for the nitpicking
  • Lol!!!❔❔❔❔ what
  • or maybe because motorola produced shit for the last 10 years... and they still do now
  • That's what we like to read. Finally something good about WP in the USA; reported by the man who always makes India look like home of WPs ;) Thank you Apple for making WP look better, even though nothing has changed at all.
  • But there isn't really something 'great' for WP in this article, it's just that blackberry is dropping and that's natural
  • All these cheap android phones that is keeping them at the top...
  • Yep.. All that crap is helping them out a lot. In fact it's what's good them to where they are at.
  • So, MS needs to beat them at their own game... One low end phone on two carriers isn't enough...
  • Let's talk about where WP would be if there was no Lumia 520. On the other hand, it might be different in the US as phones are hilariously cheap there (I'm talking about unlocked ones) and I guess much more people can easily afford higher-end ones, compared to Europe.
  • Not to many people buy low end phones. It doesn't make sense to pay $25-$35/month and buy your phone (even if its a sub $400 phone new) when for around $40/month and up you can ge the best phones (5s, 1020, s4) for 199 or less on contract.
  • Who the hell gives 40 a month on contract? I know none of the big 3 do
  • Usually retentions or loyalty but province specific deals always pop up around that (Rogers 800mb plus unlimited incoming my friend got back in November, though he had to get a nexus 4 or 4s free on contract, those were the only options and this was not a retentions or loyalty offer, direct from the store he got this deal). Plus bell starting next week is finally making the lite plans start at $40. But point was that, by going on contract unless the difference is $25 or more per month, you still come out paying less and you avoid paying for the phone up front. The value of money in hand is key to many people.
  • So if your going on contract you might as well pick up the best phone which for most people is the iPhone.
  • Wrong iSheep.
  • I'm sure that a lot of people who are on contract don't realize that although the phone may be "free" or $200 or less upfront, the cost of the phone is built into the monthly rates.  People would look at the "free" $0.01 or whatever cost of an iPhone and think they are getting a great deal.  If not for the free phones or subsidized lower upfront cost, the monthly rates should be about $20 less. If those people did the math and compared the cost of buying the phone outright and go non-contract compared to the cheap initial cost and contract, many would come out ahead with the non-contract route.  If on a family plan or grandfathered into a plan from a while back, it may make financial sense to go contract.      
  • Agreed. The US model rewards the established players.
  • Nice; thanks.
  • Crazy how high the Apple marketshare is in the US. They are good phones, but so small and expensive.
  • The high end ones are only $200 and some are free...
  • That's why they do so well. Obviously you have no idea what it costs if you think it's free, and then you have to pay $100/month for two years.
  • But the thing is there no difference between going on contract or bringing your own phone. Being Canadian I can say the measly 10% or $5 saving per month for going the byob is totally not worth fronting the full price of a phone. Hence why like you guys in the states, everyone is on contract. If I'm going to spend $60 for 2gb off contract and $70 on contract but get that iPhone 5s for $150 on contract its a no brainer the contract wins
  • then you're not going to get updates from your carrier for a year or so after everyone else, that's a deal... it doesn't surprise me!
  • All iPhones are high end, except the 5c which seem to be a one time deal.
  • Apple does well with affluent buyers. That's why they do so well in the States but will suck in emerging markets.
  • The odd thing is they are seen has the most desirable phone in emerging markets. Odd considering how expensive they are.
  • That's why they're so 'desirable'. The average consumer feels that higher cost = better quality = better experience. That's the key behind Apple's entire strategy, and it's why their hardware is artifically more expensive. They make so much money from their artifical markup and by screwing every one else in the supply chain, they don't mind being the second player as long as their products are considered more aspirational.
  • Agree 100%. Man, iPhone 5/s is so small. Few days ago I was using my 928 for navigation, but my phone died and had to use friends iPhone, it really felt like a piece of toy, small and thin))
  • They never said that the average consumer is a smart shopper..
  • Yup, I'm sure the only reason windows phone doesn't do well is because 97% of consumers aren't smart Rodney. Fact is windows phone has some flaws. Flaws that will be rectified in WP8.1, but flaws nonetheless. I personally don't think Microsoft development has been slow, but they started so far behind that its taken up to now to get ahead. The biggest problem imo is there has never been a reason for the *average* consumer to want windows phone. Techies and their families can be sold on it cause they know what they want, but without solid marketing (which people have pointed out as an obvious problem), there isn't that big a reason for the average Joe to *BELIEVE* he needs a windows phone.
  • You're way off... First, nobody says that the average consumer isn't smart.. I implied that the average consumer isn't a smart shopper. Big difference there..
    Second, no.. It's not about features or apps, games, or hardware because the fact is that WP does have more than enough "smartphone" then the average consumer will ever use... Those flaws aren't what's holding WP back..
    Are you saying that the average Joe don't have reason to buy a WP device because of flaws, features, or awareness?.... Sorry, but awareness is the only thing that I can agree with you on... At least three times today I have mentioned MS's lack of marketing, promoting, and building excitement for WP.. This, and this only is the root cause for WP still being below 5% market share in the US.... The other reasons might have worked for WP7.0 but not WP8.. Poor marketing is the root cause...
    Nevertheless, my comment is extremely valid about consumers not being smart shoppers. Would you agree that for as many people that buy into iPhones that a large amount of them would still buy them if they didn't buy for popularity, follow others assuming that they are best, or knew of other options that might fit their needs just as good, if not better, for less money? You don't agree with that?... And, I'm not even just suggesting that they buy WP!.. Sorry, I meant what I said...
    What I would like to know is what immature in your head made you perceive, or jump to the conclusion, that I was saying that the average consumer is of lower intelligence?.. Next time, before you let your emotions take over, you need to read comments for what they are really trying to convey.... Well, at least mine, because I write what I say, I say what I mean, and I know exactly what that is, and how it sounds...... Most of the time. You need to check who you're preaching to, son.. I'm not new to this, and I'm confident, and stand by the ideas that I lay down.... You're choosing the wrong one to school about WP....
  • Look here everyone, quit picking on Rodney. He's a sensitive, gentle, almost child like man. Sure his hands are small and he smells like feet, but for gods sake he's using full sentences now. We don't want to impede his progress.
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  • the average consumer is very dumb, also the non-average one
  • Agent Kay (Men in Black):
    "A *person* is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it."
  • Lol... I like that... I like that alot!!!
  • It's one of my favorite movie quotes of all time.  It rings so true.  Black Friday at Walmart always proves that, lol.
  • You never answered me!!❕❕... ❔❔
  • I really love the qwerty of Blackberry but oh well. I hope Nokia/Samsung/HTC make a qwerty Windows Phone
  • i hope a landscape one. but WP by default is not working in landscape properly. guess we will have to wait for ever
  • The touch pro 7 would have been a decent qwerty phone.. But landscape support was pretty poor in wp7.
  • A QWERTY windows phone would be the real deal!
  • Microsoft still has a lot of work to do,however I'm confident that they will get it right soon.. Windows Phone 8.1 will play a big part in that. Let's get it Windows Phone!!!!
  • Definitely agree. Mada mada dane Microsoft !
  • WP 8.1 will be a huge step
  • Hmmm as a WP owner. Not impressed.
  • I thought Blackberry is dead now, still exists huh?)) I know BBM is coming to WP, but I really don't remember when I saw BB device last time)
  • So, by the time about 2020 WP will be 10% share in US...
  • If MS doesn't figure out how to market products successfully,, then yes, maybe 2025..
  • Wanna bet that by 2020 WP will have been long cancelled by Microsoft's executives, Rod? =P
  • 2020 is a long way off.. By then I wouldn't be surprised if Apple, Google, and MS scrapped their current OS's in favor for more modern, in every way, OS's... So, no I don't want to bet against you on that..
  • because microsoft markets it's product so successfully in europe, uh? the problem is not microsoft or the commercials for retarded people
  • And 30% market share in the EU... right? =D
  • I thought this was already the case...
  • But not a single ounce of growth in 3/4 months? That's not too good either folks...
  • The US market, while very significant, is not decisive here. The US is Apple's stronghold but Apple is not doing so great elsewhere. There are countries where WP has claimed as much as 20%.
  • Wonder how big that market is. I guess Apple willl have more phones in the US market than WP in the World market - included us
  • WP is around 1/3 of the market in Finland. :)
  • Its the 2nd biggest used system in India
  • History will bear us out!
  • So now we celebrate the fact that WP got to 3rd place by remaining with the same marketshare? I'm not sure we should be celebrating a third place at the cost of the death of a worthy adversary like BlackBerry.
  • +1 - It's awfully hard to congratulate Windows Phone when they became number 3 through Blackberry ineptitude (Market share dropped like a rock) rather than actually "passing" Blackberry. The fact that Windows Phone has plateaued at 3.2% after 3.5 years makes you wonder how they will gain additional market share - they need to be around 10% to gain wider adoption of commercial applications.
  • I agree with this. Sad to see BB on such a precipitous decline. Felt the same way about webOS and I continue to worry for WP. Not sure what I would do without a viable 3rd option-- I don't like either of the two big players at ALL.
  • The good thing is that Microsoft has the resources to follow through for the long run
  • Ah but don't forget that, while yes Microsoft has deep pockets, those pockets belong to its shareholders. And those are only there for profit. Currently Microsoft already has top executives that would probably have axed Windows Phone a while ago. If Microsoft doesn't manage to start making them profits with the platform, they will cancell WP. So it's not just a question of having money to stay for the long run. It's a question of managing to make profits on that platform because shareholders - specially Microsoft shareholders - will not tollerate the company to keep throwing money at things that don't make that money back.
  • I wonder if Microsoft will buy up RIM now that the price lower? As for the iPhone with its new iOS 7.1 doesn't have a chance against WP8.1
  • Owning both BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone, each platform is a very strong competitor and I really wish they BOTH would gain support from carriers, recognition from the market, etc. I also want to see Ubuntu devices launch with a vengence.
  • ubuntu? really??
  • Yeap, I'd much rather see BOTH WP and BB10 gain marketshare.
  • Owell 10% in some European countries....
  • Not sure how accurate this data is, I work as a mobile tech in my spare time and have come across at least a dozen wp users that don't even use the net on their phone be it mobile or wifi.
  • And the majority of them bought their phones outright.
  • Remember ppl complaining how workers at Verizon store (lets include att, tmo) were "selling" WPhones? I think that has alot to do with this share rates. Don't remember where I read it (maybe here-wpc), supposedly fastest growing OS in Europe is WP, it probably could be here in the US too, not the fastest but much higher than it is now
  • One Verizon store in my area doesn't even have the Icon out on display. Seriously.
    It is at a company store in a very high traffic mall too.
  • In my neighborhood we got one Verizon store. The days Icon came out I went there, they said they'll have it in TWO weeks.. maybe. And of course they don't have anything that resembles Icon, and didn't have nothing for 928
  • I'm not sure how much carrier employees influence that stuff in the US, but please remember Europe's phone market does NOT compare to the US.
    The reasons for the high selling of Windows Phone in Europe is first and foremost Nokia. Nokia is a very very strong brand in Europe and it's the brand that has been selling the phones. Then, it also gets into that the fact that very very few people buy phones on contracts in Europe. We seldom buy phones on carriers and, therefore, carrier employees and carriers in general have very very low power here to influence anything.
  • very very verily?
  • Carriers in the USA are a-holes
  • and people who buy from them, then?
  • That's the problem here. The retailers ignore WP and push only android and iPhone.
  • ^This. I came from Android (HTC One X) and purchased a Lumia 1020 at Best Buy two days ago. At first, the sales clerk told me they never had any on stock BECAUSE THERE WERE NO LUMIA 1020s ON DISPLAY. However, when he checked their computer they did have 1020s on stock. Like wow
  • FTW
  • Looks like the majority of those BB users switched to iOS (which happens to have BBM), so how is this a win for WP8?? Apple's market share went up, Windows did not change. The marketing of Windows Phone is just not strong enough here. The commercials for WP8 are weak compared to those of Samsung (which only advertises Galaxy products) and Apple.
  • Windows Phone would achieve higher market shares in the US if they pursued other carriers than Verizon and AT&T, such as Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular. Then they will see more growth. Android has the most share because they have their OS on every carrier's phone selection
  • What's a blackberry?
  • This is probably the same thing that is happening with Windows Phone.
  • I guess that android compatibility isn't helping. MS take note.
  • Damn straight. Running Android apps on WP is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  • I think Windows Phone DIDN'T surpassed BB in the US. It's more like BB crashed so much that Windows Phone now has more users than BB in the US, but that is hardly a victory or something worth bragging about.
  • C mon USA, you are slow, wp is 2nd here in Italy :)
  • Nothing to be excited about really, bb is pretty much death, and wp hasn't grown a bit, I'm not sure that 8.1 may change things either
  • Things might change cuz we have a lot more companies making WP now. Hopefully non carrier exclusives.
  • Don't start celebrating. You have companies "announced" to make WP devices. That doesn't mean those who were announced will make them. Remember that Sony had a WP7 device prepared and on tests but then dropped the project. The same could happen with any of these companies that were announced (I'm thinking the Sony-thing may happen again with LG). Until we see those companies producing and selling the devices, I say, lets not put too much faith in the announcement.
  • That is meaningless, most devices wont come out of china
  • Call me when they are at 10% in the U.S..
  • That's an original way to substitute the "Do not disturb" sign.
  • Windows Phone 8 community , please pray for MH370 , a Malaysian Airline . I'm a Malaysian . God bless .
  • +100
  • +a million Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • This news is embarrassing, if anything. Cant believe it's taken this long.
  • The only way to grow the us market share is to stop this silly carrier exclusives and have all phones on every carrier. Most people don't switch carriers just because of a phone plus most are on 24 to 36 month contracts... With these carrier exclusives they are limiting the scope of potential customers.
  • lol who's forcing people to buy from carriers? their defective brain!
  • Lol, most don't really import as import phones may not support the bands they need for their carriers. With the advent of LTE this should have changed, but it has made it even more fragmented given LTE has alot of bands and most global phones I noticed come with 5 to 3 supported and US phones even less. If only they shipped with all LTE bands :p.
  • vote for lumia 1520 in technobuffalo-mobile madness....hurry up guys  
  • They should I got 4 lines with Verizon 3 Icons and a 928
  • Android 4.4 (KitKat) & iOS 7.1 Both going to be destroyed by WP8.1 This year the only thing that iPhone & Android have over Windows Phone is apps! Windows Phone 200,000+ Apps
    iPhone 600,000+ Apps
    Android 800,000+ Apps How does Windows Phone ever going to catch up to the other two when they have 3-4 times more apps?
  • I agree with you on iOS7 (you haven't seen 7.1 yet and Apple is good at not leaking stuff...but it's unlikely it will change much).
    But WP will never reach Android. For a simple reason: Windows Phone (like iOS) will never allow the freedom to its users that Android allows. Many things that are now on Android were stuff created by Android users. Things that Google would never remember doing. So they took advantage of that openness to leave part of the development of Android to the fans. Because WP is not open source and therefore hard to root, Microsoft has to do everything. And then there are also tons of restrictions to the developers themselves. Which means it will always be behind Android. Because for every thing Microsoft does, a couple of Android users come up with other new things that Google then snatches for the OS.
    I've very often seen apps where the developers had to write "This isn't possible because of OS restrictions" or "I would like to do this too, but an OS restriction prevents me". And note it's not security restrictions. It's simpler stuff.   Windows Phone may be on pair with Android for the normal user, but in abstract terms, Android will always be one step ahead of closed OSs.
  • I absolutely agree with DJCBS. Microsoft needs to do something out of the edge,otherwise it will remain behind Android forever..In India also people buy Windows phone because of the Nokia tag..I happen to be a lone WP user among my frnds.Yesterday they started teasing me by saying Nokia has released Android now so WP stands no chance.So being a WP lover I really want this platform to shine and outcast android in the near future and that will be my answer to them. Windows phone is doing great but to bring more potential customers they have to play smart.Hope WP8.1 does that.#fingerscrossed
  • Its not about the app count. Most "average consumers" won't care about the count, but what's currently available. I would rather have less clones and more official apps than anything. That's slowly starting to take a grab with developers and it will only improve in time. The keys is making it easy for users to switch to Windows Phone, marketing that it even exists, and push the envelope in technology and hardware.
  • 50% of apps in the biggest stores is pure rubbish, clones of other apps, and don't forget that every single app that is offered as a trial must be listed twice in the store
  • Ice Ice Baby
  • Lets pass the minds of Apple and Android users. Let them know there is life beyond the same grid UI of yesteryears.
  • Microsoft/Nokia can't be too disappointed or they might actually release their top end phones to more than 1 or 2 carriers.  I’ve been waiting to get a high end Windows phone since the 1520 arrived but I'm not willing to leave T-Mobile over a phone.  Maybe if they stop signing exclusivity contracts and release their phones too all the carriers their numbers might grow more.
  • I agree
  • All the table proves is some users of Android and Blackberry jumped ship to Apple. Windows phone remains static in the three month time period. Wow
  • 3% of the market is pretty bad really, I'm kind of shocked it is still that low.
  • Seems faster and smoother now. Leads lag. Did I mention faster? Plus it seems faster especially on boot up and shut off. Plus apps seem faster to. And the setting seen faster. Keyboard sends faster to. It's really faster now.
  • US market =Apples World
    It will be tough for WP to gain market share in the states with these carrier exclusives and many Americans blinded by Apple.
    I feel like people some people have never even heard of WP before.
    MSFT needs to spend some cash on some commercials and get the notice out. Jimmy Fallon talking about Cortana last night was probably the most significant marketing.
  • Stunning Blackberry is still @ 3%.
  • Yeah, it is incredibly pathetic that Microsoft has taken this long in the US to even reach the market share of the all=but-dead-and-buried Blackberry.  But I don't think Microsoft cares about US market share.  I just bought a Lumia Icon at my local Verizon store.  Within the store, the Icon and the other Windows Phones were located on display with a big banner advertisement for the MotoX.  How unbelievably ridiculous is it that there is not a single freakin' sign in my local Verizon store advertising Windows Phone?  Apple? Check.  Motorola?  Check.  Samsung?  Check.  Windows Phone?  Nowhere to be found.  Microsoft clearly does not care about Windows Phone market share in the US right now.  That's the only reasonable explanation.  Otherwise, they would be ponying up money for displays inside carrier stores.  
  • :D
  • Seems faster
  • Great. It used to be fourth. Now it's second to last.
  • Complete change of subject, I work for one of the Networks in the UK, why are Contracts so expensive in the US? We sell the Lumia 1520 nothing upfront for £43 per month, Ultd mins+Texts and 5GB data! Anyway... We sell quite a few lumias considering we are based in a small catchment area.. Mainly 520, 925 and 1020's but advertising has been good in the UK :)
  • because they demand to be treated like that, and they like it
  • I would say Americans are clueless with all those propagandas stuck up their brains, and fastfood down stomach.
  • #3 in mobile #2 in gaming #1 in PC.   they have every level covered.
  • Number one in honesty and never became a copycat like idroid.
  • Love windows. But sad to see blackberry fall a bit. There should be enough for every one to get a turn to be honest. . Love my surface pro 2. Love my lumia's but I've found myself interested in Jolla. There so passionate about sailfish. And it looks like the baby of windows and android. Could be the new os of the future. IM tempted to order one.
  • :'( poor BB
  • All delivery guys (and girls) around here use WM for signing the packages. I wonder if WM counts because these got to be pretty many devices for this use. If Android can count Amazon's OZ ...
  • WP hasn't gained :-( its #3 because BB droped.
  • In India,Russia,Mexico,Italy it has gained
  • Wanna hear abt win over android
  • Yah, this is hardly comforting. The platform is not making inroads based on these figures. It would appear the U.S. still reluctant to switch to WP.
  • What's going to cause the US to adopt Windows Phone if MIcrosoft is putting absolutely zero marketing effort into the US?
  • Hear hear, that's pleasant news and music to my ears. Although, I must say the numbers are nowhere near the first two and I fear WP is never gonna catch up. Rather remain a distant third.
  • You can brag once you get a quarter of the mobile phone market. Not because you're 3rd finally because no one cares about bb anymore lol Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Not Impressed....BB is on it''s way out, almost dead, it has no place to go besides down right now.... WP is only 3.2% ? This is pretty much winning 3rd place by default.... No wonder I cant get apps for 1/2 the stuff I really want or need. Wake me when we hit 10%, if we ever do...
  • We got the official Olympic app. In Canada, the one major carrier that wasn't carrying Windows Phone finally caved and now is, and the biggest bank in Canada finally released a WP app. It's a good news story globally, just not necessarily a U.S. story yet.
  • Yay!
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  • Of course, Windows Phone held its share in a growing market, which means total number of WP users still increased. And it's only a 3 month period anyway, so you wouldn't expect wild swings.
  • Oddly though affluent people in India still love blackberry.....
  • So Microsoft didn't actually gain market share, just a case of moving up because BlackBerry dropped market share.
    Little misleading in my opinion.
    Now bring on the hate. Posted via the WPC App for Android!