Windows Phone market share surpasses BlackBerry in the U.S.

In case you still didn’t agree that Windows Phone is the third ecosystem in the smartphone industry, the latest validation comes from comScore’s report of the U.S. smartphone subscriber market share ending January 2014.

While Blackberry's market share is on the decline, Microsoft held steady and found themselves holding the third spot in the latest survey behind Android and Apple.


According to the report, Microsoft’s platform share (which might include a tiny bit of Windows Mobile maybe), surpassed BlackBerry in the last quarter of 2013. While Microsoft’s share at 3.2% remained steady, BlackBerry lost 0.5% share along with Android in favor of Apple which gained a 1% share. Although, it is a small fluctuation, but Windows Phone’s slow, but consistent, growth and BlackBerry’s spiral decline would expectedly widen the gap in 2014.

What is disappointing for Windows Phone fans is that Nokia is missing in the honors list of smartphone OEM market share that is led by Apple, and followed by Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC.

Source: comScoreThanks Southgarden116 for the tip!

Abhishek Baxi