WP7 manufacturer marketshare estimation

This is more eye candy than anything else. The chart above states the obvious with HTC owning the WP7 marketshare (along with everything else) by releasing a horde of products. Samsung closely follows behind, surprising since they only offer a single device in America and Europe (Focus and Omnia 7 respectively) - albeit both devices are popular. ASUS is shown to have the smallest chunk of strawberry pie with their limited deployment along with Dell (although is Dell's position down to the hardware/software blunders?).

The chart below shows a device breakdown of popularity, HD7 being the most commonly owned product, followed by the Omnia 7, whey Europe! interesting to see how the hype of each product introduction correlates to the popularity post-deployment. Please note that these charts are estimates only and are by no means accurate.

Source: AdGAC, via: MobileTechWorld

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I think that chart is improperly skewed. The top device at 30% is just a generic HTC device. I don't believe it's the HD7 since that is device number 2 and 9.
  • Yea, looking at this chart, there's a number of issues. Looking back at the source site, which the writers here 'should' have looked at. The data is complete and utter BS. Based off of how many phones use his advertisement's in his app. There is no real data to back up any of this info.
  • Whatever the real breakdown is I think overall since HTC has more models on the market globally it'll come out on top though
  • I think the first column states HTC HD7 but the "HD7" part rolled over.But if the pie chart is an accurate representation, Samsung is not a close second, actually just a little better than LG, which is a surprise for me and probably LG. I know this is not based on device sales but still interesting.
  • I just wish Samsung had better apps.
  • I looked at the Samsung apps when I got the phone and also the ATT apps I have not looked at either group much since then.
  • so when will we see the # of devices sold?
  • I have the Samsung Focus. (I love it!)
  • I've seen 20+ LG Quantum on campus (two of the professor also have them) and I've also seen 3 Samsung Focus (including mine), but I've yet to see any HTC's Windows Phone.
  • You must be in a AT&T area. Im the same way.
  • Why is the SGH-i917 (Focus) listed twice in the bar graph?