Yezz to launch two new Windows Phone 8.1 devices in October for Europe

Yezz has announced plans to launch two new Windows Phone 8.1 devices in October for the European market, the Billy 4 and Billy 4.7, both of which are apparently named for Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

These phones will be the first for the company based on the Windows Phone OS, which shows that more OEMs are trying to sell devices with Microsoft's mobile operating system. The company announced earlier this year it was ditching its license fees for Windows devices that have displays that are smaller than 9 inches.

Yezz claims the Billy 4.7 phone will be the thinnest and lightest Windows Phone yet at 7.2mm, but the India-based XOLO WIN Q900s, that went on sale earlier this year has the same thickness as the Yezz Billy 4.7 and weighs just 100g. It's more than possible that both phones are based on the same design.

In any case. the Billy 4.7 will cost 199 euros when it is released in Europe in October and will have a 4.7 inch screen with a 1280x720 resolution. Inside there's a quad-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of on-board storage, an eight megapixel rear camera and a two megapixel front facing camera.

billy 4

The Billy 4 will have a four inch display with a resolution of 800x480, a quad-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of storage, an eight megapixel camera, a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera and support for interchangeable rear cases. It will be priced at 129 euros.

Neowin reports that both of these phones are also due for launch in the US and Latin America but there's no exact word on when they will be released in those territories. Yezz plans to show off the Billy 4 and 4.7 phones at IFA 2014 in Berlin this week.

Source:, Yezz, Neowin

John Callaham
  • The more the merrier
  • Are these recognized brands in their regions? I wonder how the Android versions of these phones are selling... and where are they selling.
  • That's my thought.
  • True, but ugh, those names sound so silly.
  • should've named them "Gate 4" not "Billy 4". I mean really I can see people saying "Hey guys check out my Billy" and others like wha-
  • I was just thinking that
  • This is great to see. I like the fact that more OEM's are coming aboard, it can only do good for windows phone.
  • The 4.7 looks nice. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Im still waiting on Blu Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I want a dual-SIM phone that supports all the right frequencies for North America. I've been waiting a year, and still I wait.
  • Yezz yakk:P
  • Yezz YES! The Billy 4.7 in particular looks good!
  • It does indeed look good Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • These lower cost wps are very appealing. if OEMs could differentiate a tiny bit more, like bringing one or more high end features to their budget conscious devices, more would sell. MS should be high end only, the rest of OEMs should be mid-range and budget imo.
  • I agree, but right now they don't have enough competing low-end out there, so that leaves Lumia to fill the gap for now. I'm cool with it.
  • The circular capacitive buttons are looking gorgeous
  • Keep those devices coming!
  • Cool, might be something to look for then.
  • Did anyone noticed excel and word tiles on red color phone Microsoft going to release separate apps or something else?
  • The icons are different in update 1
  • They will eventually.
  • That are individual pinned documents.
  • Another important spec to point out now is physical keys, e.g.- does it have a camera button?
  • Is this phone will come with windows phone 8.1 update 1 or 2 ?
  • Great competition for the +630 and +730. Curious as to what processor will be in these devices.
  • Go oopo make a windows now
  • Good specs for that camera solid look better then 520 in terms a budget so the 520 should be cheaper!
  • Specs are not the only thing that matters. Quality of components do to, and that makes Nokia above the rest
  • Windows Phone 8.1 with more OEMs will increase the market share as it done for Android 2.1 in 2010. Windows Phone 8.1 is ready for big launch.
  • I can't wait till windows 9!
  • Jeez...
  • (Couldn't resist)
  • Also we need more phones for tmobile metro pcs and budget carriers like that if windows phone want to grow in America already!
  • Cricket is really pushing and supporting Windows.
  • Even their chat support is recommending Nokia 630 over the Moto G, well one time at least
  • Yeah cricket is smart then
  • RIP to the camera button. It was nice knowing you.
  • +925
  • Cost cutting bro.
  • Still alive and well on my Lumia 930.
  • I think is the same device as the Xolo. Here is a video of the unboxing.
  • Is Yezz mad? They have launched these phones for the third time! Or are they RELEASING existing phones for Europe?
  • Q just become available in Europe. So its just been released and available
  • Looks pretty nice ;)
  • Oh no! We're not rare and unique anymore......
  • The 4.7 should be called 'Billy Bob'
  • The blue ones look nice ^_~
  • Height of obsession... " All windows phones except nokia lumias look like cheap Chinese phone to me " o.O
  • Does HTC look like cheap Chinese phone ??
  • Haha i guess u miss the word ' obsession' :p
  • Both phones look very nice. And what you get for the price is awesome, considering they both have a front facing camera and a flash.
  • WP is hard to find 2mp front facing camera device.
  • How about 5mpx?
  • Sure for the 730, hopefully they can apply 2mp for all devices.
  • That one with the camera in the top corner? I hate that. It's like an iPhone and it forces people to take vertical videos and pictures. Also the storage is really lacking considering how much the OS takes up. No mention of SD support.
    Don't get me wrong, I welcome new phones and new businesses making different WP's, but these don't seem very appealing considering their prices vs any of the Lumia 500 & 600 series out there.
  • People take vertical pictures and videos when they shouldn't because they don't know any better or simply decide to do so, not because the camera is in the corner. A person can turn an iPhone into landscape orientation and shoot correctly as with any other device. In my experience with consumers that use smartphones as cameras, they tend to take pictures and videos the the same way they hold their phone to talk on it or use it for other functions. Most people who do not take photos or videos on their phone and view them on a computer never consider turning their phone "sideways" to capture the moment. Help or fellow consumers put a stop to vertical videos!
  • Well with my experience (experiences may vary of course) because of having the camera at one end of the phone (Galaxy) or at the very corner (iphone) trying to shoot landscape is more difficult due to how your hand needs to be positioned on that side. It is very common that you either block the shot with your hand/fingers or you need to hold the camera in an awkward way...... Or an unsafe way.
    For decades people have taken photos with landscape-shaped cameras and is second nature to hold in such a way (in most cases - except going for a portrait shot) and yet people with some cameras tend to do things differently.
    My wife originally had a Samsung Galaxy S3 and 90% of her photos were portrait. Even her videos were portrait. Then she got a 1320, loves it more than her Galaxy and I noticed most of her photos are now landscape. Shd and I are both into Photography. I used to work in a photography studio for a few years.
    Lumias still have the camera more to one side, but it's in the perfect position for a phone where you can hold it in both positions without much obstruction.
    It's not so much about ignorance or laziness but the phone's design, I find anyway.
  • Those are great points. Thanks for sharing.
  • Nice prices however the prestigio ones are prices better but not as thin. multipone 8500 duo is around the same specs but 5" and goes for €149 and is available now. link The 8400 duo should go for €79 i read somewhere. Also truns out the build quality is good.  
  • Charging port is on the left, wasnt it mandatory to be on the bottom for wp8/8.1?
  • The charging port on my 925 is on the top.
  • Why is there never a front facing camera on Windows phone?????????? I have to use my iPhone for selfies... Sigh.
  • The yezz billy's have them also the prestigio ones.
  • They almost all have FFCs
  • I really hope this will increase the WP market share. I am looking forward to Windows Phone 9 devices also.
  • Really actually look decent with that pricing and specs
  • 129€ for a Lumia 530 level phone from a noname OEM? thanks nope. The bigger one is overpriced too.  
  • true that one is no go l530 will be better however the upcomming archos phone and prestigio 8400 duo phone will have better specs (front camera etc) and will be €79 btw i read somewhere that prestigio is really a brand from gigabyte.
  • I believe the Q900s and Billy 4.7 are based on the same reference design which if I recall correctly is available under the QRD programme.
  • Ugh I would hate to see the name yezz or Billy on my phone lol just saying
  • I'll get the 4.7 till we see something good from MS.
  • I would have bought one if it came out in early a Nokia instead.
  • Yezz is taking forever to release these phones. First they said it would be released in June. Then they pushed it back to August. Now it's pushed back again to October. Damn son..
  • If the big Billie have at least snapdragon 400 it would be and awesome low-mid range device better than 630 for sure but might not be as good as 730
  • Its a Snapdragon s2 1.2ghz quad core Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Please review Xolo WP.
  • Sounds like one of Kanye west's nicknames YezzBilly lol jk jk
  • Don't diss the hillbilly. lol
  • 4.7 interests me if it has SD slot
  • Yassssss
  • Sexi looking phones....hope they'll launch these phones in India....waiting.
  • Why to wait when we have more lumias to come. Purchasing a non Lumia is like not purchasing a windows phone.
  • Highly doubt anyone will pay 200€ for a phone from a company no one has ever heard of in Europe, specially when there are still Nokia's around despite the horrible customer support from Microsoft.
  • Shittest name ever. Billy is a brand of condoms.
  • Always practise safe sext, get a Billy WP! There you have it, best cross-promotional tie-up and marketing campaign, ever! ;P
  • Nice looking devices.
  • Word and Excel in two tiles!!
  • Great gates B!