3D face scanning using Windows Phone being explored by Microsoft Research

If you don't love Microsoft Research then you don't love ice cream sundaes or anything else good in the world, because who else is busy figuring out how to make Windows Phone scan faces and build 3D models? So what if they call it "Skynet UI", what bad could come of this?! Zhiwei Li, Richard Cai, and Jiawei Gu are even sharing their work on the web, making sci-fi look just a little more real. Here's the abstract:

3D scanning on portable device is a technology that empower people turn physical objects into high-quality 3D models with the normal RGB camera capturing on mobile device and support for 3D printing. The Skynet UI design aims to enhance user experience to lower the barriers between common consumers and 3D reconstruction

Video above. If you want all the scientific details and a ton more pictures, hit the link below. Then tell me — how awesome would this be as part of Windows Phone next?

Source: Microsoft Research


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3D face scanning using Windows Phone being explored by Microsoft Research


Well with this technology and the 3d printing of Windows 8, a user can print out google glasses and be super cool. Lol. But seriously I have no idea what the business case for any of the items/functions above are for. Maybe facial recognition in a cell phone. But then why? Lol

It can be used for rendering. It'll make a game designer's job miles easier/faster. (at least if it can be as accurate im assuming it'll be.)

This could be used in a medical setting for creating external prosthetics. Medical imaging of internal body parts is currently being used to print 3D models for use in planning complicated surgeries, and to create custom artificial joints.

I think I would want something created from a full laser imaging system to go on my body vs Bob the janitor's cell phone.

"my body vs Bob the janitor's cell phone."

Bob the janitor's cell phone is way better than your body any day so it would definitely be an insult to use it to service your body.

People asked the same question when the 3D printers started showing up.  Now people are predicting the 3D printers could potentially start another industrial revolution with their fast expanding use in many fields - medical, manufacturing, etc.  The 3D printer prices are coming down drastically.  The Micro 3D printer, a Kickstart project, claimed to be sold in the $200 range.  The 3D scanner is required to generate the 3D images which can be output to the 3D printer.  For example, 3D Scan yourself and produce a scaled down statue of you on the 3D printer.  :-)  Or scan any object of your liking and make a duplicate of it on the 3D printer.  I sure like to have a 3D scanner app on my Lumia.

Off of the top of my head, I'd say scanning objects for 3d printing, integration into Kinect sports for a more realistic avatar and use it for esports, and maybe even using t for interactive games like Project Spark games where kids could sscan in their favorite toy and pay with it in a game. I could see it used for school work for creating videos for plays, ibooks((interactive books). There's an endless range of posibilities.

It is the quiet before the storm. Hang on to your hats starting at midnight. Well done WPCentral.

It's shocking how many people here comment on this. Some people don't seem to have a concept of what a weekend means for the majority of us.

Rumor has it, tomorrow is launch day for Windows Phone 8.1 through the Developer Preview program. Oh the excitement.

What do you mean? It was released last night. It's a slow news day because we're all playing with the new features.

Rene - Which windows phone do you use once a while?

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Would be cool if they implemented this for Xbox avatars somehow. A bit like the Kinect Sports Rivals game scans your body to "cartoonize" the user.

i find Mii Maker fairly decent in feature matching. But yeah, it's cameras suck big time. Idk why nintendo constantly choses low-quality camera's. DSi was better than 3DS for petes sake. But enough on Nintendo.

Hopefull MS Research gets far enough along to release some kind of Beta app.

yeah i have used it, but it's results are just ok. obvously it's not for the same purpose :)

Did they REALLY call it Skynet UI? That's way too creepy.

I'll be over here digging my bomb shelter for the coming "judgment day" (tm)

Haha, they seriously called it Skynet UI? xD Crazy!

Still, love the concept. Can't wait to buy s future Windows Phone with this technology.

U want you fase in DDD in WinFone? Two words: Morfo. MORFO! Searchit, baby! MMOORRFFOOOOO!!

This is at the same time incredibly awesome and incredibly creepy. I mean...I like the tech...but I can see it being used for things that cross the privacy line far beyond the admissible. 

That's mean 15 April on my local time , Microsoft you must take care to these point because now your platform it international not only local to US

I bet they have a tem ready in case something goes wrong. So they should be ready by midnight 14 just for you? woow, you must be a VIP :p

I check this app religiously lol its a shame. Today has been slow but like some people say they need days off to.

I can see the medical profession finding use cases for this. Alsio would make sense if it could be brought into the construction industry.

it's Monday here, though, in my country. BUT, MSFT's Headquarters is at Redmond, so you must wait 17 hours (or 14 as I posted here) more to get it.

I could use this. I've got some plastic prices that broke in my car. I could scan them in with this then print them out. That is, if I still had access to a 3D printer.

Cool no more hiding!

Now the secret society of aliens that run the globe can build a datbase of faces to create clones to replace human worker bees that no longer co-operate blindly.

Just kidding!...(or is he?)

Cool, but it's just a series of photos (gyro stabilized) sent to a cloud service for the processing. Still want it though! Definitely great for games or even tele-presence.

I am glad this was brought back to our attention. I was sort of wondering if there were anymore advancements to this project. I am impressed this could be working. Alas no new information but this is a good way to drum up publicly for these projects that, I feel, should be released. Even if its just a beta product it can showcase what WP platform is capable of. Photosynth is fantastic too, wish they would provide a massive update for that too. Maybe they could roll this project up with photosynth into one app...

i am disappointed that nobody has mentioned anything about this technology being used for "sexy time" purposes :p

Dude, now I see why Joe wanted to slap the fuck out of all you morons that keep talking about WP 8.1 preview. He simply stated in the tweet "the beginning of next week" that could mean any day before Wednesday technically. I'm just as excited as the next guy but all this spamming the articles with this shit has to stop. Go fuck a goat or something for a day or two. Shit.

Not mad, annoyed. When you go to an article and actually read it and then scan the comments to see what people are saying about it and then find random comments about things NOT related to the article in any way, shape or form (in this case, WP 8.1 preview) it's extremely annoying and moronic to say the least. I'm sure the authors get annoyed by this as well. Like I said before, I'm excited for WP 8.1 preview as well but there is no need whatsoever for users to keep posting about it on unrelated articles.

I'm afraid you'll have to get used to it, that's what WPCentral is all about. If it's not WP8.1 it's 512mb devices, or paying for apps, or no xbox live. I swear some people must have a text file of generic whine responses for pasting within any given article.

Oh trust me, I know. I've been a user for a few years now ;) It's just particularly annoying me more with this topic than any other lol.

But what about Instagram???  Wait...pasted from the wrong text/whine file.


But what about file manager??? Yup...the new moron on repeat whine.

It's 14th April,  9:20Am in India,

(Excited about wp 8.1 update)


Mircrosoft Research is pretty amazing. They always look for something new and useful.



I don't know how much wait we should have to do !! 
I think windows phone updates are very slow, they postpone their date a lot, 

They think and add lots of features in phone when it comes to updates other operating systems are one step ahead of them, when it comes to release an update other os comes with that and new other features !!!



how many people are searching for the update right now in their phones just because of that weird language... i think a lot!

Bc update WhatsApp also......whatsapp is more crucial for me than 8.1 update....so update WhatsApp and 8.1 fasttttttttt :/

It's not necessary that we'll get it today, for example; According NeoWin Microsoft were going to give the software to their hardware partners (OEMs) in Monday 14th April. So if that's the case we'll probably get it tomorrow (that is if MS don't delay it any further). Also Joe Belford said that check for update in the early next week, so what I am saying is that it is possible that we won't get Windows Phone 8.1 update today.

after like approximately 2 hours later all over the world it will be Monday 14 April so maybe then we get something :P Hope for the Best..

Skynet? :o

History repeating itself? :p Except it all starts here :)

They should be doing this to Cortana! :) Maybe is for her to recognise us from every angle...