Acer races ahead of the pack, confirms 8-inch Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet

A while back we had seen the multinational e-commerce site, Amazon.com, leak a product page touting the Acer Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet; today, those rumors are confirmed.

The Taiwanese hardware manufacturer confirmed that the world’s first mini tablet running Windows 8.1 is real and will be headed to markets later this year. In addition, Acer confirmed the leaked specs on Amazon.com to be correct for the device; the tablet weighs 1.10 pounds, is .45 inches thin, sports a 12800 x 800 8.1 inch LCD display, 32 or 64 GB of memory, and is powered by an Intel Atom Clover Trail CPU.

According to Microsoft, the Iconia W3 will be shipping in the United States starting this June. You can pick up the device starting at $379.99 and if you would like to add the mobile keyboard, it will cost you another $79.99.

Acer is announcing a slew of new Windows devices at COMPUTEX today, so stay tuned to Windows Phone Central for the latest news.

What do you think about the inevitable invasion of Windows 8 tablets – will you pick one up?

Sources: The Offical Microsoft Blog, The Verge


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Acer races ahead of the pack, confirms 8-inch Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet


BTW, how is the Samsung ATIV 500T working out for you? So would this take it's place or would it just be something cool to try out? I really want to get a 500T ($500 in MS Store right now), but the next iteration of W8 tablets have paused me.

Think I'll wait until this fall for the next-gen, quad-core Intel and AMD chipsets, before jumping into the Windows 8 tablet market.  The new Atom (Bay Trail) alone, will be twice the power of the one in this tab; definitely worth the wait of a few extra months, and the new AMD (Temash) capable of running DX11 games at a rock solid 30fps at 1080p.  Once again, definitely worth a few extra months of waiting.

I really think that Acer jumped the gun on this one - should have waited themselves. Lower price points, and substantially more powerful hardware . . . Acer really should have waited on the W3, as this thing is going to be obsoleted by every other Windows 8.1 tab, come this autumn.

I want it, but I am cautious about the build quality based on comments I've read. Plus do we think this form factor makes sense in Landscape? Obviously I've no idea but it's an interesting question considering some of the Windows Store apps don't run in portrait mode.

My kid will hold it how ever the game requires... as soon as he ponies up enough of his own hard-earned cash. Nobody gets their hands on my Surface!

Ugh, why do these OEMs make such ugly hardware. This would be great but those excessively rounded corners and body wrap look so clunky.

10 years ago that design was in..now it's all about clean and crisp i.e. Xbox One, Surface, Boxee, every point and shoot camera made since 2011

I love this form factor size! I am also waiting to see what other OEMs are producing in this smaller range. I did notice one thing from the press release by Acer...they indicated that you can get a 32GB or 64GB model, and can upgrade the storage via microSD up to 32GB. Why is their microSD slot only capable of supporting up to 32GB, whereas other devices can support up to 64GB?

It will support 64GB. Their marketing department just hasn't caught up yet. Just FYI though, the compatability difference between 32GB and 64GB is all software, not hardware, and Win8 does support 64GB. Both sizes are considered mSDXC.

microSD maxes out a 4GB
microSDHC maxes out at 32GB - a lot of manufacturers sticking to this for now
microSDXC maxes out at 128GB - what the Surface/Surface Pro has

I'm really hoping it uses the microSDXC architecture, because I have a 64GB microSD card that I would love to use on this device...pending that it is supported. It would make expanding storage much more compliant =)

This size tablet is perfect, I don't want to carry around a 10-12" screen, it isn't portable enough imo.
I have a nexus 7 at the moment (but obviously want to make the full move over since I have a windows phone 8 and windows 8 at home)
I'd love an official surface mini.

That seems highly unlikely.

But 8.1 will be a free upgrade to Windows 8.  So when 8.1 is released (likely for the holiday season), you can easily upgrade this baby at zero cost.  The biggest improvement will be the 50/50 snap view support to let you view two Metro apps at once (something Windows 8 currently lacks on this screen size).

Either way, the small tablet space is about to get really exciting!

Curious where 8.1 in June comes from. I've heard the public preview will be available late June, but not the RTM. Did this change?

We might be seeing a difference in release time for Windows 8.1 and the next generation of Windows RT.

June should be the public preview for Windows 8, although it would be odd for the company to release the two operating systems at different times.

One has to assume it will run Windows 8.0 if being released in June.  Possibly with a KB backfitted from 8.1 to add support for lower resolution screens.

$80 for the keyboard is a ripoff.  This should have been a Tegra4 RT device....you will look stupid running legacy apps on an itty bitty desktop.

It's obvious that W8 tablets are going to take up a considerable amount of market share.. MS needs to use this to push WP, and somehow encourage tablet users to purchase WP devices to compliment their new W8 tablet.

True, but until there's meaningfull crossover between WP8 and W8 other than live tiles on the Start Screen that's simply not going to happen.
Once there's a real benefit to owning a Windows Phone, a Windows 8 device, and an Xbox, then people will consider moving but until all three are correctly positioned (and WP and RT and merged) there's no reason for people using Android or iOS to seriously consider moving if they're not unhappy with their current phone.
Right now there's less connection between W8 and WP8 than there was with W7 and WP7.
Hopefully that will happen in the next 18 months though.

1.1 pounds, 8 inches, 8 hour battery life, under $400 dollars.  A year ago, everyone would have thought this would describe an ARM tablet.  But no, this is Intel running real Windows 8.  Further proof that Windows on ARM has lost its point.

I agree somewhat, but if full Win8 can sell for $400, I would imagine companies jockying to sell some low-end RT tablets for less than $200. Imagine a 7" or 8" ARM tab for $149 or $199 at Walmart, Target, etc. in the US and in developing nations.

Plus all of the metro apps are touch friendly, trying to use x86 apps on an 8in screen is, I would imagine, going to be a challenge using ones finger.

Maybe one of the best pieces of news is that Microsoft said "a total of 65 Windows 8-based tablet and PC devices will be exhibited" at Computex. (Not sure of original source for this quote. Found multiple articles with same quote.)

I haven't heard anything about that and frankly don't expect it with Acer because they have been notoriously absent when it comes to including a active digitizer option with their tablets.  I hope when Acer refreshes ther W500 and W700 devices they do the right thing.  Its a sore point with me.

I am waiting for the rumored 1024 X 768 windows 8 tablets which are supposed to cost much less. If I can grab a decent Samsung Tab for 300 $, i should be able to do so with windows as well.

I'll wait and see what Nokia has to offer because I heard they have a tablet coming in June :)

But that's just a rumor. I'll definitely pick this up if the rumor is false because I've been waiting for a small, cheap WP tablet!

I personally like the 10 inch displays but I know there are many who would love and who may be waiting for an 8inch display..

i would love to buy thid tab for my wife when she  gooes back to school but whats Acer quality like. i always read the reviews from owners on Amazon and even though the good reviews outweigh the bad ones interms of quantity it still has me second guessing a product. overall how well built are Acer products, the price for this tablet is sweet but will it be worth it if and when trouble starts. since it would be for my wife minimal is key if it was for me ill work with it.

8 inch table must have Stylus and work well in Portrait mode.  They are the true defintion of a "Note Book".
Heck even Bill G has said tablets without a Stylus are a FAIL.

Cute, but I've just got Acer W700p with a 11.6" screen. But it would be great for the kids when the price drops.

Unfortunately there's no mention of digitiser and Acer don't usually include the tech in their screens. The P3 was supposed to have one as it was in all the announcements but it has seemingly being removed from the spec sheets and available models. The R7 also featured one in it's video but that hasn't made it to the final product.

I'd expect Samsung to release a Windows 8 toting Galaxy Note 8 varient with a digitiser considering both their convertibles featured them (even the Atom version!). ASUS probably won't release any smaller Windows tablets as today's Transformer Trio proved they have no faith in Windows 8 as a tablet OS. Lenovo and Dell could potentially make very expensive business versions that would include digitisers.

The device I'm holding out hope for is the fabled Surface Mini as that will hopefully contain the next gen Atom (maybe even an i3 or i5 varient too) and Microsoft would be mad not to include a digitiser with it.

Hopefully we'll get some more announcements this week at Computex and we only have three weeks to go till Build where we should get some new Surface announcements.

While I wish this had a digitiser, I'm almost glad it doesn't as I simply can't justify buying a new tablet this soon after my last one! ;)