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By the numbers

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AdDuplex network usage data show interesting Windows Phone trends

Adduplex App Coutnries

AdDuplex has released some interesting statistics from a couple of days activity of almost 700 apps using the network's advertising service. Over the course of two days, the apps on the network were used in 189 countries, by 166,000 users. The U.S. (as expected) is leading the group with 34%, but should we look at data from just last month (chart below) you'll notice a slight change.

Adduplex App Countries 2011

Countries that saw Windows Phone (and the Marketplace) being launched jumped up in usage percentage (India, Russia, etc.), which are positive signs of reach and let us not forget that this is data only on the AdDuplex network. Head on over to the AdDuplex blog to read up the full report (as well as see the breakdown of countries).

Source: AdDuplex


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AdDuplex network usage data show interesting Windows Phone trends


Might as well test too(two). But this think ms would make Android fees higher or at least the same.

WPCentral 2.0! Love it.

Oh and this is actually a very good sign. The more advertisers' attention we attract, the more likely the platform will succeed.

Wpcentral v2 is great. And finally we can change the notification tile from the ugly iPhone style to the pretty metro style with big numbers :-)

Been waiting on V2. Love it! Good job. My favorite website app and one of the few that is easier and better than the site.

And I just found the delete and reply to functions. Way Cool! And the delete lets me edit it and resend it. Very functional! Hats off to you. :-)

Indeed interesting  data in a months time. The reason I think european countries are only showing a slight growth is partly due to the upcoming economic crisis. Secondly I do not know if many people in the US know this, but WP7 Mango for some reason has been restrictive with reagard to app purchases, language support, Zune service friendliness and full Bing feature supportive. I think that if these barriers were let down and European ecosystem support for the Mango OS increased, you will see an explosive overtake of the US consumption data by Europe.
So, please America, plead us poor Europeans for better full Mango feature and optimised payment support! Lets improve connectedness. (read: Zune desktop fix and payment over PayPal!!!)
Just my two cents.

This is a big important step for WP and rounds off the already well received Office hub. If you are using OCS 2007 then you are right Lync is not compatable as it runs off the 2010 technology. In fact install Lync on your computer running OCS 2007 and you will find a nice spangly copy of Lync but no way of using it.
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