Asus reportedly not pairing Android with Windows due to pressure from Google


Asus and Intel have been working together to combine two experiences - Windows and Android. This enables tablets and other form factors to run Windows and then Android, depending on which mode has been enabled by the user. Asus presented the TD300 at CES 2014, but now Digitimes reports that the company is postponing launch plans due to pressure from Google.

The new products with dual operating systems would benefit both Asus and Intel, but could run the risk of hurting relations with both (or either) Google and Microsoft. Redmond is looking to continue pushing its Windows OS with modern applications, but this move with Android could hamper any progress made due to consumers opting for the familiar Android experience while mobile.

Digitimes also notes that other vendors are looking at halting plans for dual OS hardware. We'll have to see how this progresses and what benefits will come of such products being released, but it's worth noting that this hasn't been confirmed yet.

Source: Digitimes; cheers, Guy Kh, for the tip!


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Asus reportedly not pairing Android with Windows due to pressure from Google



Average consumer do not want that...too much options for browsing, banking, face, chat and some pictures and email....
Only one system is needed for that use...

Don't forget the new Nokia X forked Android devices tied to Microsoft services and their own App store. That could be the version of Android that ends up compatible with Windows devices, especially after Google seemingly pulled the pull on the direct version.  Remember Bluestacks? That seemingly abandoned software and concept could reemerge as a tie-in to that new, forked app store that Nokia/Microsoft are setting up. Not sure why they wanted to complicate things with the X, but there has to be more to that plan than we've seen so far.

I actually don't fault Google for this simply because the though of android near windows is annoying as hell to me. So this is onetime where google actually did something right for once.

Crazy how Microsoft once dominated...wonder if they will ever regain the losses because it is in my opinion a much slicker OS!

microsoft still dominate the pc and laptop market, even windows 8 has greater marketshare than all the other stuff that in non ms.

Sorry but WP market share is not declining, that's just BS. Also Acer was never on board and never a concern to MS. Other OEM's such as Lenovo, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Sony, Foxconn, Gionee, JSR, Karbonn, Lava (Xolo), and Longcheer have all committed to new hardware so I'm not sure why anyone cares about Acer.

That's Acer being Acer, nothing new, and also weeks old. You linked to an article that doesn't even support two of your statements.

For Acer to pull out... they would first have to be in. This is why you have to be careful where you get your news from.
Market share became stagnate for one month in the 4th quarter of last year, not exactly a decline. Recent data has showed that is no longer the case, and Windows Phone has resume the slow steady growth that it has had for the past year.

Apparently, Google thinks differently.  They are really scared that the dual-boot machines will benefit the Windows growth and hurt the market share of the 'Android Only' devices.  MS should take note of this and aggresssivley encourge the OEM's to build dual-boot systems.  It can only help. The point is that the Android users all want to have a copy of full verison Office and the capability to run serious business apps on their tablets if all possiible.  The dual-boot systems will be very attractive for them. 

This clearly states ... Google is afraid from Microsoft and power... That Microsoft has the power to stop google... Anywhere.. Anytime...

Google would be relegated to a 2nd class OS sharing time with Windows 8. It only shines with those who intentionally purchase an Android system.

Pretty much anything you'd want to do, you'd find yourself using the Windows side of the system. Once you notice how gorgeous and responsive the Win8 apps are you can see why Google wouldn't want to be on the same system.

Interesting devices, Android to make fast and light operations (checking your mails, watch a video) and Windows for word processing of photo retouching. Google gets it and don't want his OS to be the second on any device.

Particularly since fast email checking can also be done in Windows. Most people would boot to windows. This is indeed more likely to hurt google. Unless its a power(app)user. But even they would boot to windows for desktop apps. Perhaps also getting modern apps. And so in the long run it would benefit microsoft more.

I don't see how google OS is faster or easier at anything, except surveiling and selling you of course. You've gotta give them their props there.

Obviously, internet explorer now is gaining back its recognition. Reserve Bank of India can run its applications only on internet explorer 8 and no other browser.

That might be because it is just government thing. I had to get some landsat images and believe me I had to get Java runtime environment from 5years back.

The NHS (that's the state-run, National Health Service in the UK) requires all its software to be compatible with IE6. It's because they haven't modernised in a very long time (and are in dire need of doing so).

they should also be able to run on ie11 also, didnt ms add some compatibility thing for ie8.

Those who work with its internals (web developers) see that it's getting buggier and more inconsistent by the day. And market share was never as high as people thought, which is becoming obvious now that stat counters are filtering out pre-fetching of pages.

The new version yes (15 I think), but not the v12 (12.16). It has nothing common with Chrome.

Copycats too. Except u tube i dint like anything of google. Microsoft should make a video search engine like u tube. I know it wont be that successful but will on the later run steal away some amount of market share from google. What Microsoft should do is make their video search engine and its official app and have it pinned to the taskbar of windows 8 pc so that no one will open browser to use google or u tube.

Will not make sense youtube has gained alot of popularity like android.. Microsoft cant focus on such things now... Where windows os,rt and wp are their priority focus...

My friend tried to create a YouTube account and channel for the 1st time, ended up lost on Google+ instead. She was practically cursing throughout the entire process. She asked me for help and I told her to go to Vimeo instead. Just took her about less than 10 minutes to create a new MS email account and used it to sign up and login into Vimeo and uploaded her 1st video all by herself. YouTube used to be simple and great until Google bought it and totally f*d it up.

They need to make a Video Service and allow users to upload uncompressed video. That is the biggest complaint I hear about Youtube. Especially for videogames.

Google are really good at buying things with money made from advertising, adding advertising to the things they buy, and then repeating the cycle. Their only other major achievements are Search and Mail, and mail they're ruining. Docs and Drive aren't even close.

Microsoft already tried a YouTube competitor.   It was called Soapbox, it went nowhere, and Microsoft pulled the plug on it in 2009.

It will never happen on phones because of the same reason as here. Google is scared that it will take users from their system when the users realize the benefits of WP and that they can do the same thing on it but easier and more simplified. Google is the only loser in this.

And what did Google can do about Nokia X? It used a forked Android, the one that open sourced. They don't have any power to do anything to Nokia X (and Kindle OS too).
Although I agreed that dual boot on smartphones is even absurd compared to tablets. The storage will suffer from it.

Google doesnt want consumers to see how laggy there os is. What happened to the open system Google?? lmao

Good, it was a stupid idea anyway and would only hamper windows store app development. Besides why would anyone want crappy android on a laptop capable of running full windows?

Thanks Google for not letting them pollute tablets and laptops that's running Windows, with that miscoded vaste called Android...

Yeah they fear Microsoft..... As u can see google haven't yet released a single app for wp8... While Microsoft releases app for ios and android... Example... Onedrive

Your comment doesn't make any sense. First off, OneDrive is Microsoft, not google. Second, why DOES Android refuse to both add Windows apps and share a device with Microsoft? If they have the "superior" OS, they shouldn't care. But they do.

Gladdadam you absolutely right very weird comments indeed. Anyway I find this interesting in light light of Google's reluctants to accommodate there customers using windows phone it is a travesty.

Lol, Google needs to be scared. Because no one is going to use chrome OS anyway. The only way this OS would have sold by the bucketloads was that if it were to sold alongside windows 8.

Google knows if they dual boot.... People who use android will experience windows and ultimately forget android... :)

Good. Google acting evil this time works in favor of what i think is best for Microsoft. I wish Google could do the same to the Nokia/Android heresy.

How is it that google can get away with so many things. They even caused fear in Asus. And I thought android was free.

Free ... If you use AOSP version that is. Once you tied in on Google Play licenses, it won't free anymore :)

I actually don't fault Google for this simply because the though of android near windows is annoying as hell to me. So this is onetime where google actually did something right.

Why would they even use the Google fork of Android anyway, surely the Nokia fork of Android could be adapted to use on it or even Tizen seeing as Intel are part of the group developing it?

Wouldn't Google pressuring third party companies not to use two operating systems constitute anti-competitive behavior? Pretty sure MS tried this back in the day with either mac or Linux and got in some trouble for it

No. Because it's Google, not Microsoft. If this is Microsoft statement, those regulator eyes will set their eyes immediately :p

IMO. Google is scared to have Windows OS next to theirs as an option. Windows 8 is easier and more intuitive than that Android garbage they call OS. The average consumer will favor Windows 8 and never boot Android again.

Folks, it is just a business strategy. Not unlike what Msft has done in the past. What Google has done so far is working and the company has soared past Msft in company value (market cap anyway). Naturally I dislike Google's tactics but they are working. I even dislike their tactic with Chromecast but it is working like crazy. Most of my friends are now using Chrome as their default browser because if Chromecast. YouTube, Google search, Google maps, Android and Google+ are all powerful and compelling Google services that Msft is playing catch up with. It bothers me that Msft didn't react fact enough because those services are immensely popular in mobile. However we are where we are and Msft is trying to right their wrongs. This dual boot strategy was one approach. If this is in fact true that Asus and others are reconsidering their plans then Microsoft will just have to continue to innovate and gives us that product that we all just can't like without. Playing catch up is not a winning strategy, we do that to survive while it gives us time to innovate. I'm rooting for MSFT. BTW, it is easy for the average consumer to purchase a mobile device and not use a single Microsoft service. However, the same can't be said about not using a google service. Again, I am talking about the average consumer. I am personally Google free but for YouTube and chromecast. My goal is not t be Google free, I just want MSFT to create those services which the average mobile consumer just can't live without.

I can think of several reasons why Google does not want this to happen.

1. Market share perception. If this were to become common place Windows Phones and Tablets would be on par at a 1 for 1 count in the numbers game.

2. Why give the option of choice on the same device. Far to easy for folks to realize they can do everything in Windows they can in google and more.

At this point Google rules market share for one reason and one reason only. They will allow android  to be installed on any device and take credit for the install.  How many of the 121 million Android tablets sold last year were the sub 50.00 units that are now in a drawer. Of the billion Smartphones sold how many of the 680 million androids were using current flavor of Android?

Does google care not likely they see almost 1 Billion users for services between the two. Devices are a means to an end. When a device maker build an inferior device does google take the heat? No the problem lies with the device maker and imlementation.

The rest of the players in the game have boundries and quality control so to speak. You know what you are getting across the board.

Apple 5c could be considered an epic fail by Apple standards. Nobody wanted a cheap IPhone which was the perception of the device by much of the public.

Nokia 520 was an Epic Slam Dunk because the perception was it was a quality phone at a fantastic price from the public.

Point being these phones affected both Apple and MS directly. When Samsung, HTC or Sony have an issue with a device it is rarely blamed on Android or has any affect on Google directly.

Allowing dual boot would be an insane move by Google. They have way to much to lose.



What does Android have (except the number of apps) that Windows doesn't? For me it's pointless to pair Android with Windows.

Yeah android is nothing except its play store. Windows has a lot of features par then android and has incredibly amazing and innovative features too.

Right were do I begin, more customizable, better notification system, you can root them easier, more developer's for apps etc........ besides asus makes the best selling android tablet the nexus. Why would google want them to incorporate both into one.

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Are you trying to tell me that Android is more customisable, easier to root and has more developers than a Windows PC?

Root them easier? You sound it like a feature buddy. I agree with better customization and notification center(as of now). Those will be available to Windows phone, starting from next month(hopefully though). Those are better points but not apps and rooting. Apps is not a strong point as with nearly 8 million apps more than windows phone, Google made only 20 million more than windows phone store.

Dual boot sense aside, I wonder what Google is afraid of. If you are fully confident your OS is superior on mobile, then you say "Ok, use both. We think ours is better." Not so. Google doesn't want that comparison on one machine.

Also it's a huge door open for Microsoft in the Android dominated tablet space. Imagine if this became a trend... then most Android users would dabble with Windows 8 on touch screen and might make a decision on which they prefer effecting their next purchase.

Wow I am a little dismayed at the tenor of the comments here.
First of all, everyone try to remember these guys aren't sports teams or schoolyard kids and none of these moves are "personal", for either party. It's business, and business gets mean and dirty and they play for money, meaning they play for keeps.
Secondly, even as a MS enthusiast I wouldn't mind being able to side load and run Android apps on my Windows Tab. I already tried out BlueStacks for that very reason (it didn't work). I'd like being tied to the Play store a bit less, but that and deep ties to the rest of the Gapps suite by default are what is required in order to be blessed by Google and since that is problematic on a machine running 2 operating systems, that is likely the logjam here.
You guys aren't obliged to act like Android doesn't have anything to offer just because you don't like Google-- there are lots of apps available and many of them are very good and not available on any Windows platform currently. Having them, even if you don't use them, is better than not having them.
Now a dual-boot scenario is less awesome (significantly less) but all other things being approximately equal doesn't amount to a detriment, either, so let's not get all bent out of shape about this, OK?

If business gets mean and dirty, wonder why there are laws and regulations to prevent that. Besides, in case of dual boot, Gapps will not be affected at all as they will be running in Android mode and Microsoft services will be running only in Windows mode. But I agree with your comment on bending out of shape about this.

Kinda glad tbh. I wouldn't want Microsoft to start getting the idea that Windows and Android work together, in case they start trying to do it on phones too...

Exactly! Ubuntu! Who boot loaded Ubuntu? Those of us... 1. experimenting 2. dissatisfied 3. curious. And I bet Vista was the OS that had most people starting with Ubuntu.

Never understood the point of dual booting on consumer products. Dual booting is useful for those who need specific applications on different OSes. Yes, that makes sense for Android and Windows 8, but a consumer doesn't want to fiddly with having to reboot to get to their Android apps, and then realize they need something on Windows again and reboot to that. I believe someone was able to just run Android apps within Windows and be able to transition between the two seamlessly, which is a much better implementation. But you have to remember, Android is hit the most with malware these days on the mobile front. So not only are you going to have all the flash vulnerabilities of Windows and whatever malware is made for Windows, but you're going to have to deal with the risk from Android too.

It's like back in the days of Vista where people who didn't want to downgrade to XP might try dual loading a variant of Linux like Ubuntu... just shows people are confused for direction forward.

The war is very much on as much on - as much as Google would like to deny it in the mobile space.

I dont mind, I would uninstall Android from it. I want pure Windows device without Android crap-ware.

They know compared to Android, windows 8 would run in circles around it and consumers would most likely wake up. Doesn't really matter. Don't want Android on my hardware anyway. Still, innovation, once again, denied. Thank you google.

If I wanted an Android machine I'll get one but why two-in-one? But for now and in the future I happy with Windows.

You said it... "two in one". If you want a "two in one" machine you get Windows 8, it's the only OS capable of such experience - tablet and desktop. If this move hurts anyone it's Microsoft... UNLESS Google realize that people might just realize it's quite good to use the modern interface with a touch screen and just get a Windows 8 tablet for their next purchase - the desktop area is an area Google have nothing.

Google pressures many a vendor to do what they want. They scare devs out of doing what is in there best interest, like developing for this platform. Whimps.

Google - "oh, no we don't, we're all open source green hippies who do no evil"... LOL..

Pretend all you want Google, you're very naughty.

Will they make another Nexus tablet? I like the 7 inch nexus made by Asus. I hope Google kick Samsung and replace with either Asus or LG for the ugly 10 inch Nexus.

They'll deny it... but why so aggressive in this space and why so anti building any app for Windows Phone? SCARED!!!! Android fans will hide behind market share but we know what happens when someone turns their back or drops the balls for while (aka. Windows Mobile)