AT&T WP Troll Deadspin

AT&T and Windows Phone troll Deadspin with 'Hello' advertisement

The clip that went viral within AT&T's latest 4G LTE advert showing off the Lumia 920 has caused quite a stir over at Deadspin, a sports website which publishes commentaries, recaps, as well as sports-related anecdotes, rumors and YouTube videos.

Deadspin published an article that was believed to be genuine at the time of a running back performing a flip over a defender and running into the endzone on a practice field. The site noted they weren't entirely sure of its legitimacy, as well as not being able to find out any more information on the clip itself.

Now, we know the clip they believed to be actual reality is in fact an AT&T commercial - and now so does Deadspin. AT&T aired the commercial during NCAA and NFL games, and Poynter's Kelly McBride contacted Deadspin Editor Tommy Craggs if they were aware of the video being part of an advertisement. The answer received was full of genuine surprise.

Barry Petchesky, who wrote the original post, had the following to add:

"I did raise the possibility in our brief write-up, but it seemed unlikely since the video had been on YouTube for three weeks before their marketing team started spreading the word. I’ll be sure to take every opportunity to bash AT&T products in the future, though."

AT&T: 1, Deadspin: 0. Find the AT&T advertisement below to refresh the ol' memory.

Source: Poynter


Reader comments

AT&T and Windows Phone troll Deadspin with 'Hello' advertisement


What hast tho written?  Is this some new form of trickery?  English words, but makest no sense what so ever!

  1. AT&T advert contains clip of said sports "trick".
  2. Deadspin published said clip believing it to be real.
  3. AT&T advert was broadcasted and the site was informed they were 'played'.

Questions? :-)

Ye hast graced us kind sir with the distinction of thine added proper sentence structure.  Apologies if I have offended with words.  Prithee henceforth thou shalt continue in this prose, in place of previous wrought.

Plays to a site's/persons' credibility of researching a resource before publishing. 'I saw it on the internet, so it must be real'. Poor reporting, and leads to how much you trust a person/site/news agency. We all get fooled from time to time; but the trust is broken, hurts the reporting, they lose credibility... The site/writer should be mad at his or herself, not ATT. They teach that the first course in journalism...


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