Ball 3D lands on Windows Phone after millions of downloads on Android

Ball 3D

Popular Android game, Balance 3D, has just been ported over to Windows Phone. It boasts 10-50 million downloads from the Google Play store, and now it's over at the Windows Phone Store as Ball 3D. It's a fully 3D game in which you go through mazes with unstable places, and unpredictable gravity.

We've installed it on our Nokia Lumia 930. Watch the gameplay video to see if it's worth your time.

The goal is simple. Look for the end of each level without falling off. Navigate the ball through narrow paths, tubes, and other pathways. There are different ways to control the ball. Experiment with each one to see which is most comfortable for you.

  • Arrows on the right to move and swipe on the screen to drag camera view.
  • Arrows on the right to move and joystick on the left to drag camera view.
  • Tilt phone to move and swipe on the screen to drag camera view.
  • Joystick on both sides of the screen. Left side to drag camera, right side to move.

Ball 3D

Ball 3D

After experimenting with the controls, we are most comfortable with the default one, which is arrows to the right, and drag anywhere else on the screen to move the camera. You can also change the size of the arrows. There's a slider in the settings. We've made it a little bigger, which makes it a little easier to control the ball.

Ball 3D

Ball 3D can be played in portrait or landscape mode. We appreciate having these options, but we mostly play in landscape view.

Ball 3D

We have one major complaint for Ball 3D. There's no sound or music. Perhaps that will be added in an update.

Ball 3D is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. There are currently 31 levels, but more will be added. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Reader comments

Ball 3D lands on Windows Phone after millions of downloads on Android


More and more seem to be.perhaps MS was not kidding when they said 8.1 is much more memory efficient (although perhaps this particular one would work on 8.0 too).

Pretty damn sure. Check the article title and the first sentence of the article. Unless they actually have different names for the game between the platforms.

Yea, not real clear though that it's the same app. Needs a "not a copycat" callout when developers do this.

i'm still playing it.


i prefer the marble madness like clones.

compared to these type which are mostly just physics based, puzzle type games.


would be cool if hamsterball came to windows phone, or if there was a sequel.

What's wrong with this kind of game? Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean there aren't people who enjoy these types of games. Obviously, it was popular on other platforms...

I mean, it is alright. I wish it used the kind of controller used in games like Hungry Shark Evolution and others. The kind where you can press anywhere and then move your thumb in the direction that you want to go. It could also use some sound effects and music. Not to mention some instructions.

This is a classic game. We had "Balance" on the PC for years now. It was one of my youngest kid's favorite games back on the old family XP machine.

So many games and support coming! I sure hope Adult Swim games is paying attention that they are missing out on the WP user base because that Amazon App Store is barren

This is why they always go to WP last. After millions on Android, 2 reviews on WP. Lool!

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Just get Balance Resurrection, it's exactly the same but also has a great soundtrack and a bunch of levels. It's a very well done app.

I remember I played a chinese game exactly like this like 1 year ago... so yeah, nothing new, I just could never finish that game because apparently there was a weird gap that the stupid ball couldn't jump, so hope this one can be finished. I don't even remember that game, but I played it in windows phone 7, so it's like nothing new haha.

For Christ's sake, hasn't anybody heard of Marble Madness?

Or is anyone on this site under 15 yo  (sure feels like it).

Back to your xbone, I guess, since you like playing with balls.

this game is nothing like marble madness,

i've played that game to death in the arcades.


this is a physics based more puzzle oriented game,

and not arcade like without a score or timed element.

I'd love to see another game called Smash Hit ported to windows phone , The most original and aestethically amusing game I've ever played ( with tentacles : enter the mind as a close second )

Ballance Resurrection is the same as this but has sound, is well done, and has option to purchase and remove adds, .99c.

this one really gets the Lumia 930 nice and warm. i hope Nokia are working on a firmware update to fix the heating on the 930. only real issue it has. it doesn't bother me at all cause i know it's "normal" but i'm sure some customers wouldn't be too impressed.

Just curious... I've noticed a number of articles saying "We've installed it on our Nokia Lumia 930" but then your gameplay video shows a Nokia Lumia Icon. Is there a particular reason that you like (incorrectly) referring to the Icon as the 930?