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WPCentral's list of the best free apps for Windows Phone

Free Apps for your Windows Phone

We've taken a look at must have games and must have apps for your Windows Phone, now we turn our sights on the best free apps that might interest every Windows Phone owner. Everyone likes free stuff, right?

The Windows Phone Marketplace is full of free apps and games. Some good, some bad. Some with ads, some without.  We've compiled a short list of free Windows Phone games and apps the we found interesting and thought you would too.


Best Free Windows Phone Apps

Shuriken Ninja and Weather

Shuriken Ninja:  With Shuriken Ninja you play the role of the ninja and must take out various targets with your throwing stars to advance to the next level.  The game has over 150 levels of play, an in-game level creator and three different game modes.  Plenty of gaming to keep you busy. 

Weather: If you are looking for a weather app that covers the basics, take a look at what Microsoft has developed. Weather brings the current conditions and a ten day forecast to your Windows Phone.

Netflix and Krashlander Free

Netflix: Are you a Netflix subscriber? Want to view your movies while on the go from your Windows Phone? Check out the official Netflix app for your Windows Phone. The nice thing about Netflix is that you can start watching a movie on your Windows Phone and finish watching it from your computer or television.

Krashlander Free:  Krashlander is a physics based game that is graphically well presented, a challenge to play and has some epic crashes.  You play the role of Krashlander who is working his way around the slopes navigating the jumps and avoiding the enemy robots.  It takes a while to master the controls but once you do, it's a fun game to play.

HandyScan Free and ESPN ScoreCenter

Handyscan Free: Ever have the need to scan documents from your Windows Phone? Handyscan's key features include Skydrive and Dropbox support, import/export photos, align/crop documents, and multiple page scans.

ESPN ScoreCenter: ESPN ScoreCenter brings you scores, news, videos and standings from all your favorite sports leagues. You can tag your favorite teams and follow them from the myTeams Page and The Lead page brings you the days breaking news from the world of sports.

Yelp! and Impossible Shoota

Yelp!: Need help finding a place to eat locally? Ever need to find a gas station close by? Yelp! is a search app for your Windows Phone that presents you with various categories of searches to make finding what you need a little more efficient. You can also pin your favorite searches to your Start Screen for easy reference and view reviews on the various services and businesses from the Yelp! community.

Impossible Shoota:  What would a free app roundup be without mentioning Occasional Gamer?  Incomplete.  Elbert Perez has built an impressive collection of free games over at the Marketplace and Impossible Shoota may be the fastest paced game in his collection.  You navigate your starship through waves upon waves of enemy ships taking out as many as you can.

RedLaser and Instacam

RedLaser: RedLaser is a barcode scanner and QR Code reader that will search online for the lowest prices and local prices from hundreds of thousands of retailers. The scan is fast and the results may help you save a dime or two.

Instacam: InstaCam is a Windows Phone Instagram client available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. It allows you to take pictures on your phone, add different effects, and then share them via Facebook, Twitter or email. You can log into your Instagram account to check "likes" and comments on your uploaded content. You can also view other people's photos and leave comments, or follow them if you're a fan of their work.


Get Your Free Windows Phone Apps on!

We realize this list only scratches the surface of all the quality free apps and games available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. The nice thing about the free titles is that it won't cost you anything to give these free Windows Phone apps a try. So if you're new to Windows Phones or an old hat, don't be bashful.  Give these freebies a try.  Who knows you might find a keeper.

Feel free to add to the list in the comments on your favorite free titles.


Reader comments

Best free apps for Windows Phones


"InstaCam is a Windows Phone Instagram client that just hit the Marketplace yesterday"
InstaCam has been out for quite some time! :-p
Great article for new WP7 users though!

U forgot to put wpcentral number one best app we wouldn't know the top apps if it weren't for u guys we wouldn't even know half the apps that pop up without seeing these reviews keep up the good work wpcentral

wpcentral isnt a free app ;)  mobile nations iOS and Android apps are free though. makes me feel a bit cheated

I don't get it either. Why are the other mobile nations apps free when WPCentral isn't?
That's a real question. Is one of the writers for this site looking at this? If so, can you give a real answer?

I, being one of the site guest writers, and the developer of the app, have read this, and my answer is in this thread :)

Can't spare the 99 cents to support the developer who puts great effort into producing a pretty damn good app? C'mon man!! Besides if we keep looking for free apps and never buy anything, devs would would prob say "why bother".

It is free, the trial will last as long as your phone does. There are a few premium features in the paid version and the removal of ads so that I can put food on the table ;)

I have purchased the app and it was well worth it.  Glad to hear there is a newer version coming soon.  My only issue with the app is scrolling comments in the app, it is very jerky and at times I scroll down a little bit to suddenly find myself a few comments below, or even a few comments above where I just was.  Driving me crazy lol, something is not quite right there mut maybe it is a WP7 thing and not the app?  Otherwise a great tool that I'm glad to have purchased!

It's to do with the type of List Control I've used for comments I believe. Frustrating as anything I agree but I'm not sure what my best options are unless I page the comments, which I was trying to avoid. I'll look into it for this next version

If you don't find a better control, you should really just page the comments. You can still put a bunch on a page, but just check out what the optimal maximum amount of comments/page length is before it gets jerky.

IMHO Mehdoh is missing in this list. The best free Twitter client. 2.0 will probably give Mehdoh the lead even compared to paid apps again...

Why recommend stuff like red scanner and yelp!? That stuff is already built in. That's the point of WP and use of those apps negates that.

I was wondering this exact thing. On a similar note, I haven't used Shazam since the Mango update for the same reason.

I find local scout to be minimally effective. The ratings for restaurants tend to be outdated. Bing Music is good, but doesn't always find everything. I have Shazam simply because it's what I used before Mango. I find Soundhound to be the best music identifier

Fhotoroom is a good service. But there needs to be better quality control as people are uploading some questionable stuff. It makes sense now why Instagram denied third party API access on the grounds of quality control.

Tue discontinued apps thing us annoying, for example, I bought an app called Perfect Scan now I changed phones ( omg, Lumia 800 is so nice...) and it's gone. Perfect Scam...

This app is one of the best for sure. As you said, the UI, features, performance and updates are great.
I would add Tasks to the list of great free apps. Its features and UI are great too.